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Old 2011-12-20, 21:46   Link #1
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Magical Princess Minky Momo (125 episodes + 4 OVAs)

I just discovered a very interesting set of shows!


When I searched for "minky" in thread titles, all I found was this torrent submission, which means that these 3 trackers are lacking a forum for discussing the anime, so I think that would be good to make here!

D.O.M.O. has done 5 out of the original 63 episodes from 1982, unfortunately they don't seem to be ordlerly. I am not sure if the series is 1-shot enough to enjoy like that, or if it would confuse the story. They have done 26, 29, 33, 35 and 36.

I can not find the OVAs from 85/87 which were titled "La Ronde in my Dream" and "Hitomi no Seiza Minky Momo SONG Special" listed on Nyaa.

DOMO also did 1 of the episodes from the sequel series in 1991 (subtitled Yume o Dakishimete, or Hold on to Your Dreams). They only did episode 53 out of 62, but I guess it's better than nothing if we want to get a taste of it. I believe this is what inactive links to on at

The 1993 OVA "The Bridge Over Dreams" appears to have been done by Honobono. We do not list the 1994 OVA "The Station of Your Memories"

So, it seems a few groups have taken a stab at this series, and I thought to look further for it. I found some additional content on Nyaa which may help to supplement this, although I have not downloaded it and cannot attest to the quality.

ARR did a Mahou no Tenshi Creamy Mami vs Mahou no Princess Minky Momo, I am not sure what it means, almost sounds like an AMV, but perhaps it is a crossover story? a similarly titled file called "creamy mamy vs minky momo ova Gekijou no Daikessen" indicates this.

Anonymous/Ribon did episodes 1-8. I am not sure if this refers to the first or second series.

I found two files uploaded by Anonymous and attributed to "Okonomi Studio" which seems to fill in some gaps:
*Yume_no_Naka_no_Rondo the first missing OVA from 85
*The Station of Your Memories, the last/fourth OVA from 94.

The last missing OVA, the 2nd one from 87, Hitomi no Seiza, is also added by an Anon and not tagged with any group.

I'm going to get around to watching these and hopefully I'll be able to tell what series the 8 are for, and I guess review the OVAs and odd episodes.

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Old 2014-01-03, 09:06   Link #2
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Only just saw this thread, thought I'd share an experience.

Years ago, sometime in the late '90s, I was at a convention where they showed a double-bill of "Bridge Over Dreams" and "Station of Your Memories". This was back when the video programme was still a major part of conventions. It was shown in one of the smaller video rooms that was running a shoujo stream . There were about a dozen people in the audience. After a few minutes the only female member left. I don't think it was what she expected. It wasn't what I expected either. At the end of the double-bill I noticed that several members of the audience, also, apparently, the gopher in charge of the video, were surreptitiously wiping tears from their eyes. I was one of them. In fact I stayed for an episode of "Sailor Moon", which I had not intended to watch and which I did not take in at all, before I could leave the room and walk through the corridors of the hotel without embarrassing myself.

"Station of Your Memories" can be, if the viewer has a certain amount of life experience, highly moving. "Bridge Over Dreams" is, in my opinion, a work of art. In nineteen years as a fan, I can count the number of anime I would say that about on the fingers of one hand.
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Old 2015-09-07, 02:09   Link #3
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I guess I just wonder if I could enjoy those films without having seen the TV series to establish a link to the character
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Old 2016-08-27, 20:22   Link #4
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Thank you so much for this thread!

Originally Posted by tyciol View Post
I guess I just wonder if I could enjoy those films without having seen the TV series to establish a link to the character
Bridge Over Dreams is effectively standalone and can be enjoyed without any problems, though there might be a bit more value in it if you had seen either of the TV series first.

Station of Your Memories, on the other hand, requires you to have just a little prior knowledge on the second series (Hold on to Your Dreams) to understand a few things. Reading TV Tropes' spoiler-free description is a great help in this case.

These OVAs quickly became some of my favourite anime ever, and I've been into anime for half a decade now. Such a shame the series isn't subbed, but the Japanese is pretty basic most of the time anyway, so RAWs shouldn't be too much of a problem.

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