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9 out of 10 : Excellent 20 25.32%
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7 out of 10 : Good 13 16.46%
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5 out of 10 : Below Average 5 6.33%
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Old 2011-12-22, 20:09   Link #41
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Originally Posted by endarion88 View Post
but in the end the next episode is 2 or 4 week from now?
Well acording to monir episode 12 airs on January 19, which is four weeks from now.
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Old 2011-12-22, 20:24   Link #42
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Originally Posted by Makender View Post
It's still annoying nevertheless because these people all but abandon him and then expect Shu to save them? That's the epitome of pretension.
Except, it's the other way around. He abandoned them ast episode and Gai accepted his quitting. And to be honest, only Gai and Ayase knows that he quit, everyone else clearly, and rightfully, felt like he had abonded them.

Set by TheEroKing.
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Old 2011-12-22, 20:32   Link #43
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Originally Posted by Shinji103 View Post
Well acording to monir episode 12 airs on January 19, which is four weeks from now.
This is worse than the wait for Madoka ep 11 and 12 considering that GC still has 10 eps to go.
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Old 2011-12-22, 20:40   Link #44
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Originally Posted by Cloudy View Post
This is worse than the wait for Madoka ep 11 and 12 considering that GC still has 10 eps to go.
At least its not endless eight ...
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Old 2011-12-22, 21:15   Link #45
The Last Frontier
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Originally Posted by DmonHiro View Post
I don't get why people keep talking about that scene where Tsugumi blames Shuu. She's obviously NOT blaming Shuu, she's basically begging him to come help them. At least that's how it seems to me. It was basically "It's your fault for not coming to save us".

Also, you have no idea how glad I am not see that Yahiro doesn't blame Shuu for Jun's death. In 99% of anime, the MC would be blamed regardless of the circumstances. But Yahiro knows that Shuu had no choice and that it wasn't his fault.
Lol, saying it's your fault is pretty much blaming the guy -_-.

As for Shu abandoning them, let's face it, you don't bring people currently suffering from trauma into a warzone. What were they expecting to be able to do with him?
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Old 2011-12-22, 21:25   Link #46
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Originally Posted by hero147 View Post
Wow, isn't it a bit soon for the shit to hit the fan halfway into the series?
Actually, that is pretty traditional. Check out Witch Hunter Robin for another example of that.
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Old 2011-12-22, 21:36   Link #47
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Sheryl is that you? Nothing here surprises me. Its so predictable and cliche.
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Old 2011-12-22, 21:42   Link #48
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Originally Posted by .:Jason:. View Post
Except, it's the other way around. He abandoned them ast episode and Gai accepted his quitting. And to be honest, only Gai and Ayase knows that he quit, everyone else clearly, and rightfully, felt like he had abonded them.
We can argue who abandoned who (Shu saying he wants out, Gai and others pushing him away in his time of need), but the fact remains that FP essentially pushed everything on Shu and then cap it off with saying its all his fault when everything falls to shit when he's not even expected to be there to begin with. Is Shu the sole reason they failed? Can they not shoulder any of the blame? Can they not function without Shu? Can they not plan around his absence? What did they do pre-Shu? Why am asking so many questions?

Bottom line: putting all the blame on a guy not even involved in the mission is a pretty bullshitty thing to do.
Courage is not the absence of fear. It is the knowledge of what to be and not to be afraid of.

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Old 2011-12-22, 21:49   Link #49
Cinderella Gang or Die
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Man, if this show turns into "oh man gotta save Inori for the last half" then meh.

Still enjoyed this episode, though.
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Old 2011-12-22, 22:01   Link #50
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Originally Posted by Makender View Post
Bottom line: putting all the blame on a guy not even involved in the mission is a pretty bullshitty thing to do.
More like "putting all the blame on a obviously mentally disturbed guy not even involved in the mission is a pretty bullshitty thing to do."

