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Old 2012-01-25, 14:30   Link #1
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What else is there?

I've ordered Umineko Chiru and realized that it is like the only thing out the game/anime/manga scene that I've cared about in a while. I have no idea what to do once I'm done with it.

I loved When They Cry so much. They start out as horror, but they turn into a tragedy once you rewatch them with the understanding of the truth. It also has that "crying game" feel like Key's game. It starts off lighthearted and then it suddenly changes to something serious. You even have a heart for the villain, somewhere rooting for the bad guy to win.

I love Key as well. Air is one of my favorite animes, and was one of my first "real" anime. KyoAni's animation I thought was beautiful, and the premise was interesting. The story didn't move, but rather, it happened. Clannad was the same way. Angel Beats was a lot of fun as well and quite interesting. I know the Rewrite VN is coming out, and a group translating Little Busters! just completed the project. I will look into getting these, but I don't have much money right now.

I'm not a fan of a lot of the Shounen animes, especially anything in Jump. I don't like long drawn out battles. What I do like is true story telling, something short and to the point. Genre doesn't really matter, but I like Horror, Comedy, Fantasy, with a hint of romance.
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Old 2012-01-25, 14:43   Link #2
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Are you willing to watch anything 26 episodes or greater?
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Old 2012-01-25, 15:38   Link #3
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Watch Another, a ongoing 12-episode anime about a boy who accidentally find a girl who happens to be "dead". It's full of mystery and horror, just like When They Cry, but doesn't have any much comical scenes (Heck, there's only three episodes out).
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Old 2012-01-25, 17:15   Link #4
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Something with good story, short and possible horror like?

Since you liked Clannad you can try to watch AnoHana, gives a bit similar feeling. Nice story though does have some drawbacks, interesting drama and a bit of romance.

Aoi Bungaku series are set of small different, dark stories with some idea and message behind.

Baccano has one of the best story telling styles, a simple train robbery had become quiet a ride. It has comedy, nice action and some fantasy elements.

Berserk has action but it has an interesting story with some horror elements.

Death Note is one of the best series out there, first half is really enjoyably. Second one depends. Has mysterious and suspenseful atmosphere.

I know you said no shounen but FMA is really worth a try since it has a good story, comedy and fights are not dragged out. It has 2 seasons with 2 different stories. I would recommend to check both since I liked both versions. Though some people prefer one season over other. And yeh, series are about 51-64 episodes long so not really short.

Ghost Hunt are great horror/mystery series with some comedy. One of my fave series.

Mahou Shoujo Madoka★Magica looks girlish and childish but it has dark tones to it and an interesting story. Give it at least 3 episodes before deciding what to do.

Phantom: Requiem for the Phantom are dark series about people who were forced to become assassins. It has 2 time skips so atmosphere changes with each one. Barely any comedy though...

Rainbow: Nisha Rokubou no Shichinin, also good dramatic series about group of friends who befriended each other in prison. Series follow their life their lives during imprisonment and after.

I found Shiki to be entertaining series with horror and suspense elements.

Steins;Gate has an interesting story about time traveling. Has suspense, drama, comedy and romance in later half.

I hope it helps
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Old 2012-01-25, 18:07   Link #5
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Hoshi no Koe/ Voices of a Distant Star- A short one shot OVA made almost single-handedly by Shinkai Makoto. It is very beautiful visually and it tells a moving story of two lovers separated by war.

ef a tale of memories- a twelve episode romance drama series also based off of a visual novel like Key works. It has an interesting and IMO effective visual style. Some scenes are made more poignant by the unique visual presentation like the phone call scene in episode 7 (you'll know when you see it). It essentially has two love stories going on the same time though the characters in both stories have some connection to each other. The series may seem slow and tame for the first half, but it's really setting up for the intense emotional roller coaster ride that starts in episode seven and doesn't let up until the end.
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Old 2012-01-28, 23:23   Link #6
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Originally Posted by RandomAvatarFan View Post
I'm not a fan of a lot of the Shounen animes, especially anything in Jump. I don't like long drawn out battles. What I do like is true story telling, something short and to the point. Genre doesn't really matter, but I like Horror, Comedy, Fantasy, with a hint of romance.
Madoka Magica seems tailor made for you. Give it till episode 3.

You'd also like Ano Hana.

I think you might also enjoy Penguindrum or Bunny Drop.

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