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Originally Posted by Archon_Wing View Post
I'd actually think a lot of people would look down on Kotetsu, just because he's a bit unrestrained and seen as a washed up relic, out of touch with the times unlike the sexy and shiny Barnaby who also would probably be fawned over in real life.

Which... is exactly what happened in universe. >.> Show's brutal in its realism with the characters some times. Poor guy.
Dunno, Kotetsu's design is based on Johnny Depp and shares Depp's Japanese voice actor. Somehow I don't think that unrestrained and washed up in a captain Jack Sparrow sense are going to make him any less popular.
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this is how its done
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Originally Posted by Kaioshin Sama View Post
The entire cast of the Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya:

Haruhi would probably be seen as too bitchy, impulsive and reckless to have much in the way of friends. Yuki would be seen as too boring and introverted to have much in the way of friends. Mikuru would probably seen as too ditzy and clumsy to have much in the way of female friends, though guys might try to hang around her for her looks. Kyon would be seen as a drag and whiner that nobody would want to hand out with and I'm reasonably sure most people would just find Itsuki kind of creepy.
this is so true.I also think sato from welcome to nhk wouldn't be well recieved in the real world
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