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Old 2011-10-11, 22:51   Link #1
Senior Member
Join Date: Sep 2011
Age: 28
How do you Internalize an Anime?

When I see an anime that's great to me, it makes me want to create and it makes me want to be expressive. When you come across an anime that speaks to you personally, what do you do to internalize it, to make sure every aspect of its essence seeps into your being?

How do you digest its meaning and maybe even live by its messages?
Are you able to incorporate it in your life?

I hope that makes sense to everyone.
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Old 2011-10-11, 23:31   Link #2
North American Haruhiist
Join Date: Oct 2010
Age: 37
I suppose I read blogs that sometimes post about my favorite anime, and I have been slowly collecting Haruhi merchandize so I can feel like I am really into an anime rather than just watching it. I have a Haruhi wallpaper on my cell phone, and I always try to take at least a moment to compliplate what July 7(Tanabata), August 17-31(Endless Eight) and December 18 mean to me. In fact, I think next year I'll even try getting my own bamboo and tanzaku and perhaps write my own wishes to Orihime and Hikoboshi just so I can understand a little more what the SOS dan was feeling when they did it.

I am not exactly sure what you're looking for as an answer, and it's difficult for me to express exactly how I internalize my love for particular anime. I suppose I also do that by trying to learn more about Japanese culture as well.
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Old 2011-10-12, 00:41   Link #3
Hiding Under Your Bed
Join Date: May 2008
I watch it about a billion times, till I could recite the script from memory and annoy my friends endlessly with how much I talk about it. I'm actually half serious here. There are some shows I've watched so much that if we were still stuck in the days of tape, I'd likely have physically worn them out. Thank goodness for the digital age.

I'd like to pretend I take any of the messages some of those works have to heart, and then incorporate them into my life, but that'd be a total lie. It's possible I did as a child, but I'm too old and cynical these days (I think) to really change myself much as a response to what I experience...if that makes any sense.

I am not a very creative/artistic person (microbiologist), though I've often wished I could draw out my fantasies concerning a given show, book, etc that I really enjoyed, and always really envy those who can. Instead, I tend to live vicariously through various artists who happen to also enjoy something I really enjoy. I especially love those who write comic strips about whatever I happen to be into at the time, as it sort of incorporates both visual and dialog elements as a homage to the source material.
It feels like years since they've been updated, btw.
Also, cake.
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Old 2011-10-12, 01:26   Link #4
Eater of All
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Internalize and digest it... I suppose, when I see a message or a scene I really like from an anime, I tend to talk about it in the forums and delve into the idea more by reading what other forumers have to say about it. It helps organizes the emotions and concepts involved so that it becomes more than just a fleeting feeling, and from then on, I would probably be reminded of it whenever something similar comes along.

Jotting down epic quotes, I find, is also a good way to "crystalize" that impact.
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Old 2011-10-12, 02:31   Link #5
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Age: 39
Well, it's all about the FEELINGS.

By which, this topic can be summed up in one question (and variants): How does a specific series make you feel during and after viewing?
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Old 2011-10-12, 11:16   Link #6
Senior Member
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Age: 28
Yea! It kinda makes me think that this is what cosplay is all about.

I think it's neat when one can make an anime "come more alive" by including it in their lives after the show is over, like what Kyuu is saying. Watching the show takes such a short time in comparison to the rest of the time you'll live, so making it a lasting affect would to be getting the most out of it.

I like how these ideas don't require a great talent. I tried drawing one of my favorite characters. It turned out okay, but I'm not an artist so it didn't quite satisfy my need. Maybe an answer can lie in the idea of finding or creating beauty using concepts of the particular anime.
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Old 2011-10-14, 08:18   Link #7
Join Date: Mar 2008
Location: Perth, Australia
Age: 30
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Creating signatures, avatars, and throwing around the OPs and EDs on different social networks seem to be a good way to express one's love for an anime.

For me, the best example of an anime really effecting me has to be Genshiken.

In 2008 me and a group of friends got together after all watching Genshiken, and really wanted to recreate the experience the characters had in their school club - none of us ever got to experience something like that.

So, despite already having graduated from school, we created a club from the ground up. It could be compared to a youth club now, but it started as just 7 of us in 2008, now we're still going in 2011, and though we've hit a low point right now, we're one of the most active anime clubs in my city, and probably one of the most productive things I've done, I'm quite proud of what it's become.

All of this because of Genshiken!
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Old 2011-10-14, 08:52   Link #8
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For me, a sure sign that a show has been internalized by me, is that I feel compelled to make fan-works out of it - Be it AMVs, fanfics, mash-up vids, etc...

I haven't done this with all of my favorites, but I have with most of them.

Aside from that, if I frequently talk about the anime (in a positive way) a year or more after it finished airing, then that probably means its been internalized by me.

As for achieving internalization in the first place, re-watching some or all of the show, is probably the most common way.
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Old 2011-10-14, 09:09   Link #9
Japanese Culture Fan
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Location: Planet Earth
Age: 26
I hardly rewatch anime at all, although I plan to get around to it. I usually internalize an anime by reading discussions about it on AS and MAL, MAL usually after seeing an especially entertaining episode, and AS after finishing a series. I also download fanart of the anime I enjoyed. Doing so helps me 'connect' with the show by magnifying the positive experience of watching an anime.
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Old 2011-10-16, 23:32   Link #10
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Internalize eh? We tend to internalize a particular anime (it's message) usually after watching them (the whole series).

Put it in my situation, when I watched the Clannad AS, I felt, hey, the world is a nice place where anyone can be happy but to be securing that happiness one should struggle in life, and here comes sadness but we can still be happy and it's on us on how we can be happy.

Again, in Death Note, I realize the meaning of death and life.... We tend to neglect every moment we spent in this world but when we knew that it has an ending we tend to think, "what can I do more in this life to make it worthy."

That's me and my thought...
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Old 2011-10-16, 23:35   Link #11
Om Nerabdator
Join Date: Mar 2008
Yeah i make avy/sigs and amvs of my favourite anime

It works and if the anime has a V/N of LN i get those aswell
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Old 2011-10-17, 11:11   Link #12
Senior Member
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I realize the meaning of death and life
That's cool, I try to do that too; take a message away from the anime. I remember watching FLCL and noticing how a lot of scenes take place during sun set. I started to pay more attention to that time of day and tried to measure when the sun set had the most golden appearance. I started to see the beauty in it, and also made a connection between closure and sun set. IIRC, the last scene in FLCL happened during that time of day and it makes a lot of sense to me because sun set = the end of day, closure of that day.
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Old 2011-10-18, 07:55   Link #13
Me at work
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I make vids be it mash ups or AMVs.

I've been without a proper computer for months now and it's frustrating to not be able to make all the madoka vids I have in mind.
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