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Lightbulb Mirmo Zibang! Wakamama (Selfish) Fairy Milmo / Mirumo de Pon! 172 episodes 2002-2005

We have a tracker for this here: which currently shows episodes 1-8 done by Hikari no Kiseki. This anime is huge and went on for four seasons. There were also soundtracks and drama CDs released. Apparently 7 different video game adaptations too.

I learned about this series from watching Yakitatte Japan, because it is promoted at the end of episode 22 in viewing Anime-Empire's work. Each anime had a double episode, Yakitatte's was 23-24, not sure what Mirmo's was.

We have had 12 previous threads related to Mirmo which I'll link below but none for discussing the series in general in 'Old Series' where I'd like if this one could go.
General: daboking, nelly
1-5: sailorwaffles, snakeJG
6-8: cidialai, Frood gai, Ishinda Pebble,
7: daboking

Currently there's some mistakes on the tracker like it only lists 78 episodes, where there were more. Also, it links to where the trackers were hosted, but it could be more specific for people's ease. In case anyone has trouble finding them on the list, mirrored them on Nyaa:

Episodes 1-5 (TV Version)

Episodes 6-8 (DVD Version)

This sounds pretty interesting. I am wondering if anyone might have seen past episode 8 and your impressions of the series if so?

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Um... You might wanna check your pics/links.
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lol whoops, Hikari no Seki is on to me. I'll copy those to my photobucket I guess. Was just promoting their work =P
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