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Old 2011-11-03, 19:40   Link #301
claymores pimp
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Originally Posted by Ulquihorror View Post
The rules don’t allow me to vote in you again
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Old 2011-11-03, 19:43   Link #302
nani ni tatoemu
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Originally Posted by MalakTawus View Post

I only said that imo it's wrong to complain so much (like happened this month) BEFORE the raw is even out basing only on unconfirmed spoiler.
About the complaints of the actual chapter i simply think that they are exaggerated,not that they are completely wrong (in fact i even said more than one time in previos posts that Yagi could have done things a little better).....and as everyone has every right to complain about what they don't like,i have every right to disagree and give my opinion.
Of course you have that right. I think people complained early because the spoiler seemed to confirm their worst fears. Perfectly understandable, I think.

And about the "impossible" matter,you should notice that when i was talking about "impossible things" i was clearly referring to "impossible things in the real world", and that is a concept completely different than "impossible things in claymore world".
I find it quite strange that people get annoyed NOW to see that in claymore can happen things that are 100% impossible for the real world.
We are over 20 volumes,you know? And this manga is full of absurd things from the very beginning,but for some strange reason those weren't a problem before....bha....
Can't say that it was all that clear, but it's not that important anyway. (Except maybe that I think people did a bit better than just inconsiderately applying real world rules to the manga.) And like I said, these things tend to cumulate over time.
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Old 2011-11-03, 19:49   Link #303
Senior Member
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Ops...but i got it right this time! LoL

(I knew another user named yokoanna in another forum,and for some reason my brain continues to do that association,sorry )
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Old 2011-11-03, 20:49   Link #304
The Based
Join Date: Oct 2011

Yuma: Hey, why are we stopping? Why do you look so pale?
Deneve: W-Well you see-
Yuma: What's wrong Tabitha!? You look absolutely horrified!
Deneve: Let us turn back for now. We should wait for a better opportunity to attack.
Yuma: What about Miria!?
Deneve: We will always remember Miria as our beloved commander.
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Old 2011-11-03, 21:21   Link #305
Jean Claymore
Former #9
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Originally Posted by Dark Night View Post
Thanks for the summary, Jean Claymore. It's kinda sad (in a weird way) to see Dae resigned to the Organization's demise. He could have a back-up plan, but in case he doesn't, it's just strange to see him resigned to death, for if his 'masterpiece' drops by, she'll surely leave him less than whole.

And yes, Miria intending to fall on that sword is still an asspull. For some reason Yagi didn't draw that sword (check when she lands on her knees), and with the execution of the finisher, well the whole thing fell flat.
According to Dae's explanation, he implies the org has done for at the time when the current warriors decided to rebel against them.

As for Miria, yes. That panel was too poorly done for that reversal counter-attack, but I think it's not much of a concern since Yagi only missed to draw that only "miracle" sword that stabbed Hysteria's throat.

Originally Posted by Nixl View Post
@Jean, based on that translation Hysteria got stabbed in the heart? I think that is a +1 to the undying zombie theory. It is also interesting to know Hysteria memorized Miria's moves.

Miria truly had no chance in hell of winning.

Also, Mole slut T_T
*Nerves hit* Bastard... and that was one of my most wanted to hide dialogue since I just tried to "adjust" the best term for the scenario. But since you asked... isn't that the part where the heart supposed to be? I thought so since Claymores where wide enough to at least scratch the heart when stabbed in there torso piercing it through.
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Old 2011-11-03, 21:30   Link #306
Senior Member
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For all we know, the representatives of the Org on the island could have (probably would have) simply been a scientific detachment of the main forces opposing the dragonkin on the continent. The island was basically an experiment, and all a dragonkin has to do is just turn its eye in the island's direction and essentially the island will be destroyed. For all anyone knows, humans themselves could have been planted on the island centuries ago on purpose, to provide feeding grounds and a scenario for the Claymore experiments to take place. Claymores themselves were only created as competitive embryos from which a few would make the best AOs to fight the dragonkin in the real war.

