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Naruto Akkipuden

While Naruto Akkipuden isn't confirmed yet, I will tell my story :
The story sets 2 years after Mashita war. Naruto, which is now a 18 years old jonin, continue to train very hard. His objective is to create a new technique called Rasen-Katon (combinaison of Rasen-Katon with Shuriken). During the series, new characters (Tsuba Fugiwara, Suru Sarutobi) are set on, but there is something wrong : it was 2 years we had heard of Sasuke Uchiha. We learn that he decided to return in Konoha to kill Naruto in order to activate the Divine Mangeky˘ Sharingan. Another antagonist make appearance, who is responsible for empoissoned Yamato and Anko and killed Tsunade during Part II (Shippuden) ; his name is revealed to be Shinobu.
I will also tell the entire six arcs of the series later. (Arc 1 updated)

Spoiler for Arc 1 summary:

Spoiler for Arc 1 conclusion:
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