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Kenji Ikari
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What's the name? Who Sang it? When's it out?

Just trying to help here.

Ai Yori Aoshi ~Enishi~:
OP: "Takaramono? by Yoko Ishida
ED: "I do!" by the Indigo
Date released: Takaramono: 10/29/1003, I Do!: 11/12/2003, Soundtrack: 11/27/2003
On CD: OP: Takaramono (Single), ED: I Do! (Single), Soundtrack: Ai Yori Aoshi - Enishi - Otoban1 "Matsu"

OP: "Gesshoku Grand Guignol" by ALI PROJECT
ED: "Mirai no Eve" by ALI PROJECT
Date released: Grand Guignol Single: 11/05/2003, Soundtrack: 12/03/2003
On CD: Both: Gesshoku Grand Guignol (Single), Both: Avenger Soundtrack

Battle Programmer Shirase:
OP: "Suddenly" by Naomi Amagata
ED: "Pure Enough" by Yuki Matsuura
Date released: Re: 09/25/2003
On CD: OP: Re: (Naomi Amagata single)

Bobobo~bo Bo~bobo:
OP: "Wild Challenger" by Jindou
ED: "Shiawase" by Mani Laba
Date released: Wild Challenger: 01/28/2004, Shiawase: 01/28/2004
On CD: OP: Wild Challenger(Single,) ED: Shiawase(single)

Bottle Fairy:
OP: "Oshiete Sensei-san" by Bottle Fairy
ED1: "Shunka ~Kururu~" by Kururu/Nana Mizuki
Date released: Four Seasons: 12/28/2003
On CD: All?: Four Seasons(soundtrack)

Charge!! Cromartie High:
OP: "Pure"(Jun) by Takuro Yoshida
ED: Trust Me?
Date released: Jun/Ryusei2003/Home Run Boogie2003: 11/21/2003
On CD: OP: Jun/Ryusei2003/Home Run Boogie2003(Takuro Yoshida single)

Chrno Crusade:
OP: "Tsubasa wa Pleasure Line" by Minami Kuribayashi
ED: "Sayonara Solitaire" by Saeko Chiba
Date released: ?
On CD: ?

F-Zero Falcon Densetsu:
OP: "The Meaning of Truth" by Hiro-X
ED: "Resolution" by AIM
Date released: The Meaning of Truth: 12/03/2003, Resolution: 12/03/2003
On CD: OP: The Meaning of Truth(single,) ED: Resolution(single)

Fullmetal Alchemist:
OP: "Melissa" by Porno Graffiti
ED1: "Melissa" by Porno Graffiti (Ep1)
ED2: "Kesenai Tsumi" by Kitade Nana
ED3: "Tobira no Mukou e" by YeLLOW Generation (14+?)
Date released: Melissa: 09/26/2003, Kesenai Tsumi: 10/29/2003, Tobira no Mukou e: 01/28/2004
On CD: OP/ED1: Melissa (Single,) ED2: Kesenai Tsumi (single,) ED3: Tobira no Mukou e(single)

Galaxy Railway:
OP: ? By Sasaki Isao
ED: Milky Way Railroad Story? By Sasaki Isao
Date released: Sudaika : 10/29/2003, Milky Way Railroad Story: 10/29/1003?
On CD: OP: Ginga Tetsudo Monogatari (The Galaxy Railways) ? Shudaika (Single,) ED: Milky Way Railroad Story? (single)

OP: "Crazy 4U" by Kumi Koda
ED: "Wasuremono no Mori" by Yuko Ando
Date released: and do, record: 1/28/2004, Crazy 4U?: 01/15/2003?
On CD: OP: Crazy 4U(single,) ED: and do, record. (Yuko Ando single)

OP: "Shinkon Gattai Godannar!!" by Akira Kushida
ED: "Zangou no Hitsugi" by Mitusko Horie & Ichiro Mizuki?
Date released: Shudaika: 10/29/2003, Soundtrack: 11/19/2003
On CD: Both: Godanner: Shudaika (Single), Godanner - Original Soundtrack

OP: "Family" by Tsuneo Imahori
ED: "Akaneiro ga Moeru Toki" by Scoobie Do
Date released: Kaze no Koibito: 11/12/2003, Soundtrack: 01/07/2004
On CD: ED: Kaze no Koibito (Scoobie Do single,) Both: Gungrave Original Soundtrack

Gunslinger Girl:
OP: "The Light Before We Land" by The Delgados
ED: "Dopo Il Sogno ~After the dream~" (?Dopo Il Sogno - Yume no ato ni?) by Opus
Date released: Hate: 10/14/2002, Single: 11/21/2003, Soundtrack: 12/21/2003
On CD: OP: Hate (The Delgados CD,) Both: Gunslinger Girl(Single,) Both: Gunslinger Girl Soundtrack.