The org on the island were probably indoctrinated that their existence on an experimental island could be wiped out anytime, and org representatives like Dae almost certainly have a way out of this. The only thing that people like him and Rubel would be leaving behind is an overrun base and their experimental notes.
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Old 2011-11-03, 22:36   Link #307
Join Date: Jun 2011
I wonder if there are more islands. I wouldn't be surprised if there were other islands that ran the same experiments.
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Old 2011-11-04, 00:18   Link #308
Join Date: Oct 2004
Yeah I heard a lot of jokes about island. Some people think it's just the cheap plot device. After Fist of North Stars finished the first season, they basically run out of the story. So, they invented another continent. So, they have a way to introduce another most strongest warriors we have ever seen. The "online expansion pack" doesn't matter to me, as long the story is interesting.
流麗のヒステリア Hysteria of flowing beautifully
三つ腕のリヒティ Lichty of three arms
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万有のルテーシア Lutécia of everything
塵喰いのカサンドラ Cassandra of eating dust
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Old 2011-11-04, 00:48   Link #309
Madness Through Sound
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Originally Posted by Teresa4ever View Post
Is that a new hater group? The Deneve and Helen Haters, because that is pretty damn stupid. Just like the Raki Haters.

As Claymore! said, Deneve and Helen are very important characters that shouldn't die.

And on a different note, Raki is important too.

But Helen's my fav character ...
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Old 2011-11-04, 06:53   Link #310
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All this experimental island talk is starting to give me Lost vibes.

As for Helen, she's the much-needed comic relief in the series; plus she gets her moments of cool.
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Old 2011-11-04, 08:36   Link #311
Perriah of Inquiry
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I don't want Dietrich to die. You can kill all the current org warriors and I wouldn't care. I never really liked Deneve, i think she is too arrogant and conceited and she can die anytime as I am tired of all the regeneration that she never fails to do when she's on the verge of death/awakening. She might even be better than Galatea in regeneration nowadays :|

Side note, I really like Nina's ability and look. It would be a shame for her to live without legs though.

What if the three limbless losers awaken and be AO playtoys. That would be fun.
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Old 2011-11-04, 08:55   Link #312
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She might even be better than Galatea in regeneration nowadays :|
Of course she is better than Gala at regenerating, and not just a bit, she's 100 times better.
Tbh from the very beginning of the manga (not just now) Deneve's regen ability was on a completely other level compared to any other defensive warrior,Gala doesn't come even close to that.
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Old 2011-11-04, 09:08   Link #313
Perriah of Inquiry
Join Date: Nov 2011
Location: Near the blob, using Priscilla to revive Riful
Well Galatea was number 3, the highest ranking defensive one in her generation, and she couldn't even regenerate the arm she lost to Agatha as fast as Deneve can when her arm was cut off multiple times in a row. Galatea's defensive prowess, is there any? Probably cause she seldom gets hurt, unlike Deneve.
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Old 2011-11-04, 09:23   Link #314
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Ehm,in case you have forgotten, Deneve is half awakened,Gala NO......Deneve's regeneration is NOT COMPARABLE to a normal warrior regeneration (doesn't matter the ranking),it's on a completely different level: no one can regen as fast as Deneve,the normal speed to regen a ready-for-battle arm (for example) seems to be at least one week iirc (more or less),Deneve can do it in a few seconds.......

For example do you see any other warrior capable of lengthening the arms as Helen?No.
Their body is already a bit different from the normal warriors,i thought this was pretty clear.
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Old 2011-11-04, 11:06   Link #315
Senior Member
Join Date: Jul 2009
Somehow, Roxanne's pseudoawakened form reminds me of Priscilla's. It's very tentacley.
Could it be that whatever Roxanne has turned into is not actually her awakened shape but the result of Priscilla's arm intermingling with Roxanne's youki in the same manner that the Destroyer's minion influenced Beth's AB form? Cassandra AB form does not seem to be influenced by Priscilla's yoki, maybe it also depend on the host?

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Old 2011-11-04, 11:52   Link #316
Thread Hijacker
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Originally Posted by Nixl
I just read the tags for the thread, well played Solace, well played.
? How do you figure these things out? any help?


