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Wallscrolls, sunlight, electrical light

I bought last year a bucolic poster of ''Railgun S'', that is most likely my favorite one

Unfortunately, after I finished moving I noticed upon placing it on a new spot that there was the telltale marks of discoloring-a triangular shape that is noticably darker than the rest, most likely because of sun rays. The wallscroll had been put in darker corner of the appartment, but most likely not dark enough

Cursing, I ordered a new copy-but before I place it, really dumb question. Can electrical spots (just two 60 watts bulbs) ''damage'' a wallscroll if they are on the same wall ? (there are around 1 meter above the wallscroll)
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In summary, you should hang the scroll in a dimly lit room, or dark chamber, which is never heated above 10C and has active climate control to extract any humidity. Bonus points if you extract any free oxigen from the room as well!

But joking aside, the same principle the pros apply to their precious historical documents should still be viable for you to a certain point.

In practice I think the best way to go about it is, to only use LED light near your scrolls. They have a limited light spectrum and do not radiate heat.
And direct sunlight is a no-go of course.
Although all wave lengths of light are damaging, ultraviolet (UV) radiation is especially harmful to library and archival materials because of its high level of energy. The standard limit for UV is 75 W/l . The sun and tungsten-halogen or quartz lamps, mercury or metal halide high intensity discharge lamps, and fluorescent lamps are some of the most damaging sources of light because of the high amounts of UV energy they emit.

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