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Old 2011-07-29, 03:34   Link #61
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I disagree, Captain Scarlet is indestructable, but him and the show are still interesting.

But Naruto has gotten boring because he always used to train hard and at the end of it you could see his awesome new Jutsu, but it's gotten to the point where every "boss" character he fights, he reveals a some uber new Jutsu. The writer is always trying to make something "awesomer" than the last uber new Jutsu. The same with the Sharingan.
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Old 2017-11-01, 06:15   Link #62
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I think OP characters are the most interesting to watch of them all. OP means that they are not allowed to be matched by anyone else in the story. They have to be always so much stronger, that there cannot be much of a fair fight anywhere. Otherwise it just degenerates into averageness. What's the point in getting stronger, if everyone else just gets stronger, too? It just elevates the battle from sticks to swords to guns to superpowers,..

That may be fine if your goal is to defeat someone. If the story is as cheap as a battle anime, of course you need someone worthy to feel accomplished after defeating him. But with OP characters it's possible to shift the goal to something else and make enemies insignificant. It's that goal shifting that allows for really interesting experiences you couldn't have without OP characters.

Take Great Teacher Onizuka, for example. If Onizuka wasn't as OP, like single-handedly defeating an entire biker gang, he would've been powerless to save his students. The goal shifted from defeating other guys, to saving his students from their various problems. Another example would be Golgo13. Here the goal shifted from defeating an enemy, to killing a target. The fun comes from watching how he does this and how he defeats all the odds. Or what about Code Geass, where the goal shifted to changing the world.

OP characters allow a story to escape the dilemma of having to pretend that there's a fair fight, when it's clear that the hero will win anyway and shift the goal away from defeating an opponent, to something else entirely. So instead of investing 30+ episodes to defeating one guy, you can have that guy defeated in a moment and carry on with whatever purpose you have. And that purpose better not be defeating a super villain, because that's just plain boring. I think Mondaiji-tachi did this particularly well. Just as the characters where talking about having to do an impossibly long fetch quest of important items guarded by god class opponents, the protagonist interrupts them by coming inside with all the necessary items, saying off-handedly that they didn't put up much of a fight.

This may seem boring, when you where looking forward to having a good time watching a battle, but when you're already tired of watching long battles of attrition, this allows you to just get on with it.
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Old 2017-11-01, 08:07   Link #63
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I love overpowered characters, as long as they have someone worthy of being overpowered against. The opponents should either be powerful or resourceful or highly malicious jerks so you enjoy watching them get their comeuppance.

The only downside is I've watched so many OP MC shows that it feels weird to see the hero struggling these days.
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