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Old 2006-05-27, 18:07   Link #141
Join Date: Dec 2005
Originally Posted by stretch87
iand please don't try to argue that noir is a "deep", meningful anime, because clearly it's no deeper than the puddle of rain water on my driveway
You sure told us, didn't you?
Ever heard that people have different tastes and what is deep and meaningful for one might not be for someone else? I happen to think that Noir is deep and meaningful but it's rather pointless to argue about that since no one is likely to convince the other. At least I don't claim my opinion is the only one that is valid, though.

Just a question - why did you watch it to the end if every episode was like a torture?

I really enjoyed that series, a 2nd season would be more the welcome. If they keep the watch and flashback out if it, it will be perfect
Second season? No thanks. The ending is perfect as it is, IMO. And what will be the point of more flashbacks with the watch when we already know the story of Mireille's family?
'The world we live in is always in darkness.'
'Yes, and that is why we seek light.'

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Old 2006-05-28, 03:03   Link #142
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Originally Posted by Matrim
Just a question - why did you watch it to the end if every episode was like a torture?
that's a pretty good question, and here is your answer. once i get a few episodes into a series i like to finish it. if i don't watch the entire series and move it to my "comleted list" i may accidentally pick it up again in the future, after forgetting how horrible it truely is to me.

and unless the animation itself is extremely bad i'll watch at least five episodes of a new series before i judge it, because you can never tell what an anime is truely like just by the first couple of episodes. that would be like quitting a book after only reading the first chapter. now going back to what i said earlier, after a few episodes 'm past the point of no return and i have no choice but the finish the series.

i think noir would have actually been a lot better as a 13 episode series. it just became way to repetitive for me to enjoy towards the ending. watching it all in rapid succession probably didn't help with that though...
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Old 2006-05-30, 12:58   Link #143
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Originally Posted by stretch87
secondly, i've never seen so many bloodless one shot kills since the days of 007 for nintendo 64. seriously, what the hell was with that! every one of those generic thugs were killed in a singel shot, and they were never shot in the head even once.
Well, not that this really seems to matter to you one way or the other; however, the reason Noir shows no blood and little in the way of realistic violence is because it was shown on Tokyo TV, a channel that wouldn't allow much blood.
Originally Posted by stretch87
and please don't try to argue that noir is a "deep", meningful anime, because clearly it's no deeper than the puddle of rain water on my driveway
Well, I'm unsure what the purpose of this is one way or the other. Noir doesn't belong to a genre that is renowned for having "deep" meAningful shows in it. Just from the two examples you gave (Elfen Lied and Gunslinger Girls), you've so far managed to list three shows that have little in the way of depth at all.
For the record, I actually enjoyed Gunslinger Girls and Noir a lot. Elfen Lied, not so much, but it's okay. But I really don't find any of them particularly original or meaningful.
And, (just for the record), holy post resurrection! You do realize you're responding to people who last posted about the content of this show on 2004-12-12, don't you?
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Old 2006-06-06, 15:17   Link #144
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Originally Posted by Za Paper
I agree with you completely about this, I think it was just because of the theme of the anime.
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Old 2006-11-24, 23:05   Link #145
Join Date: Jan 2006
i'm not sure where to post this, its about the soundtrack to noir specifically blanc dans noir you see i just purchased it and i wanted to ask how can i use the second smaller disc.
thank you.
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Old 2006-11-26, 08:12   Link #146
l'homme de lommm
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isn't it just a minicd? you have to play it in a cd player that the disc clip onto like in some cd-rom drives
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Old 2006-11-26, 21:49   Link #147
Nothing to see, move it.
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@madlax26 : check out this link, there's some good info in the Compatibility section

I'm a fan of this show, i guess my username and sig are proof enough..
I do a pilgrimage once a year watching it, just good stuff, i love my boxset!

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Old 2006-11-27, 02:09   Link #148
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Thanks ShinNoNoir btw Cool User Name.
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Old 2006-11-27, 02:18   Link #149
l'homme de lommm
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Location: 34 3 118 15
that boxed set is the best! 5.1 audio in english and japanese! i have a lot of speakers, so the bullets really sound like they're flying around the room!
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Old 2006-12-01, 00:14   Link #150
Ambience Blue
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Originally Posted by stretch87 View Post
and please don't try to argue that noir is a "deep", meningful anime, because clearly it's no deeper than the puddle of rain water on my driveway
Any elaboration at all? We'd need supporting arguments to make any sort of judgement ^^

Personally, I enjoyed it immensely (one of my favorite series), but in order to enjoy it, you can't just assume that fancy explosions and brain splattering on a Elfen lied level are the only aspects to a good action film. For artistic purposes, it's often better to not have torrents of body fluid exploding from individuals-- I for one would prefer not to have to wonder if characters are actually humans or simply pressurized sacks of blood. In addition, the message is clear: the hundreds of mindless individuals the duo kill on their way up are merely small fry. Blood is symbolic, reserved for the important characters to signify their humanity in the face of a faceless, hostile world.

