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Kinnikuman (1983 series) 14+/137 episodes

I looked but did not find any threads for discussing this anime series. Relevant threads related to this are:
*Manga thread
*Suggestions thread
*Nisei movie thread
*Nisei II thread

These are the only threads that turned up with this in the title, though I am sure it has been mentioned in other ones.

Basically, as I linked the tracker below the images, this sounds like a really interesting series, a precursor to the "Ultimate Muscle" which is more well known here. This is the unshipped prequel, much like "YuGiOh Zero" or how a lot of people have seen Z but not Dragonball.

I am interested in seeing it and noticed that there has been recent work on it. As far as I am aware, the only group we have listed as doing work on it is HnG Muscle Subs. The 'muscle' named after their work on this series I assume. Not sure about the other part, Hokuto no Gun?

Anyway, we can see batches of their work, both AVI and MKV, on Nyaa for the first 10 episodes, done in 2009/10. They finished 11-12 in Nov/Dec 2010 and in 2011 have done 13 in Feb, 14 in March, 17 and 18 in April (I am unsure of the status of 15/16) and recently 10 days ago they did episode 19.

While this is an old series, the subs of it are still actively being done, and I look forward to upcoming ones by this group. Definitely a 'niche' series, while we have multiple anime about various sports (including boxing) this is the only anime I am aware of that focuses on pro wrestling, parodied as it might be.

Unfortunately the URL listed for the group looks to be down, " is no longer available. This blog has been archived or suspended for a violation of our Terms of Service." I assume because WP is against fansubs or something.

They do not have an IRC listed so I am unsure where to look to ask about episodes 15/16, otherwise I think most of us may stall at 14 for fear of discontinuous plot.

Edit: after doing a search, it looks like they did do these missing episodes not listed on the anime tracker.

Oddly enough, episode 14 doesn't look to be on Nyaa so I'll add and mirror that.
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