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Old 2011-09-16, 22:41   Link #1
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Smile 3d anime

Like the name says i want a list of any and all 3d anime SERIES at least 30 episodes or more than one series. im not interested in movies. i prefer fantasy (medieval/magic/knights/dragons/ect.) and no im not interested in porn . but i do like a health dose of romance (actual dating not awkward silences)

If it isn't 3d don't suggest it
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Old 2011-09-16, 23:19   Link #2
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How about give us an example what is '' 3d anime '' supposed to mean. If you mean something done with a CG, such as the Final Fantasy movies, then too bad, there's no CG series available. There's the Appleseed that just started running but it's not 30 episodes.
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Old 2011-09-16, 23:42   Link #3
Obelisk ze Tormentor
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Agreed with Dist. So far, there's only Appleseed that I know of and some kiddy anime with some 3D element in it like Transformers & Webdiver. I doubt those are what you're looking for.

If you want 3D animation with medieval story, you'd have more luck finding it in American, Korean & Chinese animation coz I've seen some of those stuff before.
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Old 2011-09-17, 01:02   Link #4
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Nothing applies. Appleseed is close but yeah... it's not 30 episodes.

If you want you should go looking for heavily CG integrated anime like Blassreiter or Macross Frontier. Though those aren't 30+episodes either.
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Old 2011-09-17, 09:12   Link #5
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There's a few shows with 3d extras. And I think Baby Princess 3D Paradise probably has a 3D version, as the title says. I've only seen it in 2D, in which even the title says 2D instead of 3D, which I think means that it's a 2D version of the real 3D work.
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Old 2011-09-17, 12:36   Link #6
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oh sorry didnt mean to be confusing but yeah something like final fantasy would be awesome but i also saw vexille and that was pretty cool. uumm when i first saw ghost in the shell the opening made me think it was 3d and i was kinda disappointed. but yeah if there isnt anything out there thats sad but if you can think of anything thanks.
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Old 2011-09-20, 20:38   Link #7
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Try Cat Shit One, it's 3D. Only one episode though, but you seem to have withdrawn the "30 episode" requirement?
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