Just caught up on all the posts since Wednesday - only thing I really want to talk about is the apparant ending on sight and the possiblitiy of the DoD's. I pretty much have zero interest in ever seeing them - if Yagi truly goes that way, then I want it as part of a seperate sequel.

It's part of the supposed death of Priscilla which Nixl brought up at one point; I go into some more detail here on both (, but as a whole....if Claymore is truly accelerating and changing as many people believe/fear, then it's really best for it too just end while it still has some resemblence to how it used to be in the past. The last thing I want is too look at the pre-timeskip chapters and post-timeskip chapters, and wonder what the hell happened -- I am not like that, but around 100 more or less appears to be where alot of people started fussing; particularly, starting with Isley's death.

That's why if Priscilla really does die, it would be best for the original story to just end -- this isn't favoritism, but she is undoubtedly one of the final original bastions that's been around since the very beginning, and while I don't agree with the idea that the whole world revolves around Claire and/or her revenge...their's no denying that's it's near the top of the biggest things going on in the story, and has to be resolved sooner or later....when it does, I just feel that perhaps the story is better off beginning to close shortly after.

I'm having trouble expressing myself here, but I think I agree with Malak; I guess, as before, what I'm trying to say is, is that I don't want the story too suddenly feel like it has a point where everything just went all wrong -- rather then just getting dragged further and further on till it's suddenly unrecognizable, let it end while it still has some of it's original semblence. That's what I'm hoping NOT to see the DoD's, or the warriors going off to the mainland or something....if that's what Yagi decides, fine, but leave it as a seperate sequel; the DoD's after all, were only a recent development themselves.


Since the discussion(s) are going in 30 different directions at once, just a few things I want to just throw out:

1) No, I don't want Helen and/or Deneve to die, but I can completely understand why it's annoying that they keep living through seemingly impossible situations. That said, I will be disappointed if somebody doesn't die....Gooral and I share the same fear that the dread and fear of death is getting more and more lightened-up by people surviving ( I'm not crazy at all when fancy wordplay and/or behind the scenes stuff gets in the way of somebody's demise -- it's something I remember seeing all too often in other dark series that got to the point that I couldn't take it seriously anymore when somebody died; because I knew I just had to wait until the next episode/chapter and something will be revealed that explained how they miraculously survived. This story does NOT need this, or at least, anymore then it already does. Yes, people are dead until we truly see them dead, but their gets a point where it gets stretched too far.

2) Yes, Dr.Deneve needs to go.

3) Where on earth are the Ghosts? And yes, it wouldn't surprise me if they just happened to show up with perfect timing to help Miria at a critical moment. I'm more hoping that they show up after everything at Staff ends, so they can stand in awe of everything they just missed. If Dae's plan however succeeds and Priscilla somehow gets involved, their's a possiblility these events won't end anytime soon however.

4) Not that I'm arguing more so against people complaining about the supposed impossibility of Miria's actions, but It feels kind of ironic that people complain that she is being protected by Yagi by doing these impossible survival tricks, when she appeared to have died not that long she is seemingly invincible and people aren't happy. Something to be noticed there. Personally, that scene got to me because it showed just how hard these guys are fighting; I got/get swept by the art and drama of the moment, and it's something I praise Yagi for....that said, I do get how having a sword in Miria's mouth feels ridiculous. People simply want things to remain serious and realistic and not rely on conventional excuses (such as, "this is just a manga, it's not real etc...") to explain things...Miria death and return, as a whole, was on one extreme spectrum, and now her super-self having a sword in her mouth, is on the other.

5) The ending supposedly in sight...I don't believe - I know it seems that alot of big things are happening, but their are too many other things still left in the air for it to just all end if the Org dies off here; far far too many... the Org's doom =/= the end of the story.

6) The revelation that all the new No.1's are going to awaken sooner or later, makes me feel less bad about Cassandra's just part of the package. That said, I still hope something good happens with that girl; she deserves it the most.

7) What the hell is an "FO"? People keep saying that over and over again.
"You know, their are as many ways to live as their are people in this world...and each one deserves a closer look."

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Old 2011-11-04, 12:11   Link #317
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Well, I cannot see the tags raging hard or huckelberries anymore, so maybe they were removed.