In addition, perhaps you've missed the "deeper" message you dispute. You don't need to be hit in the face with a sobbing, heartrending cataclysm of an ending to know that there's a deeper meaning behind a story. In fact, Noir's messages were more subtle, on an episode to episode basis. Take Season of Hell or the Lost Kitten. Kitten examines an interpretation of justice, of forgiveness and retribution. Death, delivered by agents of higher powers, often only make sense when viewed from a greater perspective. Season sheds further light on the alienation of our protagonists-- they are the messengers of death, regardless of their intentions, and are alienated from the rest of the plane.

Lastly, the movie was never intended to be a shoot-em-up action show like Najica or Trigun. Action is never exaggerated, the characters never become distorted (nope, not a single oversize sweatdrop or chibi explosion); explosions are believeable, and more is left to the viewers imagination than is literally explained. If you thought from the box that you'd be in for two cute girls kicking bad guy ass on your screen, your money was poorly spent ;d
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Old 2006-12-09, 23:53   Link #151
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Is this new noir dvd? What is it? They look different. I assure you that I got this from the company website who made noir so it is not some pirate stuff. If anyone who can read Japanese care to share some info, that would be great.
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Old 2006-12-10, 14:10   Link #152
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I really loved watching Noir; it was one of my first anime and I remember watching the promo disc in the Newtype magazine. The first episode dragged me into it. Loved every bit of it.
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Old 2007-01-03, 01:00   Link #153
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I'm watching Noir for the 6th time.

I know the series is unrealistic and over-the-top.

The atmosphere, characters and music thrill me every time I watch it though.

The scenery makes me want to go visit parts of Europe. ): "Monster" did the same thing to me.
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Old 2007-01-22, 17:54   Link #154
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Noir anime...

Noir: The Complete Collection, looks like an official release, but there's also something I keep seeing called Noir Perfect Collection, with the entire series on three DVD's. I bought the latter, and ended up with a bootleg... So, I take it all "perfect collections" from this series are bootlegs?

What's the difference between Perfect and Complete collections, anyways?

And, any recommendations on good buying locations? I'm willing to shell out top dollar, but I'm also kind of cheap (Feh, why mince words? ), so if there's a way to get legal copies for as cheap as possible, I'd greatly appreciate any leads.


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Old 2007-01-22, 18:20   Link #155
Just call me Ojisan
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We do have a "Where do I buy..." Thread in the Licensed forum.

"Perfect" and "Complete" collections are just marketing terms and may well vary depending on the company producing the DVDs. Try DVDPacific, Noir: The Complete Collection

If you want to discuss Noir (or ask about the different releases), I woud suggest you post in the Noir thread, which is located in the Licensed forum, just search for it.
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Old 2007-01-23, 16:35   Link #156
Zu Ra
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I watched Noir a year back and what I have to say is the main protagnists dont seem like hardcore assasins IMHO . I have a mindset of comparing an assasin to the Code Name 47 from the game Hitman . For that reason I found Noir a bit dissapointing

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Old 2007-03-07, 23:48   Link #157
Zu Ra
✖ ǝʇ ɯıqnɾl ☆
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I just got my hands on Noir Ost I could belive after I heard it the swan song of Noir and no I am not talking about Melodie I am talking about Canta Per Me is also in Japanese . The Japanese version is really soothing . As both languages are alien to me I couldnt tell much of a diffrence but simply love those violin peices in the Japanese one . Also note Japanse version appears in Noir Blanc CD
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Old 2007-03-08, 13:40   Link #158
Ronin Aquila
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Epic story, ferocious action that would make John Woo proud and majestic music aside, my favourite thing about Noir can be summed up as thus:

"Aww, Kirika-Chan!! There there sweetie, don't cry, cos you're so cute and oh so very huggable. Uh, Mirelle, can I take her home with me? I want a baby sister just like her."
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Old 2007-04-23, 11:40   Link #159
V for Victory
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Noir: meaningful???

I bought Noir the complete collection not too long ago (gotta be about a year ago) I have actually never heard of Noir, but I saw the collection for sale at best buy for 50 bucks so I decided to buy it (50 bucks for seven disc there was no way I was going to pass up a deal like this )
Anyways back to the point, I noticed there was a bit of argueing over the the in-depth of the storyline, so here is what I think. I think the story of Noir is fantastic, sure I was expecting an action anime, but the anime did make you think think a little bit (one of the reasons why I watch anime is that some anime makes you think about what's going on, who are they, etc.) There were a lot of questions about what's going on, so on and so on. The story was meaningful because questions about the past wanted me to watch some more so I won't be pondering my questions while lying in bed. I mean if you're looking for anime's that make you think very hard and leave questions even after finishing the series Noir is not the choice (Try Evangelion) But like most animes when they end reveal everything and answer all the questions. Noir did that, I enjoy the series very much because the storyline kept me guessing till the very end, the music was awesome (when the watch tune came on then the drum set started to go with it, it had a castlevania feel to it, veeery cool ) I do recommend it.
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Old 2007-08-09, 14:26   Link #160
Join Date: Dec 2005
Hi, I've just finished watching Noir and I have two questions now:
1) Who gave that identification card to Kirika and why she contacted Mireille in the beginning? Does she only pretend she lost her memory? And if not who and why erased it? From where or whom she was running in the beginning and why?
2) In ED we see this face but I can't find out who it is...
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