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Old 2012-02-25, 15:14   Link #181
Trapped in a Logic Error
Join Date: Dec 2009
What I want to know is why the videos work for a large number of people but then for a select few it crashes the whole game. Could it be that it's the type of video plugins installed the computer?
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Old 2012-03-25, 02:52   Link #182
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Ok, I had already read through Witches and Woodlands (twice) before the final patch was released, so I just got around to finishing it again now, and I must say...

Jan-Poo, you are a genius. Though I am sure I will regret staying up til 4 AM to read this, the ???? Tea Party alone just made my entire weekend XD

So thanks for all the work you've put into it over the years, it was absolutely fantastic
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Old 2012-04-20, 11:42   Link #183
Join Date: Apr 2011
I have a problem. I'm trying my hand at making some Umineko fan fiction, but the coding is proving quite difficult.

I basically want to have EP8 full cast in the character tips screen available from the beginning, and add a completely new meta character later.

Following Kinjo's tutorial, I made the following tweaks to the script:

Spoiler for length:

but then I got oh-so-lost. If I call
mov %play_scene,123456
ONScripter crashes when I open the tips menu, saying

Spoiler for error:

I... I just can't understand how this code hell works. Can someone put me on the right track, please?
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Old 2012-04-20, 12:30   Link #184
Endless Witch-Doctor
Join Date: Mar 2010
Did you define "new"?

Spoiler for code:

Somewhere in that wall of code you need to put:

Spoiler for code:

or else the code won't recognize that you've added a new variable into the system. Also, I'd recommend calling it ma5_new just to specify that it's a Meta-world character, since you're apparently adding it into the Meta-world Tips Menu.
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Old 2012-04-20, 13:52   Link #185
Join Date: Apr 2011
Thanks, I added that line. Now it doesn't crash anymore, but there are still some problems:
edit: scratch that fist point, I'm dumb. i was using JanPoo's piece of script instead of the EP8 one.

Furthermore, when I use my function
mov %play_scene,12345
(which has basically the same content as %play_scene,80000 plus the line for my character)and go to the tips, the game freezes.

I can't understand what I'm doing wrong, since I think I'm just copying the very EP8 original code over.

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Old 2012-04-20, 14:11   Link #186
Endless Witch-Doctor
Join Date: Mar 2010
(Looks like you solved the first problem)

Did you put "if %play_scene = 12345 gosub *new_char" under *rmenu_main_ep5_2 or *rmenu_main_ep5?

It should be under ep5_2, or else it's going to activate when you're on the human side of the Tips (which means it essentially won't do anything on the Meta side).

Also, what's this "if %play_scene > 12345 mov %varx,0" supposed to do? That might be causing the freezing.
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Old 2012-04-20, 14:25   Link #187
Join Date: Apr 2011
Yup, it's under ep5_2. Sadly, deleting that last line you mentioned didn't stop the freeze.
I think I corrected something along the way:
if %r_hyouji_cha_ma = ma5_new : gosub *r_cha_new
was under *r_cha_hyouji_ep5 instead of *r_cha_hyouji_ep5_2.
Turns out it freezes anyway. Could it be overlaying with another character? I don't yet know how to set the x,y position of the little button.
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Old 2012-04-20, 14:59   Link #188
Endless Witch-Doctor
Join Date: Mar 2010
It could be overlapping.

To change the x/y coordinates, go to *bt_ep8_2_def
Spoiler for code:

But overlapping shouldn't freeze the game. It'd probably be something like an infinite loop causing it to freeze, so check for those. Also, does it freeze when you open the tips (and on which side?), or when you click on the new character? That should narrow down the places in the code you'll need to look to find the problem.
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Old 2012-04-20, 17:27   Link #189
Join Date: Apr 2011
Mmh, I think I made *some* progress. Now the human side shows correctly, but the meta side has an awkward behaviour. If I click on lambda, it shows Bern's sprite; if I click on the one winged crest it shows Dlanor; and so on.

