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The Star Wars universe: Republic into Empire

This thread is about a pivotal point in the history of the Star Wars universe: the Galactic Republic is transformed into the Galactic Empire.

Of course, Palpatine, as Supreme Chancellor of the Republic and as Sith Lord Darth Sidious, orchestrated the Clone Wars in order to end the Jedi Order and the Republic. Of course, the Grand Army of the Republic is transformed into the Imperial Navy and the Imperial Army, and the Republic clone troopers are transformed into the first Imperial stormtroopers.

What about the planetary-level military forces? What about the Commision to Preserve the Republic, which is transformed into the Commission to Preserve the New Order (COMPNOR)?

What is the fate of the Judicial Forces, the Galactic Republic's pre-Clone Wars interstellar armed police force?

The Judicial Forces include a regular armed police force, the Republic Security Force (RSF), and likely included planetary military and police forces and private mercenaries and bounty hunters hired by the Republic's Judicial Department.

The Jedi were originally part of the Judicial Forces, but when the Clone Wars broke out became they became officers in the Grand Army of the Republic. A number of high-ranking RSF officers also likely became officers in the GAR.

The Commision to Preserve the Republic (COMPOR, the future COMPNOR) was organized to defend the Republic. COMPOR included a paramilitary arm, Compforce, which aided the RSF as part of the Judicial Forces or sometimes the Jedi and Clone troopers as part of the GAR. The Judicial Forces also beefed up it's traditional hiring of mercenaries and bounty hunters in order to promote law-and-order and aid the GAR as the Republic's secondary military force.

After the Jedi were exterminated under Order 66, the Galactic Republic finally defeated the Separatists, and the Republic transitioned into the Galactic Empire, The rand Army of the Republic's ground forces became the new Imperial Army, the space navy of the GAR was combined with the space forces of the Judicial Forces (particularly the RSF) to form the Imperial Navy, the RSF became the Imperial Security Bureau, the new ISB was combined with COMPOR to form COMPNOR, and Compforce units served alongside the clones as part of the Imperial Army or served alongside planetary military forces or the Imperial Navy to ensure their loyalty to Emperor Palpatine and the new Empire.

The Separatists's starships and droids were integrated into the Imperial Navy and Imperial Army, but after the first couple of years of the Empire the battle droids are largely phased out.

The clones of the Imperial Army, now called stormtroopers, are augmented by Compforce members after several years as Compforce units start wearing stormtrooper armor.
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But what is the question? You've stated what supposedly happened or a logical course of events after the Galactic Republic is declared to be a Galactic Empire by Palpatine.

One think is that we are getting more information as the Clone Wars series continues on Cartoon Network. Like more and more reasoning in why the Clones would follow Order 66 blind and turn on the Jedi they have been under the command of for three years. It is shown the Clones are not unthinking machines, and while they generally follow orders, they are not beyond human emotion, nor the idea of questioning their orders.

However in the last season or so, the key Clones (those followed in most media) have been getting reasons presented to them to no entirely trust the Jedi. As is Anakin Skywalker getting reasons to not trust the Jedi and have more issues with Obi-wan Kenobi.

In the most recent episodes we have been following entirely Dark Side characters. No Jedi or Republic characters have been presented at all. Just Seperatists, Night Sisters, and Bounty Hunters. Plus we are going into the last arc that is suppose to involve a return of Darth Maul, last seen cut in to on Naboo in The Phantom Menace. (This isn't the first story to bring back Maul (one way or another), but would be the frst time he'd be seen in the timeline as the other incidents are after the Clone Wars).

Where we have a general gap of knowledge is the time between Revenge of the Sith and Star Wars (I'm still not use to calling it A New Hope), We have some stuff from just after the War and some stuff leading into the Rebellion Against the Empire...most of it involving the Death Star in one way or another. What we have less of it the process of Imperialization of the Galaxy over this 19 year or so period of time.

About the only think I'm unsure about it the integration of Seperatist starships into the Imperial Navy. And especially Seperatist Droids into the Imperial Army. I know some of those ships would fall into the hands of the Rebel Alliance prior to the Battle of Yavin. But most seem to be gone by the time of the Battle of Endor. Replaced by captured, newer Imperial ships, or older Republic designs...or Mon Calamari Star Cruisers.

I don't recall Compforce wearing Stormtrooper armor. I recall they had the Stormtrooper's black uniforms (what their officers wear when not in armor). And that over time the Empire added to the Stormtrooper ranks via cloning additional individuals, recruitment, and outright drafting from Outer Rim worlds. However the Empire also gained an Imperial Army that was not Stormtroopers (at least that is what is presented to use seems like most times we see anything, it is Stormtroopers and sometimes guys in grey or black uniforms, some with large dome helmets). The Imperial Army and Navy were sepaerate and competed for resources...and power. The Stormtroopers are suppose to be the thing that is not either and there to keep them in line with Imperial policy...and loyal to the Emperor.

By A New Hope it is assumed the Stormtrooper Corps are staffed with only a third Jango Fett based clones. The other two thirds are other types of clones, and others. The Fett clones are considered the best, and they know it. The 501st is supposely the only major all Fett unit left, and that's on Darth Vader's order. However most Stormtrooper units are generally out of practise by that point. They are not as experianced as the Grand Army of the Republic as there is not general war on. They are mostly police forces and strike forces for dealing with rebels and pirates. Most of the fighting post Clone Wars should have ended by then.

If Lucasfilm follows their plan, there will be one more season of the Clone Wars that leads into Revenge of the Sith. After that, who knows. I guess it will depend on rating and if there are any remainnig questions after the War ends. Like was happens to Ahsoka Tano, the unexpected padawan of Skywalker. One assumes she dies at some point before or at the end of the series because she, or course, is not there with Skywalker and Kenobi at the end of the War.

Though I liked the novel for Revenge of the Sith. The openning hand a wonderful line about the war and the jedi. (that I'm not qoting, but giving the feel of) That everything was going dark, and that adults worried and feared in the Republic, but then there was the children. The children knew everything would be alright over Coruscant. Why? Because Skywalker and Kenobi would be there. And it always was "Skywalker and Kenobi". The children believed in them. Their parents would smile and wave them off, but went on worrying. But the children were correct, for what the parents could know know was that two starfighters came out of hyperspace at the edge of the battle. Only two. But that would be enough. Because it was Skywalker and Kenobi.
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