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Old 2011-10-09, 10:58   Link #1
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Quality issues

I'm using MPC player and everything worked dandy until recently when I watched Fate/zero and SnS III where there were quality issues with the show. Some of the textures would be blocky and would look pixelated. I never had these issues before and I don't have those issues on other shows. Are the shows that are coming out just bad in quality or am I missing some codecs? Thanks.
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Perfect, thank you.
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Old 2011-10-10, 13:21   Link #4
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Like has been insinuated, they're shows using the recent Hi10p format, as it results in smaller file sizes with better quality, or thats the general plot anyway; with anime groups taking the lead as animation is one of the biggest benefactors of the newer profile.

The easiest way to get it working in Windows (I hear mixed messages on VLC!), is to install LAV filters, and then tell MPC-HC to use them, and set them to prefered merit. Should have you running in NO time (like less than 5 minutes as they're not a big download). The only downside is current hardware decoders are incompatible with Hi10p, so system requirements are higher.

This shouldn't be too much of a worry though, as a clean install of windows 7 with an old X2 3800+ (one of the first dual cores on the market, like...6-7 years old) could run a 720p Hi10 OP without frame drops when I tested it out; although obviously very high bitrate/1080p video will be more demanding.
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Old 2011-10-10, 13:26   Link #5
I see what you did there!
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Everyone should just load mplayer2 into an SMPlayer standalone.

Far less headaches than CCCP.
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Old 2011-10-10, 13:46   Link #6
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Originally Posted by Starks View Post
Everyone should just load mplayer2 into an SMPlayer standalone.

Far less headaches than CCCP.
Better idea would be that people stop posting here and respond to things in the Hi10 thread before we have 3 topics discussing the same subject.
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