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Old 2012-02-15, 21:32   Link #1
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Animes to re-edumacate mahself

I've stopped watching anime on a consistent basis for a few years now. I did watch Katanagatari and Durarara which were pure awesome. Can someone be so kind as to suggest a new anime that came out in last 3 years that totally blew their mind?
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Old 2012-02-15, 23:05   Link #2
Obelisk ze Tormentor
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If you're looking for something that blew my mind recently, that would be Steins;Gate. If you’re a fan of sci-fi and good story in general, you should see it. If you know a thing or two about magical-girl genre, you can try Puella Magi Madoka Magica. If you’re a fan of grim story with a touch of magic/fantasy, you might enjoy Fate/Zero. If you’re in the mood for some superhero story with adult main characters, Tiger & Bunny delivers. If you want to slow down a bit and enjoy a slow and quiet road-trip romance, you can check out Spice and Wolf for its unique storytelling.

I guess those’re some titles I’ve seen that really stand out while still pretty much entertaining for the last (more or less) 3 years . Sorry if you’ve already seen those.
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Old 2012-02-17, 03:01   Link #3
North American Haruhiist
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Age: 37
The Disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya (if you liked the Haruhi anime, then you'll love the movie). 2010 movie that has fantastic animation and great music. It is epic!
seconding Fate/Zero- Rider is the most GAR character of 2011. Bar none. Just plain awesome anime.
Hanasaku Iroha- good story, great animation and the backgrounds on this. Wow.
Summer Wars- great sci-fi movie and has a good message too about the importance of family
The World God Only Knows- great male protagonist who is witty and funny. Very moe heroines and the music is really good in this too. It's quite funny but also surprisingly touching at times.

If I knew better what types of anime you like, I could recommend some more.
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Old 2012-02-17, 04:13   Link #4
Hiding Under Your Bed
Join Date: May 2008
Based on your love for Katanagatari and Durarara, I'd recommend Bakemonogatari. It's wordy, though it's essentially a harem (but the first few episodes hides it fairly well). Personally, I disliked Bakemonogatari (outside of those first few episodes), due to the harem elements, but the wordiness is definitely similar to Katanagatari and Durarara, and I am going out on a limb here and assuming that wordy vibe is a reason you enjoyed those two shows. For the record, I loved Katanagatari, but didn't think much of Durarara.

The most obvious choice for 'blew my mind' in the last three years would be Madoka Magica. It's a show from a genre (magical girls), I would normally never have watched, and then I heard Urobuchi Gen was writing it, and I knew it was going to be a must see. Imo, it's this generation's Evangelion, where regardless of whether you liked it or not, 'everyone' will have seen it.

No other anime really 'blew my mind' in the last three years, though Eve no Jikan is probably the best anime I watched, behind Madoka, in that time span. It's not for everyone, but as I grew up with oldschool Asimov stories, Eve was pretty much the best thing anime has ever produced to satisfy my android/scifi love. It's hard to say which version is better, the OVA or the movie, though the movie makes you go "ah ha!" if you had watched the OVA first, despite technically being a shortened version of the OVA.

Omg, I almost forgot. There HAS been another show that sort of 'blew my mind' in the last three years. Panty and Stocking and Garterbelt. It is definitely not for everyone, but...if in the quiet recesses of your brain, you can admit to yourself that watching a rated R+ version of the Power Puff Girls would be awesome, you will enjoy this show very much. It's definitely different from the norm in anime.
It feels like years since they've been updated, btw.
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Old 2012-02-17, 12:11   Link #5
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Location: Paris, France
Well, try Moshidora : the 2011 10-episode slice-of-life anime follows a highschool girl named Minami who's a all-male baseball team manager. One day, she accidentally takes a baseball marketing book. Thanks to this, Minami tries to keep working hard while cheering the all-male basketball team.
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Old 2012-02-17, 16:44   Link #6
Love Yourself
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Originally Posted by MisaoFan View Post
Well, try Moshidora : the 2011 10-episode slice-of-life anime follows a highschool girl named Minami who's a all-male baseball team manager. One day, she accidentally takes a baseball marketing book. Thanks to this, Minami tries to keep working hard while cheering the all-male basketball team.
I'll second this one. I was also on a 3-4 year anime-watching hiatus and wanted to come back. Steins;Gate was suggested to me (and I see someone has already suggested it to you), but having been away from anime for that period of time, it just grated on me. The characters were a bit too hyper and massively eccentric in true-to-form anime style. I would probably enjoy it if I went back to it now, but I couldn't bring myself to get past the second episode.

Even though I never got into sports-based anime series, Moshidora had an interesting enough premise. MisaoFan explained it but left out something critical: the marketing book that the series refers to and quotes from is an actual book, not something made up. That was pretty appealing to me, and made it a bit more thought-provoking.

I'm still catching up on a lot of series from the past five or so years, but one that I've really been enjoying is Angel Beats!. Excellent artwork, music, and a neat premise. A lot of people have remarked that it's enjoyable but ultimately forgettable, though - so I guess how well it connects with you just depends on where you are in life

Welcome back!
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Old 2012-02-17, 23:40   Link #7
Ermes Marana
Senior Member
Join Date: Nov 2007
Katanagatari is my favorite series of the last 3 years.

Cross Game (2009-2010) is one of my favorite mangas ever. I would suggest reading it first. However, if you don't read manga then it is a must-watch anime.

The Tatami Galaxy (2010) is an anime directed by Yuasa Masaaki (Mind Game, Kaiba). That means it is weird, but very well done. It doesn't cheat you.

Bakemonogatari (2009) is very good. It has more bad points than Katanagatari, but they don't overwhelm the show. You can ignore them and enjoy it very much.

Daughter of Twenty Faces (ended September 2008) barely misses your 3 year mark, but since it was so underhyped I'll mention it anyway.
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Old 2012-02-19, 15:30   Link #8
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Join Date: May 2004
Well, I have no such a title to recommend you, giving the titles you have mentioned. So looking into a wider range I could say that True Tears is one of my favorites, but it doesn't fit in this thread.
But if you like mystery/horror you could try Another. It is airing in this season. It's half a way. If you like guessing and speculate it's worth watching and then joining the sub-forum to share all your speculations due to all the hints and red herrings the writers scatter all over the place Better if you don't spoil yourself googling too much or even reading on wiki. It has a slow pace and a really impressing design style, even if in a standard way. The story revolves around a school's curse and how students of a certain class can handle it, sort of.

And in the while you choose what to watch, try this series, I tell you in advance, it has a mere decent plot, it is formulaic and predictable and it is filled with clichè: Otome Youkai Zakuro.

edit: forgot to say that I tried to watch Steins;Gate, but dropped after episode eight or nine. But I heard that after the 12th it starts to move, so I intend to skip to that episode and resume.

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Old 2012-02-20, 01:51   Link #9
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You absolutely must watch Redline. It's an action anime about futuristic racing. It's really cool, with awesomewhack animation from Madhouse and intense, mind-blowing action. The story itself is thin, but entertaining and somewhat charming in its simplicity.

If you want to see a great magical girl series, you should try Heartcatch Precure. It has lovable characters, awesome villains, and lots of flashy, fun action. You don't have to watch any previous Precure series to enjoy Heartcatch, as it stands very well on its own.

For a good recent slice-of-life, you can't get much better than Usagi Drop. This is a heartwarming and relaxing story about a single man in his early 30's raising an adapted daughter.

Also, don't restrict yourself to recent anime. There are a lot of classics from many years or decades ago that you've probably missed. Just look around and find them.
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