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Old 2011-06-24, 23:47   Link #1
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Question Adult Romance/Action Anime?

Hey, I'm looking for a specific type of anime and was hoping you guys could help

I want a mature/adult rated anime with fantasy or action overtones and a romance mixed in. Something with unrequited love or jealousy, but I really want something where the romance is consummated; not just kissing or platonic love (which seems common in TV-14 animes). Not saying it needs to be X rated (though that wouldn't hurt )

Most importantly it must have adult/mature rating, nothing kiddy or childish

Any ideas
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Old 2011-06-25, 00:23   Link #2
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Gantz is definately for you. Its basically a guy in a world where no one cares about each other. While waiting for a train a drunk hobo went onto the tracks. No one came to help. The main characters childhood friend helps the drunk guy and called the main character for help. They save the hobo but they both get crushed by the train and died. But u can say they didnt die because now they are part of a life and death game. If u win u can go back home but everytime a new game starts u must come back. Lots of cussing, and jealousy. 2 sex scenes. The main character then becomes badass. Alot of Gore

Rin: Daughters of Mnemosyne- very hard to explain. Basically a detective who is immortal. And ye. Some adult scenes. theres only 6 eps i think but there 45 min long so its kind of 12 eps if u think about it.

I totally start with Gantz tho and dont mind the pictures, could get time to get use to. Trust me you just have to watch it all the way.
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Old 2011-06-26, 03:01   Link #3
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Sword for Truth

Speed Grapher

Blue Gender


Samurai X

Basilisk (this one is more on the PG level)....

Ninja Scrolls

Samurai Champloo (romance develops kind of late into the show..)
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Old 2011-06-29, 23:46   Link #4
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Dance in the Vampire Bund
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Old 2011-08-05, 20:19   Link #5
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yay ^^

awesome suggestions, now i have something to watch
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