I do not remember where FO came from. I thought it meant Forbidden One, which was what I thought I remembered Dae or some narration calling Roxanne, Cassandra, and Hysteria. We have AB, AO, and AF, so why not FO?

Also, as said before, BEWARE THE DODs! They bring change.
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Old 2011-11-04, 12:17   Link #318
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Originally Posted by Nixl View Post
Well, I cannot see the tags raging hard or huckelberries anymore, so maybe they were removed.

I do not remember where FO came from. I thought it meant Forbidden One, which was what I thought I remembered Dae or some narration calling Roxanne, Cassandra, and Hysteria. We have AB, AO, and AF, so why not FO?

Also, as said before, BEWARE THE DODs! They bring change.
I don't even know how/where you see the tags at all -- 2 years, and I still don't get how this site works.

Thanks; people tend to come up with acronyms of all a sudden, their should be some consistancy. FO I guess makes sense, since calling them Abyssals wouldn't be completely right - one, they aren't Abyssals at all since only Isley/Riful/Luciella can truly be called Abyssals in that the Org bestowed that title, and 2, power-wise, they are hoped to be stronger then the original AO's in the first place (though that's looking less likely now, at least with Cassie).


Originally Posted by Nixl
Yuma being the Silver Surfer
Nixl, as far as I can tell, NOBODY has any problems with Yumas newfound 'coolness' . It's been a long time coming, and we've been hoping that Tabitha finally gets some as well.


Miria also, according to a few, has now shown that she is indeed a Number 1 in her own right....out of curiosity, has their been any hard evidence that Claire is the same way? She is also the other I've been saying falls into that category as well.


As for the everyone else...I suddenly have a feeling that Raki will lead, at least the ones inside, to safety...I'm not sure exactly what will happen, but especially with regards to the trainees, the best place they can be is simply put, away from here.

As for the notables: the shrimp twins, Raftela, Audrey/Rachel....perhaps, as bad as some people will take this, we are waiting until their presence reaches a point of convenience to push the story....yes, I know that's terrible, but....:/

Here's a bit of irony -- people have, and righteously in my opinion, complained that Yagi has been focusing on too many individual scenes/events/etc happening all at once, especially in cases all in a single chapter....however, when said groups of people collide and end up possibly helping eachother to survive and/or to push the story...people complain that it's all too coincidental and far-fetched and say the author is using conventional excuses or methods.

Personally, if that's how it is, I prefer the latter -- farfetched, coincidental, "asspull", call it what you will...but the story flows better in my opinion when I can focus on a few group(s) rather then many, regardless of how they affect eachother.

So what's with the Ghosts and everyone else doing while we focus on Miria/Hysteria/Roxanne/Cassandra? It's one of the two - they are either sitting around waiting "for their turn" to do something that will perhaps save someone elses life (such as Raftela suddenly using her power to help Miria, the Ghosts miraculously showing up, Audrey/Rachel suddenly helping etc), or they are doing their own thing seperately which will interrupt the flow of the battle and come off as abrupt and sudden because of it -- hell, if Claire really is seen next chapter, that will be a huge move with regards to it, because we'll be leaving the battle and everything entirely -- and it does really seem like that will happen.

With all these events going on, I suddenly wonder what happened with Raki....meaning, is he truly a hybrid or still just an ordinary human? With everything going on, that topic has been lost .
"You know, their are as many ways to live as their are people in this world...and each one deserves a closer look."

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Old 2011-11-04, 14:55   Link #319
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I've just briefing read through the leaks/spoilers and WTF, Yaga. This is heading down Psyrens' route (which is really, really sad).
.. just take a step back and go back to Clair/Robona (w/e the holy town was called..been out of touch). Hell, any setting is better compared to whats happening here, goddammit !

..going to reserve the rating until I complete reading the translated chapter (don't see it going higher than '5' though).
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Old 2011-11-04, 15:09   Link #320
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Yeah, this chapter is disappointing to say the least. Even some of the most hardcore Claymore fans were ranting on what Yagi has done. The good news is, I don't see how it can get any worse and with Clare/Priscilla reappearing next chapter should be very good at least and wipe off the bad after-taste this chapter has left (I hope).
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