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Old 2011-08-26, 11:05   Link #1
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Sword Girls (CCG)

I'm really looking forward to this game. I saw some pictures of it on Danbooru a few months ago and liked the art, and now a company's making an English version to play online.
I looked around at other spots online, and it looks like it works like this:

You have a hero, and the opponent has a hero, and they have life points.
Each turn, you and the opponent put down cards. These can be other girls, or they can be spells, and then they fight each other.

Whoever gets their opponent down to zero wins. So it's a little like Magic or Yu-Gi-Oh, except it looks less complicated and easier to get into. And you're surrounded by fewer screaming kids.

The official English page has a few screencaps of the English version and a video right now.

There's an art gallery over here. There's some really racy pictures in there, but nothing outright hentai.

This girl looks really cool.

This one's probably my favorite, though.

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Old 2011-08-26, 12:32   Link #2
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I guess she's a vampire or something... I don't really like vampires, but since she has silver hair, I'll forgive her. :P
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Old 2011-08-26, 14:17   Link #3
Duo Maxwell
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Well, certainly the artwork is what draws me in, but I'll have to wait for English version to try it out.
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Old 2011-08-26, 14:32   Link #4
Takao Tsundere Cruiser
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OMG! I know this artist, it's Nardack!

Nardack's artwork is fantastic especially in his/her artbook, "Butterfly Dream 2008-2010".
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