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Old 2013-05-04, 21:56   Link #28001
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Originally Posted by Xellos-_^ View Post
sounds like a good idea to me.
Texas seem to be pretty much the origin of "USAF-COME-FLATTEN-YOUR-HOME" style of "freedom-gifting" which makes people think twice before they make enemies with America; they were the crazy ones who rally people under the banner of "USA is the best" to prevent the Canadians, or rather anyone, from annexing US.

The Texans cited in the article take nationalism too far, though asking them to secede means Lincoln fought the Confederacy the non-conquering way for naught; he believed in that idealistic "We are one North America exclusive of Canada which is a land of over-polite softies" stuff and had actually shown contempt at fighting the Confederacy. All his efforts will be wasted, inclusive of his untimely death at the hands of JWB.

Not all Texans are crazy god-fearing bible-toting radical gunslingers, however I have never seen a state of nationalists so fervently espousing and believing in ideals like never before. Though they need a good lesson of how bad of an idea it is to bomb anyone who argues with you into submission, or how running a couple of JDAMs to make WTI the most tradeable oil in the world is incredibly retarded when people want Dubai Crude only for making plastics.

In short, they need to stop denying actuality as immoral and seek to find common ground where they can live in peace with the rest of the US of A. If they can't, the USA can't live in peace with their friends who trusted them for their assurance of individual freedom of thought, McDonalds and F-16 Falcons. Intuitively, I think only Texas can give you Americans a president like this.

And free flow of booby lady porn. Damn why do ladies from the Americas often have such big chests and butts.

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Most of all, you have to be disciplined and you have to save, even if you hate our current financial system. Because if you don't save, then you're guaranteed to end up with nothing.

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Old 2013-05-04, 22:08   Link #28002
books-eater youkai
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Location: Betweem wisdom and insanity
Wind farms to lure back German lobsters decimated by WW2

Idea that American held by Venezuela is a spy 'ridiculous:' Obama
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Old 2013-05-04, 23:06   Link #28003
Senior Member
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Come on guys, don't buy the seccession bullcrap. Most Texans aren't likely to buy into it either.

Exxon, ConocoPhillips, American Airlines..............Funimation (lol)

These companies are big players because they are AMERICAN not Texan, they won't let them break off.

Also good luck to them solving the immigration problem BY THEMSELVES LOLOLOLOLOL.
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Old 2013-05-04, 23:18   Link #28004
Takao Tsundere Cruiser
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Whoa. That sounds like some hentai plot gone wrong.

Originally Posted by Xellos-_^ View Post
sounds like a good idea to me.
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Old 2013-05-04, 23:28   Link #28005
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It's not like that idea of Texas separation is truly serious anyway; we have the same kind of speculative crap about Alberta anyway.

That's more stuff for humour or sillyness than anything else.
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Old 2013-05-05, 03:50   Link #28006
Komrades of Kitamura Kou
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Grads preferred to grandmas in proposed immigration bill

I'm curious if this is really going to change anything since, you know, are there any actual jobs in the professional sectors for the new breed of immigrant the US is trying to attract?
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Old 2013-05-05, 04:12   Link #28007
temporary safeguard
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If there are no jobs, then skilled workers will not come.
If there are jobs, then you need them and maybe they will come.
So in this respect, it can not hurt to implement it.

This seems to be an extension of what green cards do. Being dependant on a single job to stay in the country, is certainly keeping a lot of potential immigrants away. It's not easy to settle into a life that is constantly in limbo.
There is little reason for someone who already has all the possibilities in their current place, to take that risk.
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Old 2013-05-05, 05:33   Link #28008
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The first time since two years a German soldier was killed in Afghanistan and also the first time it hit a soldier from the elite unit KSK. Seven other NATO soldiers killed on the same day as well.
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Old 2013-05-05, 08:21   Link #28009
books-eater youkai
Join Date: Dec 2007
Location: Betweem wisdom and insanity
Russia's new Mariinsky theatre woos the doubters

Secular Turks see red over airline's lipstick ban
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Old 2013-05-05, 08:42   Link #28010
He Without a Title
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Location: The land of tempura
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Choco pies: The smuggled treats of North Korea

The prevailing image of North Korea in Western minds is a closed society where the people have little sense of life beyond its borders. How, then, does one explain the mobile phones, DVDs and - most bizarrely of all - South Korean chocolate snacks.
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Old 2013-05-05, 09:08   Link #28011
'Dear Elhit'
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Polls close in Malaysia's closely contested elections
Kuala Lumpur (May 5): Voting has ended in Malaysia in what is widely expected to be the most closely contested general election in the country's history.

Prime Minister Najib Razak's Barisan Nasional (National Front) coalition is up against Pakatan Rakyat, a three-party alliance headed by Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim.

Voters were faced with returning the ruling party, in power for 56 years, or choosing an untested opposition.

Ahead of the polls, allegations of various forms of fraud emerged.

At polling stations in the city, there was a palpable sense of excitement among the many voters there who support the opposition coalition, with some saying this was the first time they felt their votes had mattered.

The tally as at 10.35pm
Parliamentary seats (total 222): 30 for Barisan Nasional, 10 for Pakatan Rakyat.

By the way, Malaysia is a federation of 13 states. Although it is not required by its Constitution, state and national elections are normally held at the same time (except for Sarawak state), hence the accompanying tally for state elections in the link above.

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Old 2013-05-05, 10:41   Link #28012
Terrestrial Dream
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Originally Posted by Dextro View Post
Oh Yes is better than Choco Pies though.
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Old 2013-05-05, 12:54   Link #28013
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Malaysia coalition extends rule in tight election

My feeling now is,
Looks like we have to wait for another 1-2 more elections to make a change.....
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Old 2013-05-05, 13:13   Link #28014
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Location: Unspecified
can someone tell me without making it complicated. what the deal of malaysia election?
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Old 2013-05-05, 15:12   Link #28015
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Malaysia has been ruled by the same coalition for over 50 years now. 'course, from what I've seen, the opposition hasn't quite gotten it's act together. Hell, I'm not even sure if the opposition really had a clear idea of what they want to do. (for one thing, the opposition alliance includes the super religious PAS and the secular DAP, and that still confuses me)
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Old 2013-05-05, 15:47   Link #28016
The Comet has Come
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Mexico had something like that in the 20th century.
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Old 2013-05-05, 15:52   Link #28017
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Originally Posted by RRW View Post
can someone tell me without making it complicated. what the deal of malaysia election?
Pro-opposition locals have been clamoring for the one coalition that has been ruling for over 50 years to step down starting from this election. Results does not appear to be in favor for that, and people have been clamoring foul play when they found out there are votes declared as spoilt (not sure how the severity was, I don't have figures). A lot of locals do not take the results well from what I can see.

I don't really have much to say about it though despite being a citizen.
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Old 2013-05-05, 16:52   Link #28018
books-eater youkai
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India and China withdraw troops from Himalayan face off
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Old 2013-05-05, 16:55   Link #28019
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Originally Posted by Terrestrial Dream View Post
Oh Yes is better than Choco Pies though.
You're dead to me.
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Old 2013-05-05, 17:07   Link #28020
Terrestrial Dream
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Location: Tesla Leicht Institute
Age: 27
But it is the truth :P
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