Sorry, you don't bring people who is currently in PTSD from seeing a terrorist attack done on Christmas day years ago to a battlefield.
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Old 2011-12-22, 22:02   Link #51
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Dan really redeemed himself this episode. I had thought that he was just a grinning idiot, but it turns out that he had principles, just happened to be on the wrong side.

Another Void user shows up. Whose side is he on, if any? If the AntiBodies had him all along, they would have used him before now.

Daryl finally goes ballistic, and it's just as planned, and he gets wrecked again. I'm actually feeling bad for this guy.

Having Inori kidnapped and Gai slashed with her Void is typically post-ED content. The ED really should have been skipped since it's the same as the insert.
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Old 2011-12-22, 22:03   Link #52
Guess what time it is?
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There is so much unintentional comedy in this show that I just can't help but love its pure kitsch charm. Special mention goes to Daryl for murdering his birthday-forgetting dad with a giant robot, Gai for squeezing in yet another three or four "no, seriously, I'm really going to die this time, no foolsies" moments, Inori for curing cancer with multitrack vocals and a drum machine, and Shu going through classmates like his own personal arsenal.


I will miss Dan. Gai has been death-teasing since episode 3 or so. At this point he's like Hyatt from Excel Saga: I'll believe he's gone when the series ends, and he hasn't popped back up.

I know this may not be the reaction that the staff was going for, and I am doubt I'm in the majority with my views, but I've gotta say I still find it really entertaining. I impotently shake my fist at the hiatus! Anime needs more "Big dumb fun" sci-fi like GC.
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Old 2011-12-22, 22:08   Link #53
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Sympathetic Vibration

Seriously, I could care less about Daryl Yan's issues with his mysophobia or with his father.

People have given lots of complaints about Shu, and they're in their right to do so.
Nevertheless, I'm facing it that to me Daryl Yan has been the most boring and wooden character during the course of this run and a jerk to finish; somebody, or anybody please pull him out of his misery, or better yet, somebody just kill him as fodder and remove his pressence from the story.

This is going to be a four-week wait until episode 12 comes to find out what happened at the end of what could be an apocalyptic-potential cliffhanger.

I still don't get the part about the King and his throne in the literal and philosophical context, but the part about "Guilty" pretty much been explained by Shu toward his fellow classmates regarding his blame and relunctance at peeking inside their feelings without permission as a must-do to draw their Voids.

BTW, I'm also pretty much angry about Funeral Parlor having to count on Gai, and Shu, to have their hides saved, and when Shu didn't come for that mission Tsugumi, out of all funerals, backlashed him for his cowardice.
Like somebody else pointed out, Shu was still traumatized from the previous events with what he had to do for Jun, and there was no one he could rely to express his guilt and remorse.

Things needed but, at the same time, dislikeable about human nature is that we cannot stop ourselves from believing even if it's disbelief, as well. And carry our expectations and course of choices based on those beliefs.

I feel that except for Inori and Gai, the rest of the Funerals expect too highly from Shu to use his power and have the tables turned on the enemy at every mission.
I feel as well the same is also applied on Gai to be always the leader there and there who'll guide them towards victory.

Shu goes to do what he believes he can do, and so do Gai, that's my POV.

Now on to more pressing matters, this staged coup and cover-up proves to me that Keido and his mystery benefactor, revealing himself towards the end while Inori had lowered her guard, finally let out their true colors and Segai's involved with them just to make the mix worse.

What is Inori really? Because her soothing song (being actually the ED theme) reversed the effects of the dissonant melody that Keido played to activate the fragment, and her song was able to reverse the Apocalyptic condition off Gai and the rest of the surrounding populace to an extent.

And, both Gai and Keido mentioned Mana.
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Old 2011-12-22, 23:04   Link #54
Nekokota Festival
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Finely Shu maned up and wow that is a tonka tough humvee
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Old 2011-12-22, 23:05   Link #55
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Haruka, Hare and the rest of the girls are still alive so that's always good

10/10 for this
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Old 2011-12-22, 23:14   Link #56
Classics never age
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Spoiler for It was about damn time!:

but... no more lulzy-emo-Shu? ah, that's too bad... at least, I got my fair share of laughs at the quasi-orgasm scenes.
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Old 2011-12-22, 23:22   Link #57
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Forget about blaming Shu or who left who: 11 episodes in and I still don't understand why he is even in Funeral Parlor. Am I the only one who thought his given reason was half assed? "They give me purpose", but he never even responds to the allegation that they are a terrorist organization. Not even so much as a "You've got it wrong, they're the good guys".

