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Old 2004-04-30, 18:58   Link #21
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RandomGuy, I believe Chiaki has already staid that she's doing this for FUN, it's not an official ranking of any sort at all. It's not meant to be serious and of course you're free to disagree with her way of doing things, but I believe your post goes a bit overboard in the criticism.
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I just want it to continue! It is great the way it is, and i do not see any change necessary ^_^

Go Chiaki go!!! *cheers*
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Old 2004-05-03, 02:05   Link #23
Chiaki Nozomi
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Holy Jesus Saint Mary, Goddess, and all that other religous junk! I leave from an overwheliming load of schoolwork (that still hasn't ended... ) and I come back to allot of posts! Let me see what I can answer....

Originally Posted by OhJustSomeRandomGuy
<insert long rant/character flame>

Whoa, whoa whoa, WHOA. Hold on Tiger! Seriously.

THIS IS MEANT IN FUN. ITS A JOKE! HAHA! FUNNY! Don't take me seriously. Never. And if you don't find it funny... umm... well, I find myself funny, which is all that matters to me. After all, I can entertain myself for hours! Right Nozomi? Right Chiaki! Your crit on the music industry was spot on... too bad this is still a JOKE! which makes it seem odd and out of place to me.

Ayaya (Matsuura Aya's nickname) is only one person, which is why I put Morning Musume instead of her. Besides, MM has Tsuji, Kago, Mari, Ogawa, and Yossi. I was debating doing more Hello!Project artists like Goto Maki and Nacchi, but I decided against it. But....

Coming Soon! Battle of the Lolicon = SweetS vs. Berryz Koubou and.... Battle of the Dead Bands that somehow remain hella popular here because of annoying fangirls - Malice Mizer (before Gackt) vs. Malice Mizer (during Gackt) vs. Malice Mizer (after Gackt)

But let me say this again - IT'S A JOKE. Now RandomGuy, you are now my Soul Bruda Sista Tiger. Keep it on the downlo, yo. And if you're nice, I'll send you pics of Berryz and SweetS. Okay, maybe some Mari too. But its only cuz we need a little age to even the average!

Oops. Wrote this then went to the second page to see Dorfl's post. Thankies Dorfl! *huggle* You are my Soul Bruda Sista ... Dorfl. XD

Originally Posted by UssoKK
<insert questions>
1) I personally do not like the style of their music and their voices. Of course their fangirls are not near as bad as Gackt fangirls... who are beaten, spat on, and murdered by Mana fangirls.... Err... as for music sites, I got most of my information from a Korean site if I remember correctly. Yay for Korean fans! An-yon haseyo! Did I remember that right? *goes off to practice Korean*
2) Yes, I narrowed it down to CHEMISTRY music. Trust me, if I included the class, it would've been HUGE.
3) Hmm... If I feel like it. After I finish the battles I want to do, I'll take personal battle artist requests. So yours are the first on the list!

Wow, you knew I was a girl. Dammit! People aren't supposed to know! You are Soul Bruda Sista Snake, keep it real, yo.

I forgot the user...Sorry! but age is important to an idol, as well as a pop star. The younger, the better. The more youthful you look, the better. The same thing happens here (in America for me). Then agian, that youth has to be a sexy youth, and not a lolicon youth. ^^;; Unless you follow them... Okay... I've been hanging around mmbbs too too too long now.

boneyjellyfish, here's an equation for you as well - DREAMS COME TRUE > then any artist you can even THINK to put here They are what define, defined, and continre to define the true meaning of Jpop to me. (Personal opinion ALERT!)

Now all my Soul Bruda Sistas gather 'round for a little group hug orgy! That's SOUL, BABY. But no bukkake. That's not cool. Except when its used in Sexy Losers. Then its funny.
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Old 2004-05-03, 06:23   Link #24
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Originally Posted by Chiaki Nozomi
Coming Soon! Battle of the Lolicon = SweetS vs. Berryz Koubou

Go SweetS! In the Battle of the Lolicon, how can a group with a song entitled "Lolita * Strawberry Summer", as well as various FRUITY songs like "Tear Lemon Drop", "Lonesome Cherry", "Love Raspberry Juice", and "Love Like Candy Fross" not win?
Go SweetS! (^_^)


Chiaki, I am anxious to see "Every Little Thing" in a battle! KATSU!
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