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Old 2011-12-21, 00:34   Link #1
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romantic anime series with more than holding hands???

I'm not going to lie, I'm new to the whole watching anime! I fell in love with it! But I keep watching the same type of shows.. romance, without the romance. They act like they are in grade school, barely even holding hands. Being in college I want more, but not porn. I watched Eden of the East and really enjoyed it, but wished there was more romance! I want there to be kissing and possibly more , without it being porn. Any suggestions?? I have netflix, and could look them up online!
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Old 2011-12-21, 01:03   Link #2
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Onegai Teacher
Kare Kano
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Old 2011-12-21, 01:28   Link #3
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Amagami SS
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Old 2011-12-21, 01:59   Link #4
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Yosuga no Sora
School Days (sort of )
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Old 2011-12-21, 02:19   Link #5
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The two that come to mind most immediately are:

Amagami SS - for sure


Kare Kano - is also very good (and very funny at times)
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Old 2011-12-21, 04:00   Link #6
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There's also ef - a tale of memories.
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Old 2011-12-21, 04:16   Link #7
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Sounds like you're looking for Itazura na Kiss. It's a rom-com but is set apart from (all) it's piers in how far into the relationship of the main couple it delves (the whole way).
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Old 2011-12-21, 07:34   Link #8
reading #hikaributts
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Mashiro iro Symphony
Toradora (at the end though)

I second EF a tale of memories and EF a tale of melodies
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Old 2011-12-21, 08:25   Link #9
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Do you want series to be purely about romance or it can have other things going on?

If just romance then you should try Kami nomi zo Shiru Sekai, Kissing in almost every episode. Very funny series too and kind of unique.

Suzuka is another choice where things go further than just hand holding. As far as I know, manga takes it even more further than anime.

Romeo + Juliet is an obvious choice too.
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Old 2011-12-21, 08:29   Link #10
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I shall rectify your issue of lacking of romance

First of all, i would totally warn you about School Days: you will get to hate the main character, and the end is just horrible and might screw you. I think you should totally avoid this title or at least be prepared and not expect anything good out of it. If it wasn't for that, what it provides totally fits your request. Sadly it's exactly for "that" that this anime is a bit fucked up.

Animes where they do more than holding hands? Ok, here it comes, a little ongoing 3seasoned present for you:
Zero no Tsukaima: It's about a boy who gets summoned by a female mage in another fantasy world by mistake. Actually, this will be clarified later on during the story. Anyways, the boy, Saito, gets summoned as Luise(the female mage)'s familiar. Usually familiars are fantasy creatures, dragons, other animals, and she got an human. That boy will have to fight together with Luise against the bad guys, while their relationship gets developed more and more. Nearing the end of the first season, you'll get one of the maximum moments of romance. After you finish watching the first season, you'll most likely feel the need to watch the other seasons, which contain more romance.

PS: the first episode even provides a kiss lol, but that's not much of a spoiler, and you'll understand why. Later on will be different, don't worry. Also, the story is full of other hot girls that will eventually tease the boy, providing episodes of jealousy. I totally suggest you this title.

There are currently 3 seasons of this anime, with the 4th incoming. Don't worry about it, because the story doesn't really get that mutilated.

I also totally suggest you Onegai Teacher and Onegai Twins. They do provide kisses and a bit some more. I loved them, they are topping my classific.

Seconding Amagami SS aswell, which got a school background, with a normal plot and more developments. The only bad side of this anime is that since it's made of several arcs (Since it's taken from a VN, there is a parallel story for each girl, and every girl's arc lasts only 4 episodes)

Same goes for Yosuga no sora, which contains way more than kisses tho.

Another title that comes to my mind is Princess lover, which contains much ecchi and kisses. I don't remember much tho of this anime. I remember it had awesome graphic, and was a very enjoyable show.

Mayoi Chiki contains kisses, tits grabbing and teasing, but don't get fooled by my words. The plot is actually a bit more "serious". Those are only some characteristics. It's about a boy who discovers that the butler of a schoolmate(who is a rich girl) is instead a girl. The boy has to keep it secret while the girl has to heal the boy from a particular disease: when he gets touched by a girl he nosebleeds. Enjoyable show.

I really loved Toradora, since it provides a normal story, with lots of romance and a good ending. Sadly for your request, the kissing part really comes the last episodes, and the anime is made of 26 episodes. Still, i'd suggest you watch it anyway, because the story will carry you on; i'm sure you can endure it up to the last episode and be rewarded.

