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Blayne Barudorii
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Megatokyo Fandub Project: Megatokyo Fan Theater

Well I only picked up and started reading MT recently, about.... 3 days ago and I must say I love this webcomic a lot and I thought to myself "Wouldn't it be cool if this was ever animated?" followed by "Since I can't animate it, and its probably not likely to be anytime soon, what about simply doing a fandub instead?"

The main inspiration comes from the fandub project for 8-Bit Theater 8 Bit Theater Chaos that I love a lot, so much in fact that I must say the 8BTC voices are pretty much the "official" voices to my mind.

Example Link here

So what is this project about?

The Megatokyo Fandub Project is about bringing additional depth and life to our favorite webcomic by providing voice acting to the strips in a video format, to be uploaded onto Youtube for everyone's viewing. This is to be a volunteer project of love, done to express our thanks and enjoyment. Obviously all rights and trademarks remain with and the creator(s).

What does the project entail?

Generally, we acquire a bunch of people by any means necessary *grabs rope and chains* to record lines of the best take "in character" which we'll then splice together with sound effects, ambient noise, and background music to make a coherent video adaption that we'll then upload to youtube.

Can I apply and what do I need?

A working microphone of decent quality, an internet connection, and probably some kind of audio recording software like Audacity.


Now that's other with let's do some brain storming.

Ideally what I would like to see happen is having the spoken Japanese marked by the "<" angle brackets ">" be actually spoken out loud in the best possible Japanese we can translate and manage. I figure screw it and you don't have to be fluent or anything, I figure with enough practice and direction just about anyone can passably speak pre-prepared lines of foreign dialogue.

Though it would be an awesome bonus if anyone with proficiency actually wanted to audition.

But we'll defiantly need at least one guy with proficient reading/writing to translate the <english/Japanese> lines into correct Japanese for us, I think that's pretty crucial. *Update* Found 2 people, more welcome.

We could cop out by simply doing all the dialogue in english but meh, a cop out.

I'm thinking each "episode" should be the typical anime length of 22-25 minutes leaving time for the 1.3 min intro and outro themes youtube length of 15 minutes including the OP and Ed, I'm thinking random vocaloid song each time; because you know Vocaloid though if anyone with music or remixing experience wants to help out and provide some stuff to use that could be good too.

Suggestions and applications welcome! Let's get the show on the road fellas.

If your interest just pick 5 roles, find some dialogue and record some lines and email them to me at blayne dot bradley at gmail dot com

I made a demo
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If your interested in an Oots style avatar please feel free to PM me and we can work out the details then.
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