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Old 2012-04-28, 12:04   Link #141
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Originally Posted by NightbatŪ View Post
That's why I usually associate easier with the a-hole/blunt/don'tgiveacrap kind of people then those that are 'first impression' friendly/considerate/charming

I'm not saying friendly people are by definition selfcentered or manipulative
It's just that the grumpy/rough people already introduce you to the 'lesser qualities' very person has
(there is ofcourse a limit to how much of an A-hole a person is that I will/want to associate with them)
It's pretty simple, pretty obvious: that people's first impressions of people are really a big mistake. -Vincent D'Onofrio
I understand your viewpoint. I myself find it easier to associate with people who don't care about first impressions. Unless you know the person under that 'first impression' presentation.

Edit: About your friend Hera, it's quite a difficult situation in my personal experience. Since that typically happens with me. I just let things take course, and see if B eventually loses interest in K. Since if you do anything regarding any of them, it will just make you the villain. That's just how I handle situations though, someone else might have a better answer. I can see that you're a very good friend to worry about B being manipulated. Yet, I would just wait, and if something bad happens with B concerning K. Then I would give B a hand in handling the situation.

You can also throw in some talks about K, and go subtle in revealing to B that he could possibly be manipulated. I know a girl in my school that was manipulated into a relationship with someone "proposing" to her which made her really happy. Then the guy said under his breath one day "She's really annoying the crap out of me." which really hurt her when a friend told her that. So I just gave subtle advice, and let her decide what to do.

Someone else might have better advice then me though.

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Old 2012-04-29, 04:08   Link #142
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There are no guarantees that you can convince your friend of the true nature of this woman. This is particularly true if he is the sort of person that wants to see the good in everyone. If you try to press your case too hard it can easily backfire with the guy believing your are jealous. If you want to warn him then best to choose your words wisely and try making it non-confrontation/personal but be warned there is a good chance it will not work. Often with these things the person has got to find it out on their own. Let's hope he is intelligent enough to see through her manipulations.
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