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Old 2011-08-31, 05:47   Link #1
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One Piece - Chapter 637 [manga]

Welcome to the weekly manga discussion thread for One Piece.

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The climactic battle to decide the future of the merman island rages on! What developments will take place next!? Credit goes to the usual folks for the summary and trans:

-Chapter title is "The ancient ark". Ministory features Dr. Kureha.

-Luffy beats the living crap out of Hody with a variety of CoA-infused attacks, but the fish-captain withstands the assault. Hody tries to fight back, but any retaliation he makes has little to no effect. Soon, however, the legendary Noah's ark descends upon the island.....

-It turns out that Decken is controlling the ark from the inside. His giant crewman Wadatsumi falls from the ship and asks for help, but Decken denies him assistance. Noah begins to pierce through the bubble surrounding the island, but Shirahoshi suddenly appears in front of it, saying that she'll willingly sacrifice herself to save everyone else. Though Decken originally intended to destroy the island, he nonetheless decides to focus on the princess and throws a knife at her, wounding her. Hody, meanwhile, takes this time to take refuge on the Noah.....

-Luffy asks Sanji to help him reach the ark and save Shira. Jinbei notes that though the inside of the ship is filled with water, there should still be enough air for a DF user like Decken to move around in. He then gives Luffy a coral that produces bubbles, and Sanji prepares to escort his captain to the ancient ark with his new Sky Walk technique in order to rescue the princess....!!!

Well, as many of us figured, Luffy took a break from Hody (who's practically a punching bag at this point, lol ) in order to stop Decken. It also looks like those of us who guessed Shira would help stop the ark were half-right, as well (still no sea kings, though.....). And since Hody snuck aboard the ship as well, I suppose Luffy will thrash him there while Sanji takes care of Decken (unless it's revealed that Caribou's aboard too, or something).....

I also kinda figured that Kureha would get her own ministory chapter since she was absent from the previous one. Now we have Alabasta to look forward to next!

And so, the full chap release should come along soon.....
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Old 2011-08-31, 07:17   Link #2
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Needs a little correction, Marbel. Sanji isn't going with him, Luffy grabs onto his leg and Sanji throws him upwards. In short, Luffy is going to fight the two, Hody and Vander Decken.
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Old 2011-08-31, 08:04   Link #3
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So Hody is getting as beat up as we all expected...Well, at least now Van Decken gets to join him in the suffering...

So, Luffy going to be dealing with those two, who here thinks the rest of the Strawhats will be dealing with Caribou? He needs to pop up somehow, so when better than after an entire army has been destroyed with minimal fighters to stop him?
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Old 2011-08-31, 08:14   Link #4
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^Caribou should be for Luffy too.
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Old 2011-08-31, 08:23   Link #5
Rock beats scissors
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The chapter sounds a bit dull, but perhaps the visuals will make up for it.
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Old 2011-08-31, 09:28   Link #6
Knight Hawk
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So whats up with the color change? Going to assume Vulcanization. Well either way, Luffy blocking Hodies kick with one arm was badass. Hodi might be getting beat up, but hes tanking those hits. Reminds me how BB usually takes it. Fun chapter.
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Old 2011-08-31, 09:33   Link #7
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I liked this chapter to be honest, not as much as the previous ones but it's up there.

The Arc got there quick! It's actually a bit weird.

It's always fun to see Hody being completely outclassed by Luffy...literally he couldn't put a scratch on Luffy...which was expected, especially after Jinbe effortlessly stopped Hody's supposed super water shot.
Hody seems pretty pissed at VDD but if they end up teaming up against Luffy I expect Hody to play the role of the tank while VDD throws everything but the kitchen sink at Luffy. Either way I don't think the both of them teaming up are gonna do much damage to Luffy.

This display by Luffy tells me that even before the timeskip he should have been quite capable of beating Hody, though it would probably be a Lucci level battle (in terms of damage taken) but's actually SAD to see Hody look so helpless...well kinda.

Is it wrong that I laughed when Shira got stabbed?

Where the hell is Caribou? I really hope he is on Noah for some reason xD

Luffy vs VDD, Hody and Caribou would be quite entertaining.
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Old 2011-08-31, 09:48   Link #8
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Originally Posted by Knight Hawk View Post
So whats up with the color change? Going to assume Vulcanization. Well either way, Luffy blocking Hodies kick with one arm was badass. Hodi might be getting beat up, but hes tanking those hits. Reminds me how BB usually takes it. Fun chapter.
When luffy change color that a sign that he using Haki on that body part .
Man he making look so easy even without gears.
A three way battle would be fun to watch.
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Old 2011-08-31, 10:04   Link #9
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Wow, Luffy got strong. And those were basic attacks we saw from the beginning.