Hidan no Aria is another good action story, kinda settled at a school. It provides kisses, a very good graphic, enjoyable and always interesting plot. It will definitely suit your tastes, imo.

And now, a title that i got to know for pure casuality: KissxSis. I would and wouldn't define it a romance for many reasons, but it surely provides WAY MORE than kisses. And the kisses themselves are like hot like hell lol. Ok so, the story is pretty simple, light, no fights, blood, and other gruesome shit. Just a boy who lives with his not blood related twin sisters. Since they aren't really blood-related, the sisters always tease the boy with kisses and other sexy games. There are two different shows, KissxSis TV and KissxSis OVA. Both the OVA and the TV show follow the manga, but in a different way. There is no real order, but i suggest you watch first the TV show and then the OVA(which contains growing sexy moments).

I can fucking assure you that you won't be disappointed, and even if you don't get your romance story, you'll be nonetheless end up pleased. It's not a porn or hentai, and you barely happen to see naked body, but once again, it provided me more. You can only understand by watching it, really. I rated this my favorite.

Ok, i suggested you all the titles that i rated above 9.5/10 in my own classific, since i was looking aswell for romance like you, not so long ago (and still i am), so i would go safe on those. Here is the link of a topic where i was requesting this kind of anime, it might provide you other ideas while this is the list of the romance/ecchi animes i watched so far, with my rating near them:
Spoiler for LIST:

PS: i suggested you only the titles that actually contains kisses and more. There are several awesome romances that just end up with a kiss and nothing more.
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Old 2011-12-21, 08:38   Link #11
AS Oji-kun
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The romance takes quite a while to develop in Nodame Cantabile, but by the sequels it fits your request. All the characters are college-aged.

I'll second REC as well.
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Old 2011-12-21, 11:58   Link #12
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Warning on Yosuga No Sora Though, its hentai or borderline at the end of each arc.
Spice And Wolf*
DN Angel
Clannad And Clannad Afterstory - Recommended*
Maison Ikkoku- a bit of a oldy though a masterpiece in romance.*
Please Teacher
Mayo Chiki
Myself Yourself
Hoshizora e Kakaru Hashi
Amagami SS*
True Tears*
Hanbun No Tsuki Ga Noboru Sora
Zero No Tsukaima
White Album
Crescent Love

*I highly Recommend

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Old 2011-12-21, 12:10   Link #13
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Ah yeh, Mayo Chiki is a good choice. Totally forgot about it!
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Old 2011-12-21, 18:04   Link #14
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Originally Posted by O.D. View Post
School Days (sort of )
Are you trying to get this guy's head f'ed up?

Anyway, I'd recommend Steins;Gate (especially the end) and Nogizaka Haruka no Himitsu
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Old 2011-12-24, 13:59   Link #15
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If you don't mind manga, I recommend Futari Ecchi (also has an OAV if you can find it). It's dangerously close to porn though. Heck in fact it is porn. But it's romantic. Sort of.
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Old 2011-12-25, 11:05   Link #16
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Hello, kitty5828. Are you reading this thread you started?
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Old 2012-01-03, 23:58   Link #17
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Originally Posted by jedinat View Post
I'll second Onegai Teacher and REC
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Old 2012-01-04, 00:11   Link #18
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ParadiseKiss is what your looking for...An actual young adult relationship with all the ups and downs...Curious enuff it was one of the first ever romantic anime where the guy games the chick and is never bowing down to her, or lacking the ability to tell her what's on his mind...

Futari Ecchi is bold, but probably the realist look into the private lives of a young married couple in all of anime, it's good (In a pure relationship way), but it is what it is, and it is that^^...

Kare Kano ofcourse...What's great about this show, is that it's by far the most artistically creative romantic comedy ever to be made IMO...

No KGNE suggestions? Am I in an alternate universe?
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Old 2012-01-04, 10:00   Link #19
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Originally Posted by wingdarkness View Post
ParadiseKiss is what your looking for...An actual young adult relationship with all the ups and downs...Curious enuff it was one of the first ever romantic anime where the guy games the chick and is never bowing down to her, or lacking the ability to tell her what's on his mind...
No KGNE suggestions? Am I in an alternate universe?
I second Kiminozo, even if it a bit strong in drama compartment, in respect to the titles i've read in this 3D.
I add, seconding ParadiseKiss, Nana, funny, good romance and nice music.

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Old 2012-01-04, 10:28   Link #20
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The OP has visited AnimeSuki just once, and that was to post this request. You're all welcome to continue discussing the topic, but I doubt the OP will be reading your thoughts.
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