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Old 2011-11-30, 21:39   Link #1
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What are your top Romantic/Ecchi Animes?

What are your top Romantic/Ecchi Animes? and what was best about them plot, characters, setting, animation etc. please provide details
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Old 2011-12-04, 18:18   Link #2
Nina Ran Tran
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Infinite Stratos
Love Hina
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Old 2011-12-05, 12:47   Link #3
Lolli for loli :D
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Originally Posted by Nina Ran Tran View Post

How can you even suggest EIKEN!?

There's nothing romantic about it at all. It's fanservice but it's not even sexy-it's disgusting so it's actually fan-DISSERVICE.

I tend to favor series that have substance, rather than just fluff....because that's what makes them so memorable.

Sumomomo momomo Saikyou No Chikyuu Yome

All of the characters are likable, there is a lot of development, three girls are in love with the handsome and smart protagonist yet they all become friends instead of trying to kill each other which is really refreshing. The music is great. The plot is easy to follow and it gets pretty dramatic during the last six episodes. The ecchi scenes are incredibly funny are make you practically roll on the floor from laughter. The ending is not satisfying but that's okay because you can read the manga right after.


Also actually has a plot. Three girls, one guy as main characters. The guy is deemed a loser by many but he's actually really sweet and noble and because of his protective nature, each girl falls in love with him. The character designs and animation are pretty good in this one and again, the ecchi fan service aspect is quite funny. There is drama in this one too but the ending has been called "one of the best solutions to a harem ever seen".

H2O Footprints In the Sand

Based on the dating sim, it's a creative little series with a few things you've never seen before; a blind protagonist and a ghost, just to start off with. Like the previous two, there's more than one girl who wants to be with the protagonist but he actually CHOOSES a girl this time and it's a very sweet pairing. Hopefully you can handle the drama, but there's a good deal of ecchi fluff to balance it out. And all the characters are very cutely drawn.

Kyoshiro To Towa No Sora
This is sweet, cheesy over-the-top shoujo with ecchi bits sprinkled in. I've got no problem with this. Besides, everything looks PRETTY AND SPARKLY. XD

My Dear Marie
This is probably my favorite ecchi OVA ever made...and I believe it was my first introduction to the "magical girlfriend" genre. It's really funny and touching sometimes. The animation is nice but the character design may take some time getting used to (I personally love it) The dub's script is hilarious and well-done for the 90s. Good old ADV.

Kodomo No Jikan
Lolicon-haters will hate this series-it gets such a bad rep. But it's basically a child psychology class disguised as a ecchi loli anime. This makes it truly unique and fascinating and once you get sucked into the lives and very real situations the characters have to go through, there's no turning back. The writing is just simply fantastic and you'll be supporting the pairings, no matter how wrong they would be in the real world.

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Old 2011-12-05, 13:09   Link #4
Om Nerabdator
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Love hina is my favourite romance, but the anime sucks when you compare it to the manga, theres alot more story and depth in the manga, awesome ecchi scenes in the manga but the anime doesnt seem to have any

Clannad is a must, no ecchi scenes

Spice and wolf
of course but i wouldnt call it ecchi....sure theres some semi nudity in it but by the kind of story S&W has it seems like a common everyday scene.

Mamoru-kun ni Megami no Shukufuku wo Good romance and funny sucks how the main character looks like a kid though, not many ecchi scenes

Akane-Iro Ni Somaru Saka the end pairing isnt who youd expect but i love the ending, low ecchi scenes unless you include the ova then extremely high ecchi scenes lol
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Old 2012-01-30, 06:41   Link #5
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Here's my top :
Qwaser of Stigmata
Dragon Crisis!
High School DxD
C3 -Cube X Cursed X Curious-
Yosuga no Sora
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Old 2012-01-30, 14:46   Link #6
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Love Hina (The infamous Naru punch, after ecchi accident.)
School Days (Not 1, not 2, not 3, but the male lead gets almost everyone, nice boat end.)
Nogizaka no Himitsu (Best couple between a supposed otaku but not guy and an unlikely otaku girl. Perversion is almost present in each episode.)
White Album (Supporting female character takes over, male lead don't know how to decide in the end.)
Amagami SS (No further explanation as the male lead takes each girl's route accordingly.)
Yosuga no Sora (Same with Amagami SS, but this is very extreme anime of sort.)
Mashiro-Iro Symphony (The best romantic/ecchi anime of 2011.)
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Old 2012-01-30, 19:56   Link #7
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Yosuga no Sora because its both romantic and ecchi at the same time.
Amagami SS too.
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Old 2012-01-30, 21:15   Link #8
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We actually have a Suggestions Forum where lots of people have provided lots of recommendations about romance/ecchi shows (right on the front page you'll find a whole lot of topics), so I think it's best to check out those threads to get an idea of what everyone's favourites are. I'm going to lock this thread.
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