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Might as well wait for the chapter, it'll probs be out in less than 7 hours.
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First new thread of the new year is here, folks.
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Originally Posted by noktown View Post
So many people think that "Emperor" is like God,which you can't touch unless you reach the "x" point in that person's mind.

What's the difference in power between an Admiral and Emperor ?Is there an actual difference ?This is no DBZ,you don't know how they achieved their title,while I'm sure they are strong,you don't know for a fact how strong they are,there might be schichibukais that are stronger than her,so Luffy defeated already 2 shichibukas,does that mean he can take on every other shichibukai ?Definitely not as we have seen.
Everyone keeps talking about luffy fighting big mom next, and arguing about whether or not hes strong enough, has anyone thought that she's the next big enemy but won't fight till the last couple chapters of a straw hat vs big mom crew arc? I think that luffy and his crew will power up and get stronger fighting her allies and other crew members( like the two she sent to fishman island), and in these fights luffy will finally master his haki and the rest of his crew will get stronger as they can also use these fights to refine their abilities BEFORE they face big mom and the strongest fighters in her crew, then maybe at the end, after the whole crew gets stronger fighting her forces, then luffy beats her, or at least fights her on an equal footing, plus by that time jinbei may be in his crew, or maybe even aokiji(its a long shot, but he does seem to like luffy and hate sakazuki)
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