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View Poll Results: Aquarion Logos - Episode 21 Rating
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9 out of 10 : Excellent 2 50.00%
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Old 2015-11-22, 00:14   Link #1
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Aquarion Logos - Episode 21 Discussion / Poll

Welcome to the discussion thread for Aquarion Logos, Episode 21.

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Old 2015-11-22, 02:12   Link #2
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Age: 30
Shit hits the fan this week. Previously didn't think highly of this series, but with this episode I think it's at least better than EVOL. Feelings were strong throughout the episode.
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Old 2015-11-22, 03:40   Link #3
Senior Member
Join Date: Dec 2010
This show has managed to stay really good so far and with a few episodes left it was obvious they were going to kick things into final gear. However, did not expect that kind of ending to the episode. Going to be really interesting now how they end the show in next 5 episodes.
TheEroKing is offline  
Old 2015-11-22, 07:52   Link #4
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Awesome episode. Epic death is epic. Tsutomu you will be remembered. I will remember you as one of the badass pilots that died while piloting their craft. Just like how a certain pilot in macross died to protect his love one though its been tried to be copied later on in the frontier but he didn't died in his craft and in seed, its been trashed.

Awesome NTR Gattai. Akira couldn't become the savior that he aims to be. He couldn't kill Maia. This series is really shaping up into something worth remembering. Even though its as a bit shaky like the original Aquarion.
tsunade666 is offline  
Old 2015-11-22, 08:07   Link #5
Senior Member
Join Date: Jun 2006
See in the next 12,000 years Tsutomu.

Nesta really really hates writing that she wants to kill off humanity for it. Her Angels of Massacre are Aquarions with wings. While it hasn't been mentioned all evidence points out she is a Dark Angel of a sort.
ReddyRedWolf is offline  
Old 2015-11-22, 09:18   Link #6
Disabled By Request
Join Date: Feb 2013
I am sensing candidates for the anime power level chart already (wow those black aquarions were over powered with reality erasing feathers). I mean classic, Evol, and Mykage are in the current one as it is (and here is a condensed version if loading is an issue).
DuelGundam2099 is offline  
Old 2015-11-22, 09:40   Link #7
Senior Member
Join Date: Mar 2009
Location: In my room
I didn't expect to see the day that I would see the censoring lights to be used as reality warping powers. Lol.

When I see the feathers brush up the area and a censoring like lights was placed over it. I was wtf. Really interesting episode.
tsunade666 is offline  
Old 2015-11-22, 16:43   Link #8
Senior Member
Join Date: May 2014
this episode finally puts Logos into a higher tier than Evol or original series. Didn't think they would do that especially to a character who was supposed to be comedic. Character evolution also coming along very well.
juve is offline  
Old 2015-11-22, 17:12   Link #9
Senior Member
Join Date: Feb 2012
Watched it just a little while ago. Quite surprised by the turn of events lots of victims and to think the one who dies is the comedian. Not surprised that Akira "couldn't do it" its pretty obvious how he feels about Maia and vice-versa.

I can imagine it now that the rest of the pilots as well including Maia will die and it will probably be Akira and Subete squaring of one last time at the end.....
As for Nesta well she will get what's coming to her after 12,000 years. xD

I am guessing at some point in the last episode something like a "miracle" will appear in which somehow Akira will somehow rewrite the turn of events....why? some people will say its because "He is the savior".

Well this is just theory at this point....
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Old 2015-11-22, 18:12   Link #10
Global Sword 2
Gungnir the kebab skewer
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so let's see how Tsutomu's brother & family, along with his friends & the Shirobaco crew react to his haters that posted shit messages in the previous episodes about his shows that he uploaded online about wanting him gone, when they announced his passing his haters literally celebrate with joy that he's now really gone,

i don't blame if his family & friends, particularly the Aquarion team went to the dark side for a moment because of that, literally almost making them one & the same as Nesta's Modius Operandi, the hatred of written language, because of some insensitive retard who didn't see Tsutomu as a person and a true hero that saved the world behind the scenes............
Global Sword 2 is offline  
Old 2015-11-23, 01:45   Link #11
I disagree with you all.
Join Date: Dec 2005
So, Tsutomu was the real savior.

Also, back to the gattai as a metaphor for sex. Maia does it with Subete to save her lover, and finds it feels good. (And she feels guilty about it.) While Akira watches impotently. (He doesn't even have a crotch any more...)

It fits so well, it makes the rest really weird. Especially considering Karan's age.
Anh_Minh is online now  
Old 2015-11-23, 07:50   Link #12
Deadpan Rambler
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Finished catching-up Aquarion Logos and damn, so many events that happened on this episode.

Sure that Subete out-NTR Akira, but seeing Tsutomu died after dating Shoko was so heart-breaking...
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