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Old 2014-04-06, 11:58   Link #581
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Lunatic is fine.

The problem with Lunatic+ is that the new enemy skills are not only unfair, but they're randomly distributed meaning there wasn't any real thought put into the level design at all.

It's completely artificial difficulty.
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Old 2014-04-06, 12:46   Link #582
anime fan99
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about owain Lissa must dropped him on his head a lot when he was a child the man does not speak like normal human beings
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Old 2014-04-06, 13:01   Link #583
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Still playing this game to date = 3= Simply love this game <3
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Old 2014-04-06, 15:22   Link #584
U mad?
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Stuck at the prologue for over an hour.

I noticed that it is extremely luck dependent, whether you get the double attack/protect.
My plan is to first trade MU's Bronze Sword to Frederick to save the lance for later, using it 3 times, for the mages and final boss. Am I too stingy with the lance?
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Old 2014-04-06, 15:32   Link #585
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The worst part isn't the low Dual attack/guard rates, it's the random distribution of enemies with Vantage+, Luna+, or Hawkeye.

Depending on which units have what, it may be impossible for even Fred to survive.

I would use the Bronze Sword to make sure he doesn't kill on Enemy Phase. One dead enemy = one more open space for another enemy to attack = more damage done on Frederick.
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Old 2014-04-07, 16:37   Link #586
U mad?
Join Date: Apr 2012
I'm actually playing it on Lunatic, not Lunatic+, so they do not have those crazy skills.
It took almost the whole day to unlock Outrealm gate, so I can start levelling my characters.
One Risen encounter spawned for me so far, are all encounters on Lunatic Lv20, Advanced Classes and nearly maxed out stats?
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Old 2014-04-07, 23:39   Link #587
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Yes, they aren't really worthwhile at all.
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Old 2014-04-08, 00:22   Link #588
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Risen enemy stats and levels scale upward on any difficulty past Normal. While it's manageable on Hard, it's virtually impossible on Lunatic. You won't be beating any Risen skirmishes unless you're also capped, and that's only because they can't go any higher.

Spotpass battles have fixed enemy levels to a certain extent, but their stats still scale upward as well. Additionally, all Spotpass fights give only 1 EXP per kill on Lunatic, so your only real option for grinding is the DLC.
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Old 2014-04-08, 03:12   Link #589
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Lunatic+ was too lazy, like a post above said.

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Old 2016-04-30, 08:26   Link #590
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I finished Birthright and Conquest in FE Fates, and decided to lend it to a friend to take a break. Instead, I'm playing a Hard Ironman playthrough of Awakening. I wanted to share a bit of, diary style.


1. No Grinding. Can play paralogues, but no random map encounters.

2. No Resets, except for two situations:
a. Lord Death: If I get a Game Over from Chrom or Robin dieing, I can restart the chapter. Upon finishing the chapter, I have to go to a Risen map and suicidally sacrifice any units who'd died before my lord ("No getting out of it"), plus one additional character I'd fielded that chapter ("Taking the hit").
b. Special Waifu Rules: If Sumia or Cynthia dies to an enemy-turn reinforcement before I've married Cynthia, I have the option of restarting the chapter. "No getting out of it" and "Taking the hit" also apply...I'll still lose a unit in their place.

3. Different Pairings: No repeating the same pairings I did last playthrough (Chrom - Sumia, MU - Cordelia, Lissa - Lon'qu, Sully - Virion, Miriel - Ricken, Nowi - Donnel, Olivia - Kellam, Tharja - Libra, Panne - Frederick, Maribelle - Vaike, Cherche - Gaius, Morgan - Brady, Cynthia - Yarne, Severa - Owain).

Character Deaths so far:

Chapter 5: Miriel
Chapter 7: Virion (sacrificed to save Sumia via Special Waifu Rules).

Planned Pairings so far:

MU - Cynthia
Chrom - Maribelle
Sumia - Gaius
Cordelia - Kellam: These guys are so good together as a pair-up team! Cordelia fixes Kellam's mobility, he has good Def, she has good Res...they're so synergistic.
Sully - Vaike
Panne - Lon'qu
Lissa - Ricken, Frederick?
Tharja - Frederick, Stahl? Want someone who'll give her more bulk for Nosferatu tanking.
Nowi - No clue...

I fell in love with Ironman while playing Fates, but the same-turn enemy reinforcements in Awakening are pretty annoying with it. I basically just have to accept that some characters will die totally at random, without being able to do anything about it (unless I looked up online when and where the reinforcements would come, but that'd feel like cheating). It's purely because of same-turn reinforcement's that I added Rule 2b for my playthrough. Also because Sophie, a similar character to Cynthia, died in both my Birthright and Conquest playthroughs.

It's an interesting challenge to get Galeforce on moms ASAP for the kids without any grinding. I'm actually amazed at how much EXP I've been able to funnel into Sumia...I'm on Chapter 10, and she's already a Level 6 Dark Flier. I think she'll def. hit Level 15 by the time the child paralogue's open up.

Last game I reclassed Lissa to a Sage, but this time I reclassed her to War Priest, because I need bulky units that won't randomly die. Sage is probably better, since it uses her good Magic, but I feel like War Priest fits her character way better! And I like her outfit more.
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Old 2016-05-24, 02:21   Link #591
Lets be reality
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PAL Bros we finally here.

Finally got my SE 3 days after the game came out even though it was posted 2 days before release.... ffs aus post....
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Old 2016-05-25, 11:45   Link #592
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Started playing Birthright as well now. 3 hours in. Too bad I couldn't find the SE for cheap anymore. Not sure if I'm going to buy Conquest just yet. 40 bucks is a bit steap for a similar game, and I don't wanna own games digitally on my 3DS. However for now, I'm just gonna enjoy Birthright and think about the rest later. I really love the game so far. The story is already more engaging, one of the reasons being that the bad guys are not just bad guys but actual characters. The revamped pairing and adjacent bonus system is better this time around, compared to Awakening, because there's less RNG to it (if any?). Also love that they color coded weapon types for simpletons like me and the fact that weapons don't break anymore. Really fun so far!
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3ds, fire emblem

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