Spoiler for pic:

I'm using JanPoo's script as a base (I really don't think I will make this test stuff public, don't worry about code stealing!).
I'm sorry I'm taking so much of your time.

Edit: I successfully recreated the error by commenting and uncommenting this line - seems to be the cause of my issue:
numalias ma5_new,%1 : inc %1

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Old 2012-04-20, 18:12   Link #190
Senior Member
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RedKey: One other thing about that code:

numalias ma5_ENJ,%1
numalias ma5_EN2,%1
numalias ma5_BB,%1
numalias ma5_wr,%1
numalias ma5_EV2,%1
%ma5_ENJ, %ma5_EN2, %ma5_BB, %ma5_BB, and so on, will all be the same. You probably want an "inc %1" after each.
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Old 2012-04-20, 18:36   Link #191
Join Date: Apr 2011
Seems like that numalias was indeed the problem.
Now everything seems to work. Thanks, everyone!!
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Old 2012-04-24, 06:49   Link #192
Join Date: Jul 2007
Location: forever lost inside a logic error
The right click menu is one of the most confusing part of the code, it took me a long while before I could figure it out completely, and I still don't understand some parts.

Anyway I'm glad that you managed to fix it (I'm a bit late it seems), but I don't think it was a good idea to use my code as a base, as I said in my first post in this page. It's not because I claim the rights on it or anything, not at all, I really don't mind, it's because I made severe cuts in the original code in order to ease the burden and to fix some problems.
Those missing codes are not used in my project but they might be needed in yours.

I think the problem lies in some sort of cap of the sprite aliases, I've never really found out where but I did notice bugs and errors when I increased the number of defined aliases.

I think that's the reason why 07th Expansion disabled unused sprite aliases in EP5 and ultimately rewrote the code in EP6.

I fixed the problem by running an automated script that gave me a list of all the sprites I used in my project, then I completely deleted the original aliases list and replaced it with mine. It was the fastest way for me, but that means a lot of aliases were deleted in the process. Be mindful of that.

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Old 2012-04-24, 10:28   Link #193
Join Date: Apr 2011
Actually, I preferred your script over the EP8 one for two main reasons: the first is, it's clean, light, and contains some valuable examples for various effects in the main story code. The second is, I just can't get custom sprites to work in the latest official version. Even if I had to add back some deleted aliases for Lambda, Will or Lion, the syntax you used was still much simpler for me to understand.
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Old 2012-04-24, 10:44   Link #194
Join Date: May 2009
Well, there are going to be several reasons for that. For one, there's the whole issue of translation and the fact that there are 4 full episodes in there (and based on the 4 full episodes of WTC3), which causes a lot of clutter and last-second additions. For another, how to put this nicely... Jan-Poo is a lot better at organizing his script than 07th Expansion. Also he's got a framework already set up to add custom sprites (since he's using them), which will probably make it more likely to work properly, as you said.

The script language doesn't have to be complicated, but like all [pseudo-]code, it ends up being about as complex as your ability to remain organized as a coder/scripter allows. My stuff was an absolute mess before somebody with adequate knowledge of Ren'py and Python came in and told me how to fix it. So I'd just stick with modifying Jan-Poo's already-modified script, he knows what he's doing.
Redaction of the Golden Witch
I submit that a murder was committed in 1996.
This murder was a "copycat" crime inspired by our tales of 1986.
This story is a redacted confession.

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Battler Solves The Logic Error
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Old 2012-05-02, 22:08   Link #195
Senior Member
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I just started playing W&W. It is absolutely hilarious. I hadn't even gotten to the opening movie yet and my parents were yelling at me for laughing too hard. It's quite perfect, the characters really do feel like the original work. Also, I must applaud the graphic designer for allowing Battler to appear in his fighter outfit. The fantasy costumes (and Dlanor's "casual") are excellent.