Everyone's just like "lol okay that's fine use my void for your own personal satisfaction bro!"
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Old 2011-12-23, 00:22   Link #58
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11 eps in and I still don't know why FP even exists, considering that there isn't widespread discrimination against the japanese like there was in code geass.
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Old 2011-12-23, 00:48   Link #59
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My views are similar to ThereminVox's.

I think a good way to break down Guilty Crown is Heart, Brain, and Spectacle.

Heart = Characterization, how much you like the characters, emotional investment.

Brain = Plot coherency, character choices making sense in context, the viewer "getting" what's going on. Suspension of disbelief being maintained.

Spectacle = How nice the anime looks and sounds. For an action-oriented show like this, exciting action scenes with lots of explosions and dramatic visuals.

Of the three, Guilty Crown has almost always had great "Spectacle", but was sadly lacking on "Heart" and "Brain". It still lacks in "Brain", but this episode gave the show some much-overdo "Heart".

With Hare's heartwarming support, Shu starts to truly open up, man up, and earn the support of his closest classmates, and to paraphrase Frank Sinatra, he did it his way. Oh, the context for this all is very silly, but I still can't help but find it to be a really entertaining, dramatic, and uplifting series of scenes to watch. One of the clearest cases of Narm Charm that I've ever seen in anime, at least for me personally.

Dan Eagleman wasn't just a bad guy! Justsomeguy is right about him: He's a soldier with principles that just happened to be on the wrong side. Him punching "Scarface" was great to see. An epic moment amongst many in this episode.

The Anti-Bodies were a shady sub-organization engaging in horrible acts that the wider GHQ had no clue about. You want some moral ambiguity? Well, maybe we have some here. Dan Eagleman may simply be the tip of the "kept in the dark" iceberg here.

Gai isn't infallible. The guy can screw up sometimes. The Undertakers are beatable.

Conversely, the main "mastermind" villains of the work took a massive step forward this episode and the last. They're no longer a bunch of facepalm-worthy pushovers. Now they're far from it, as they finally came across as really credible threats here.

Shu's not the only one with "hax" powers. Finally, an antagonist that can challenge him at his own game! Hopefully this will lead into much more interesting conflicts for Shu in the second half of the anime.

And while I'll admit that the "Narm Charm" thrill ride might have been a factor in all of this (i.e. in getting me to just enjoy the ride, and not think about it too much), I have to say that I personally was pleasantly surprised by the twist at the end of the episode. I can certainly understand how others may have found that unexciting, but as for myself, I found it to be a great cliffhanger. Just when I thought Shu/Inori was going to achieve a half-way happy end of sorts, an antagonist pops in seemingly out of nowhere to steal all of Shu's thunder and turn the game around again.

So what we're seeing here, I think, is all of the "Spectacle" of this show getting a "Heart" to go along with it, and I think that makes a huge difference. At least now this anime has succeeded in gaining my full emotional investment. But I will admit that Guilty Crown's "Brain" leaves much to be desired.

Still, like ThereminVox, I thoroughly enjoyed the "Big dumb fun" of it all. As long as it keeps giving me a reason to like and care about the characters, I'm content with that "Big dumb fun" approach.

Excellent way to end off the First half of this anime, imo.
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Old 2011-12-23, 00:50   Link #60
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Alright, this was one amazing episode. The Anti Bodies take over GHQ, Shu stops intimating Gai and be himself and get's his friends help to attack the airport and rescue Inori and the others. And what a cliffhanger! 10 out of 10!

PS: Eagleman, you will be miss! T_T
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