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Old 2012-06-11, 11:09   Link #21
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Funny that we have not 1 but 2 Snow White movies, lol.

Is it just me, or does anyone else feel that it's hard not to think of Charlize Theron as the real Snow White? I watched the trailer, and she is soooooo pretty.
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Old 2013-10-05, 01:26   Link #22
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When 2012 came I learned of this film along with the other, Mirror Mirror, and thought to give it a try and to watch it at the cinema. Unfortunately, never got the chance to do so while it was playing at my local theater.

2012 came and went, but, fortunately, tonight finally got the chance to watch this film in full thanks to Cable Channel networks.

I'm not here to discuss about Kirsten Stewart or anything related to Twilight; go look for them in another thread.

I came here to discuss this film. You want my opinion after watching the whole movie? Well, it's not that good but is hardly bad, and I would place it as average to me.
The twist from the fairy tale here is that in this story Snowwhite becomes the quintessential destined protagonist that is put through a quest in order to rediscover her assertiveness, so that she can muster her courage and lead her followers to victory in order to vanquish the Evil Queen character once and for all.
That theme rings the same tone with other epic or high-fantasy stories featuring unskilled teens that embark in quests in order for them to grow to become destined champions that will defeat the Overlord of Darkness character in a last battle.
The film itself could have been made better since I found a few inconsistencies like, for example, they didn't explore too deeply on the relationship between Snowwhite and the Huntsman, as well as exploring with greater detail the relationship between Snowwhite and William.
There's also the tickling issue of what Snowwhite did with the mirror after she undid Ravenna. That's what bugged me towards the end of the film, unless the scriptwriters saved the mirror for the upcoming sequel.

However, I definitely like the wonders they did with the visual effects in both the Dark Woods landscape and the Sanctuary setting. The Sanctuary setting, in particular, has influences from great films like, for example, Lord of the Rings and Pan's Labyrinth.
Nevertheless, to me the most epic scene in the entire film happens when Snowwhite meets the White Stag at the clearing, simply because it's a clear nod, reference, and scream to Hayao Miyazaki's Princess Mononoke.

Overall, Snowwhite and the Huntsman is an average story adaptation from the Grimm Brother's classic fairy-tale. It pales in comparison to the 1997 best film, Snow White a Tale of Terror, starring Sigourney Weaver and Monica Keena. Although, I shouldn't compare both films since SnowWhite and the Huntsman is more of a dark fantasy, adventure movie while Snow White a Tale of Terror is a horror fantasy movie.
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