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Old 2004-04-05, 18:59   Link #1
Fighter Volk
Thanks sakurabatou @ LJ
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Attention fans of BONES!

Hey, people, just posting this because I almost missed out about this anime and fortunately found out about it and BONES being my favorite anime company and all... anyway...

Did/do you like RahXephon, Wolf's Rain, Scrapped Princess, or Fullmetal Alchemist? All of these anime were created by the genius [IMO] company called BONES. I love all the anime I mentioned above very, very much and have been eagerly expecting a new work from BONEs...

...well, it's here. KENRAN BUTOH SAI: THE MARS DAYBREAK, or simply The Mars Daybreak as I prefer, is the newest work coming from BONES! It's supposedly mecha, and while I'm not the hugest fan of that, RahXephon was indeed a success and I'm sure this will be too. The first episode has been subbed (and was released only two days ago) and yet, unfortunately, it has no seeds. I've filed a request in the reshares, so hopefully we'll see a seed soon. Anyway, just wanting to make sure all you BONES fans knew about this, cause I didn't for a while.

And yes, I'm aware that there's a discussion thread on the Fansubs forum, just wanted to make sure BONES fans would realize where this anime is coming from
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