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Old 2011-11-20, 11:16   Link #61
Lost at Sea
Join Date: Mar 2010
I highly recommend this anime. It is unlike any show I know. A high school drama, but with drugs, suicide, madness, and depraved family relationships, all expressed in an intensity of passion that is almost manic--and yet the show never thinks of itself as other than a normal high school drama! And it isn't, really. What a strange piece of work!
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Old 2012-03-21, 02:05   Link #62
Join Date: Sep 2006
W. T. and a large side order of F! I had to check the calendar just to make sure it wasn't April 1st.

Okazu: This is not rumor and I have done some due diligence, and this appears to be actually legit: Oniisama E, (Dear Brother) Ryoko Ikeda's classic high school drama...has been licensed by streaming site ViKi.

ANN: All 39 episodes of Oniisama E... and all 12 episodes of the Master of Epic anime are available on Viki. This is the first time that the television anime series have been licensed for distribution in North America.


Never even heard of ViKi before today.
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Old 2012-05-05, 00:46   Link #63
Junior Member
Join Date: May 2012
Unbelievable news! I signed up *just* to comment on this post. I had begun to despair that I would ever see the final few tapes of the series, especially since DESPA disappeared and Barbara hasn't returned emails in years. I just randomly decided to search and see if anyone else was working on a fansub tonight for some reason, not really thinking it would actually be happening.

Streaming isn't ideal - I'd much rather have my own copies that I can archive and make sure I never lose. But this is so much better than nothing.

Best. News. Ever.
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Old 2016-03-02, 19:19   Link #64
Join Date: Nov 2004
Hoping someone can help me,

I've been out of touch (school, work, out of the continent for a few years, etc) from anime fandom for a while, and only now learned that one of my favourite series, Dear Brother (Oniisama E) was released in three box sets by a crowdfunded program over the past few years.

It seems that copies, especially of box set three are now impossible to find. Can anyone help with places still selling it, etc?

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