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Old 2012-03-25, 16:53   Link #1
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Aquarion EVOL - Character Discussion - Mykage

The purpose of this thread is to provide a place to discuss all things Mykage related.
To keep the discussion enjoyable for all Aquarion EVOL fans, please follow the guidelines below and stay on-topic!
Note: Please don't use this for the specifics (i.e. episode, chapter, game, etc. discussion) there are other threads for that stuff.
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Old 2012-03-26, 02:10   Link #2
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This guy is one sick SoB. At least with Toma we knew what he was after and even he had a reason. However with Mikage there doesn't seem to be any rhyme or reason to what he does.
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Old 2012-03-26, 03:34   Link #3
Aoi Toori
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even though I want to yell "MYKAGEEEEE!!!" for killing jin and screwed up a lot of people... I still love this character. He's a true villain with sick mind and a decency to troll. and that alto/graham voice is a good bonus.

and to think I hate him up until ep 10 because of his design...
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Old 2012-03-26, 04:20   Link #4
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is it wrong to wish for him to suffer the most horrible and painful death imaginable for what he did to jin and also because he is creepy

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Old 2012-03-26, 12:29   Link #5
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Originally Posted by 0rphen View Post
is it wrong to wish for him to suffer the most horrible and painful death imaginable for what he did to jin and also because he is creepy
No, I'd say it's encouraged
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Old 2012-03-26, 12:52   Link #6
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He's fabulous. He's definitely in my top 3 favorite characters.

His being such a shameless sadist really makes him extra epic.

The way he tortured Kagura was so hot. *faint*

He's probabely the only one with the might to troll the annoying Fudou.

Negative note. I don't like his raibow head-wings.
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Old 2012-03-26, 14:24   Link #7
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I'm entertained with Mykage. The Altair guys wouldn't be a menace by themselves, so we need him to spice things up.

"Who would understand you after I die? Who else would march forward by your side?"
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Old 2012-03-26, 20:06   Link #8
Supah Em
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People hating on him means that he's a great antagonist. SoB
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Old 2012-03-27, 05:02   Link #9
Swordy Turkey
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Mykage is cool.
In the evil kind of way.
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Old 2012-03-27, 05:15   Link #10
Hail the power of Fujoshi
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Mykage is quickly becoming one of my favourite antagonists. I like how he has not a shred of remorse or feeling for what he has done so far. I do understand that most, if not all of you dislike him, but I personally love his presence solely because he adds much needed spice for the role of antagonist. I have never truly considered Izumo as one, so I am pleased that Mykage is taking the role.

However, I am slowly getting irritated with the way he keeps sniffing the flower. I don't know, but it just gets on my nerves each time he does that.
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Old 2012-03-28, 06:02   Link #11
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Mykage is the boss. A very fabulous boss.

At first I felt he was a bit of a let-down because he looks too much like Touma who was my favorite in Genesis, and I expected someone like him... But Mykage turned out to be much more than a Touma clone. He's his own character and he's doing a damn good job at being the main antagonist. He has a great presence and style (and now I see why Nakamura Yuuichi was a great choice for him!), and being so shamelssly over-the-top and melodramatic doesn't hurt at all.

And after ep 13 I can't wait to know the background on Mykage and Fudou... *fans self*
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Old 2012-03-28, 13:02   Link #12
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Mykage Towano, fabulous to the brink.

I can only say that without him the whole serie could have just been another highschool romance serie, being the only true villain of the show so far. I'm not familiar with the previous entry in the Aquarion mythos but from what I understand he is a shadow angel (full definition woul be useful).

While most other characters have a definite element power Mykage possesses a crapload of powers (not elements I guess) that he uses to manipulate people in order to obtain the original Aquarion.

Mykage is clearly a sadist, while he claims to be an ally of love, most of his actions tend to prove the contrary, be it with Donar, Kagura, Alicia or most recently Jin. I'm wondering then if Mykage has his own idea of love, or that past experiences made him resent love itself. By extension one can only guess he has issues with the star crossed lovers. Apollo and Sylvie who vows to renew their passion after 12 000 years are the strongest reference of undying love you can find in the serie, what if Mykage identifies Kagura as Apollo and seizes the chance to twist the threads of fate, turning love into hate, passion into obsession.

Mykage doesn't like shippers.
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Old 2012-03-29, 01:35   Link #13
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I think he is the Ali Al-Saachez or Kyubey of EVOL, the antagonist that everybody love to hate but somehow got a significant fanbase.
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Old 2012-03-29, 03:04   Link #14
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HE IS GREAT and beautiful too, the perfect antagonist (that will maybe turn out to be a good guy)
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