EDIT: Luffy's head bash left a face imprint on the iron shields. Nice touch
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Old 2011-08-31, 10:09   Link #10
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Originally Posted by Adan View Post
^Caribou should be for Luffy too.
We already, more or less, know that Luffy can hurt Logia-users, and since Caribou is pretty weak, I'd prefer to see the crew take him down just to cement the fact that they can fight Logias rather than Luffy dealing with all the bosses in one fight...
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Old 2011-08-31, 10:16   Link #11
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Who is Caribou?
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Old 2011-08-31, 10:33   Link #12
Rock beats scissors
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Caribou is the twisted rookie captain with the swamp/mud logia that wanted to kill the strawhats, and who kidnapped some mermaids.

Chapter just didn't do it for me, despite Luffy's display of strength. Hody is surprisingly tough though, but Luffy just used regular CoA. And even using those he could have pummeled Hody into submission. The plot twist with Noah might give Luffy more of a disadvantage (being around water) and will give Hody a better chance to fight back probably.
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Old 2011-08-31, 11:03   Link #13
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I have a feeling that Luffy & Hody are gonna team up, at least temporary, to fight against Decken & his crew, since Decken also tries to eliminate the NFP with the ark. Personally I would love to see Luffy & Hody fight side by side instead of watching Hody completely owned by Luffy.

It's quite obvious that Wadatsumi will play an important roll to stop the ark, there must be a reason why Odda let him falling off board aside from revealing Decken as the conspirator.
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Old 2011-08-31, 11:08   Link #14
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Heh, considering how pissed Hody is at Decken, I guess this means we'll be seeing a three-way battle royal (or triple threat match, to use wrestling terms).

Also, since Wadatsumi fell to the island, that more or less adds some credence to the idea that one or more of the Straw-Hats will face him in a boss battle, along with the rest of Hody's crew. And yeah, it's probably more likely that Caribou's still lurking somewhere around the island as well (I suppose Sanji could take him on since he's staying behind after all, but I'm pretty interested in seeing one of the "weaker" 'Hats take down a Logia, myself.....).

And hey, the ministory! So now the Isshies 20 has been multiplied by 5 times, eh? Nice to see that ol' Kureha put things back in order. Still, I wonder if she or Dalton are already aware of Wapol's new kingdom.....?
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Old 2011-08-31, 11:55   Link #15
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Great that Kureha has her own mini-story. Vander Decken being inside the Noah certainly explains why it arrived faster. And a coral producing bubbles is certainly something to add in the useful inventory.
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Old 2011-08-31, 12:04   Link #16
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Seems like this chapter is a sign of a shift in focus.

Looking forward to next chapter.
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Old 2011-08-31, 12:10   Link #17
Okuyasu the Bird
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So is Luffy gonna fight Hody AND Decken inside Noah? Didn't expect that.~

I also find it interesting Luffy isn't calling all of his attacks anymore. I thought only the most serious characters in One Piece did such a thing.
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Old 2011-08-31, 14:26   Link #18
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The best part is, we haven't even seen Luffy get serious yet. Probably saving the good material for the next arc.

I've been wondering what Decken was upto, and there he is. Talk about one awesome entrance.

Shira's death flag has just appeared again, though i doubt she'd be killed off.
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Old 2011-08-31, 15:07   Link #19
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^Both of them ARE huge, but I guess in this case they just seem "smaller" in comparison to Noah (and note that sea kings dwarf the both of them in size, as well).....
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Old 2011-08-31, 15:30   Link #20
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Originally Posted by The Small One View Post
Sometimes I get the Impression the author really has problems with sizes. Wasn't this Wadatsumi guy supposed to be much larger?
And Surume also looks rather small in some panels…
if there is size problem it's on the Noah, you gotta remember this is "supposed" to be half of island large.

I actually thought Surume and Wadatsumi were fine.

But I do like the direction this chapter is taking, it's obvious Hody is out-classed, with Decken in the mix, while I don't think that's enough but the fight should be a bit more entertaining now.

Oh, I love how Kureha is also apparently lords over Doctor 100....

So was Luffy's headbutt and his declaration of love toward Shirahoshi...

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