Quick Question:
For the extra music, can I just copy and past my "Question Arcs" folder into EP8's and rename it "Episode4" or do I need to create a new install in the new directory?

Without love this picture cannot be seen.
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Old 2012-05-03, 07:18   Link #196
Join Date: Jul 2007
Location: forever lost inside a logic error
As far as I know there are absoluely no consequences in moving\renaming the directory where you installed your copy of umineko, anyway the method you are mentioning would work provided you set the path right.

for example if your copy of chiru is in C:\games\Umineko8\ then you need to create a new directory in C:\games\Umineko4\BGM\ and copypaste the music files there.

Enjoy the rest of the story!

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Old 2012-05-17, 18:41   Link #197
黄金の魔女 Golden Witch
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Hi, everyone.

I'm here to announce that after reading Jan-Poo's 'Witches & Woodlands' and Kinjo's 'When the Seacats Cry', I decided to give my own try at the VN umineko fanfiction. I'm using Ren'Py for the engine because ONScripter isn't very newbie-friendly with its programming and I'm also using the PS3 Alchemist sprites and backgrounds for this project.

I have the basic outline of the story sorted out (how it starts, how the ending is supposed to be, etc.) along with the whodunnit and whydunnit, but I'm still struggling with the howdunnit because I plan for a few closed rooms to appear.

It is supposed to take place after EP3 and before EP4, after the whole EP3 fiasco and Ange isn't trusted by Battler, etc. This is supposed to be an extra gameboard created by Beato, something for Battler to solve before EP4 because Virgilia and Ronove are proof-reading it (and so, any problem with the storytelling and the mystery can be excused with 'the story wasn't proof-read, thus it has some problems').

I'm using the temporary title "Revival of the Golden Witch', but it may change in the future. It'll be witten in portuguese, my first language, but I'll also translated it simultaneously in english because the english fandom is larger. I'm still at the very start of it, but I have some screenshots.

Spoiler for Screenshots:

I'm using ADV-style though I may change to NVL later. Sorry for the screenshots being in portuguese, I still haven't start translating it so I put the translation at the bottom of the images. If I post more screenshots I'll try to put them in english.
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Old 2012-05-17, 20:45   Link #198
The True Culprit
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I'm really excited to read it! I love "forgeries" to death, so don't worry about having readers. You have one, guaranteed!
When the Silent Spirits Cry: An Umineko/Silent Hill crossover fanfiction
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Old 2012-05-18, 13:32   Link #199
Endless Witch-Doctor
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I will also be looking forward to reading it! Good luck!
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Old 2012-05-18, 21:48   Link #200
Senior Member
Join Date: May 2007
Location: Meta-Meta-Meta-Space
Disingenious introduction: Speaking of writing Fan Fiction, I'm still expecting to read "Dawan of the Golden Witch." 07th Expansion promised it would be out around the same time as EP6, but... where is it? It's been years now...

If any of you are interested in putting obscure Umineko fan in-jokes into your fanfiction, then perhaps that would be a good name. 8) Around the announcement of EP6, they posted the name of the next Umineko chapter, which was originally titled, "Dawan" rather than "Dawn." Of course it was very quietly fixed, after more than quite a few people pointed out the spelling error.

Not that this is what makes fanfiction great, but there are probably some other in-jokes going around if people are interested.

For example, 'Guardrail (ガードレール)' is a minor fan favorite character, who even ranked in the first fan popularity poll: ( Guardrail came about because of a misreading by some Japanese fans of the word 'Gertrude ガートルード' into "Guardrail." Some fans later took this to the Usobare 嘘ばれ (fake spoilers) thread and thus she was born: ... And seen in the Umineko SIMS videos, for example... Although some others have portrayed her as an all-white 2-player Gertrude. 8)

There's probably a bunch of other obscure in-jokes from both the English community and the Japanese community worth mentioning here if people are interested. Anyone have anything else? 8)
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