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Old 2011-11-07, 21:54   Link #221
Day of the Beast
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Fourth War: Spearhead

The confrontation between Saber and Lancer (being Saber's first match in the 4th Holy Grail War) is delectable and palatable in the sense that pitting two honorable warriors against each other makes the flow of the battle uncertain but thrilling, because those two fighters are respecting each others' skills and capacities.

Lancer's not underestimating in anyway Saber, and he's not being understimated in the heat of battle.

Saber's summoning of Invisible Air is remarkedly cunning, and the quickest thought of action to take in order to keep her true identity as "King of Knights" concealed. Unfortunately, Lancer's Noble Phantasm, Gae Daerg, severs all sorts of magics that not only Invisible Air but Saber's knight armor were rendered useless.

Judging from Lancer's admonition to Saber about taking a too risky gamble by casting aside the armor, this was not a strategy setup beforehand but rather predicting Saber's next course of action by simple use of common sense.

And, when things could have turned more tense in this match, Rider literally drives his way into the heat of that match, proclaiming his presence known to both combatants astonished by such fanfare; Rider shouting out his true identity to be known his mark on this war for the excitement of conquest.
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