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Old 2011-07-24, 11:51   Link #41
Sabaku Kyu
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Originally Posted by Ulquiorra View Post
Has the new generation looked good? If anything the zombies have shown us how much stronger the old generation was. And I don't think that was Kishimoto's intention. But he just can't help himself. Who today, outside of Naruto and Sasuke, has abilities like Onoki, A, and Muu? Does any of Naruto's generation, again besides the two mains, look like they will have the power of the previous generations? Gaara? Can anyone see characters like Shikamaru, Neji, Temari, Kankuro, Sakura, Lee, Omoi. and the others emerging as Kage level fighters?
Well there's multiple generations fighting. It's not simply Naruto's age group=new generation, everyone else=old generation. Compared to Muu and the 3rd Raikage, A and Oonoki are actually part of the new generation and have probably surpassed the previous generation of Kages. As for Naruto's generation, most of them are chuunin fighting their first war. It wouldn't really make sense for them to be fighting at the level of the Kages. The fact that none of them have been casualties of battle like thousands of others should say something about their skill (plot armor notwithstanding). A few of them have played vital parts taking down Edo Tensei summons so I their strength has been adequately shown. Naruto and Sasuke are special cases, very few ninja from any generation can reach the kind of power they have.

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Old 2011-07-25, 08:47   Link #42
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Naruto and Sasuke are genins by definition and by being one of the most powerful ninja alive, put the whole "ranking" in the dump...
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Old 2011-07-25, 11:52   Link #43
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Originally Posted by Souten no Seigyoku View Post
What a load. Kish keeps doing this. If he's trying to end the series, fine, but do it while maintaining realism. To stay true to the series, you need to stay true to the character personalities.

Kabuto wouldnt allow his puppets to help the enemy. Didnt he already kill off the Seven Swordsmen personalities? Kabuto would kill his puppets personalities as soon as he saw they were helping the enemy. He wouldnt allow then to undermine everything.
Kabuto had issues doing that to just Hanzou, one Kage-level ninja. Given his questionable loyalty to Madara, I don't see him caring enough to do that with four Kages. It seems like he'd probably be paying more attention to Nagato and Itachi right now anyway.
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Old 2011-07-25, 22:16   Link #44
start thinkin bout clones
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also want to add since discerptor brought up kabutos loyalty to madara, what if itachi and pain are not there to fight at all, only there to guide naruto to a location or to talk to them.

reason i say that is because, pain cant walk on his own, so is he going to sit around and form seal after seal? naruto would wreak him pretty fast if that was the case.

I think there is a weakness kabuto didnt mention that with so many revived, he cant curb all of their personalities.
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Old 2011-07-26, 15:05   Link #45
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I think A's father is stronger than A since he has both lightening amour and black lightening
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Old 2011-07-26, 16:15   Link #46
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I find it odd that his father passed down his black lightening jutsu to Darui and not to him or Bee. Or even Yugito. All of who are stronger than Darui.

I assume when Darui likely helps fight the Zombie!Raikage, we will find out why.
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Old 2011-07-27, 01:33   Link #47
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Chapter 548 Discussion thread has been opened. Please move all relevant discussions to the new thread.
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