Kimi Ga Nozomu Eien:
OP: "Precious Memories" by Minami Kuribayashi
ED1: "Rumbing Hearts" by Minami Kuribayashi (ep 2)
ED2: "Hoshizora no Waltz" by Minami Kuribayashi
Date released: Kimi ga Nozomu Eien (Game Soundtrack): 8/29/2001, Precious Memories: 10/29/03, Portrait Haruka: 12/26/2003
On CD: ED1: Kimi Ga Nozo Eien Game soundtrack, OP: Precious Memories single, ED2: Kimi ga Nozomu Eien Portrait Haruka (Image CD)

Kousetsu Hyaku Monogatari:
OP: "The Flame" by Keiko Lee
ED: "The Moment of Love" By Keiko Lee
Date released: The Flame: 11/19/2003, Vitamin K: 12/03/2003
On CD: Both: The Flame (single,) Both: VITAMIN K (Keiko Lee?s CD)

OP: "Koi no Mahou"(Magic of Love) by Ichiko
ED: "We'd Get There Someday" by Ichiko
Date released: We?d Get there Someday: 11/19/2003, Soundtrack: 01/21/2004
On CD: Both: We?d Get there Someday (Single,) Both: Maburaho - Original Soundtrack

Mermaid?s Forest:
OP: "Like an angel" by Chiaki Ishikawa
ED: "Mizu Tamari" by Kayoko
Date released: Mizu Tamari: 11/12/2003, Soundtrack: 12/02/2003, Inner Garden: 12/03/2003
On CD: ED: Mizu Tamari (single,) Both: Rumiko Takahashi Gekijou (Rumiko Takahashi Theatre)(Soundtrack,) OP: Inner Garden

Mujin Wakusei Survive:
OP: "Bokura no Message" by Kiroro
ED: "Sunny Side Hill" by Round Table Featuring Nino
Date released: Sunny Side Hill: 10/22/2003, Bokura no Message: 11/21/2003
On CD: ED: Sunny Side Hill(single,) OP:Bokura no Message (single)

Peace Maker Kurogane:
OP: "You Gonna Feel" by Hav
ED: "Hey Jimmy" by Hav
Date released: Soundtrack: 12/21/2003
On CD: Soundtrack: Peace Maker Kurogane - Sountrack

OP: "Dive in the Sky" by Mikio Sakai
ED: "Wonderful Life" by Mikio Sakai
Date released: Dive in the Sky: 11/21/2003, OST: 12/17/2003
On CD: Both: NHK-BS2 "Planetes" Theme Song: Dive in the Sky (Single,) Both: PLANETES - O.S.T.

Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon(Live Action):
OP: "Kirari Sailor Dream" (?Sparkly Sailor Dream?) by Koeda
Insert: "C'est La Vie - Watashi no naka no Koi suru Bubun" by Ayaka Komatsu (Sailor V[enus])
Date released: Shudaika: 11/19.2003, Soundtrack: 12/17/2003
On CD: Insert: Bishojo Senshi Sailor Moon Shudaika, OP: Soundtrack: Bishojo Senshi Sailor Moon - Original Soundtrack

R.O.D T.V. :
OP: "R.O.D" by YKZ
ED: "Moments in the Sun" by Kazami with Home Grown
Date released: Moments in the Sun: 9/18/2003, Sprout: 10/22/2003, Expect The Unexpected: 11/19/2003
On CD: ED: Moments in the Sun(Single,) ED: Sprout (Kazami's CD,) OP: Expect The Unexpected (YKZ single)

Rockman.EXE Axess:
OP: ?
ED: ?Hikari To Do Ku Basho" By Hikari Netto & Rockman
Date released: ?
On CD: ?

Saiyuki RELOAD:
OP: "Wild Rock" by Buzzlip
ED: "ID" by Flow-war
Date released: ID: 11/12/2003, Wild Rock: 11/12/2003
On CD: ED: ID (single,) Wild Rock (single)

Singetsutan Tsukihime:
OP: "The Sacred Moon" by Toshiyuki Omori
ED: "Rinne no Hate ni..." by Fumiko Orikasa (Ciel)
Date released: Rinne no Hate ni: 11/06/2003, Soundtrack: 12/10/2003, Lune: 01/21/2004
On CD: ED: Rinne no Hate ni (single,) Both: Shingetsutan Tsukihime - Original Soundtrack 1, ED: Lune (Fumiko Orikasa CD)

Twin Spica:
OP: "Venus Say" by Buzy
ED: "Miagetegoran Yoru no Hoshiwo" by Begin
Date released: Kujira: 03/03/2004
On CD: OP: Kujira

UFO Princess Warukyure 2:
OP: "Meguriai? by Melocure
ED: "Marble? by various?
Date released: Meguriai: 10/22/2003, Soundtrack: 12/17/2003
On CD: OP:UFO Princess Valkyrie (Warukyure) Jyunigatsu no Nocturne :Meguriai (single,) Soundtrack: UFO Princess Valkyrie (Warukyure): 12 Gatsu no Yasokyoku - Universal Music

Yami to Boushi to Hon no Tabibito:
OP: "Hitomi no Naka ni Aru Meikyu" by Aiko Kayou
ED: "Eien no Inori wo Sasagete" by Sanae Kobayashi
Date released: ED Single: 12/10/2003, OP: 12/10/2003, Soundtrack: 12/25/2003
On CD: ED: Eien no Inori wo Sasagete (Single,) OP: Hitomi no Naka no Meikyu (single,) Soundtrack: Yami to Boushi to Hon no Tabibito Music Book (soundtrack)

Most of the released singles/albums should be available for purchase at CD Japan.

Corrections? Additions? Questions? PM me!

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a step away from heaven
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Do not reply in this thread. Post your requests in the Music/Song Identification thread.
I want a unicorn.
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Just FYI: Besides "Pure Enough" being such an enjoyable song and Yuki's voice being so nice, she gets classic points for writing Ano Hi Ni, the ending song for Video Girl Ai (another nice song).
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Because you´re so helpful
who sing the ED of Cybaster?
Is such a nice song and i don´t know how to get it!
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Timeless Enigma
Tsushima Masaki
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You can find a lot of this info at Anime News Network as well.
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