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Old 2012-03-31, 07:19   Link #61
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^ Ah, but I was talking about Clannad AS's Ending theme.
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Old 2012-03-31, 07:26   Link #62
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Originally Posted by Eragon View Post
^ Ah, but I was talking about Clannad AS's Ending theme.
Sorry, about Clannad AS's ED, it just shows the characters plus the ever cute Ushio. I mentioned the OP because I find it far more superior than the content or theme of the ED. Or its just my perception.
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Old 2012-03-31, 07:53   Link #63
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^ Yes I agree. The OP of AS is far more superior than its ED. My problem with AS's ED is it's not made for AS. It would have been better if it was the ED of the first season(with some changes of course) and the "Dango Daikazuku" ED was for AS. I mean didn't it drive you mad to hear such a jovial ED after watching episode 18 or the next few episodes of AS.
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Old 2012-03-31, 13:48   Link #64
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Thing is, I can't really take the "Dango Daikazuku" ED anymore without tears. It is Nagisa's theme afterall.

The Clannad AS ending was used for goo effect around episode 19 or so when the end of the episode slipped right into the ED perfectly with Ushio marching from one scene into the ED.
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Old 2012-03-31, 14:02   Link #65
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I very often skip OP/ED if I'm marathoning a series. Except when the track is to my liking. For example, I never skip Texhnolyze's OP. I just love the track and the animation sequence.
Spoiler for Texhnolyze OP:

Now, when it comes to adding something to the series, Kuuchuu Buranko's ED does this very well. If you have watched the show you know what I'm talking about. The show deals with psychological problems people have, and each episode ends in an upbeat note. The ED song just ties so well to the atmosphere at the end of each episode.
Spoiler for Kuuchuu Buranko ED:

So yes. I feel that a good opening/ending can at least add something to the watching experience. I have not seen many shows that pull if off as nicely as Kuuchuu Buranko, though.
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Old 2012-03-31, 14:31   Link #66
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Ah, I think I have a good example of an OP adding something to the anime.

Spoiler for Clannad After Story, major spoilers:
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Old 2012-04-07, 18:35   Link #67
Supah Em
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Kamisama Dolls was a mediocre series and left me hanging in the end, but it was watchable to a certain extent due to its weird and catchy ED. I guess it had some effect on me.
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Old 2012-04-08, 18:21   Link #68
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Yes, a good OP/ED would make the whole series alot more memorable. Whenever I listen to the song, I can picture the scene of OP all over again. And some of the song have very interesting/inspiring lyrics too.
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Old 2012-04-08, 18:36   Link #69
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Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam's 2nd OP is how I will define the series, even though my version didn't have those songs and only English instrumentals as a OP. :S

What the hell. It's not on youtube due to copyright infringement.
(Warning: Crappy quality and ads, semi spoilers for the series)

The Zeta Gundam emerging from the smoke is one of the best ways I've seen to start an episode as well as the end of the OP where it shoots off. And the song is amazing.

The ED song is also a pleasant sounding song:
Though it'd be a bit odd to have this at times considering the nature of the show.

The Nanoha season 1 OP is one of my favorite ones and there might not be anything quite like it. That single handedly kept me around, for better or for worse. It all started at 0:31 And the lyrics summarize the show.

And of course "Fly me to the Moon":
Non-engrish versions of course. Also, led to some rather memorable moments, usually involving a fade to black. It also is related to the anime more than one would think.

Ergo Proxy, like i've said recently:
Nice and Haunting. Plus good english.

Lain's Duvet might just be my favorite song for anime of all time: Though that series's visuals sometimes...

Higurashi's 2nd ending was really good for its last episode but it fit the series in general.
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Old 2012-04-09, 19:57   Link #70
blinded by blood
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I skip them all.
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Old 2012-04-09, 20:31   Link #71
a small cat
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Originally Posted by teja208 View Post
I have few questions about anime OP/ED.

1. Openings and Endings seems like a serious business in anime. Is there a reason to it? If so, how important is it?

2. What makes a good anime OP/ED? Is there a formula to it? How much does it contributes to the anime you watched?

3. For most anime you watched, do you usually get sick of OP/ED after watching once or twice and decided to skip them, or would you rather watch them all the way?
1. Reason? It's music, and I like to listen to it. Jpop is my favourite.
My list of favourite people on MAL are usually people who sang anime OP and ED themes that I liked.

2. Usually, I like catchy opening themes. It sets the mood for the show.

3. I never skip anime OP and ED themes.

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Old 2012-04-10, 13:32   Link #72
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Darker then black OP and ED
They really didn't add anything for
I was stil broed out of my mind
Maybe this why I havent finish it
( or not )
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Old 2012-04-10, 21:47   Link #73
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The Moon Phase series had an insanely perky opening song (nekomimimode) but the ending song would change as the series got darker and darker - I thought that was a nice touch.

Then, of course, the K-ON! "future mode" EDs spawned all sorts of excitement including two live high budget concerts.

The OP/ED are bookends to an episode and *should* create the mood... but heck, I have a few OSTs from series I didn't like so much and there are series I loved with OP/EDs that I hit the FF button so fast ninjas can't spot the move.

That said, I prefer the harder edged rock themes over the sugar-sweet pop tunes that are so popular with many of the "idol worshippers"
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Old 2012-04-11, 20:21   Link #74
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When the Madoka phase was still running. People were predicting what the OP/ED were featuring, especially after a certain episode. I say that OPs/EDs have multiple reasons, to add future input for people to predict what will happen. To better promote singers like Choucho who sung for Kamisama no Memochou (a former Nico Nico Douga singer I believe). Or many other reasons.
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Old 2012-04-18, 04:16   Link #75
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Well for me, it's a maybe. Like for example, I first fell in love with Bakemonogatari's Ending song (kimi no shiranai monogatari by Supercell) before I actually got into the anime itself. I heard it on my brother's ipod. In contrast, I also fell in love with Yosuga no Sora's opening song but the anime itself did not captivate me at all (c'mon, it's incest at its best!).

So maybe good op/ed song add something to an anime but in the end, it's still the story that will get people to love it.
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Old 2012-04-20, 13:33   Link #76
Kizoku Keenan
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I think in some cases it does for example I think one of the closing songs to FMA brotherhood which was performed by Scandal which went by the name os shunken sentimental was by far a great closing song because the episodes it was an outro for were episodes where the good guys were finally fighting back and it is such an energetic song to go along with the energetic full on action packed ending to those episodes.

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Old 2012-04-20, 19:15   Link #77
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Originally Posted by Chiibi View Post
So we have any audience here who....well...sings along to the songs when watching?


I-I'm just curious!! I-I-it's not like I do it or anything!! (T\\\\T)
I do too if the song is catchy enough
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Old 2012-04-21, 01:59   Link #78
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A good OP is a great mood enhancer and can set the table nicely for the episode. While a good ED, can be a nice warm down or a give a nice bit of breathing space. Alternatively they could just be kickass tunes.
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Old 2012-04-21, 03:45   Link #79
Elo the Blue
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I think good opening and ending tracks can help make a series more memorable.
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Old 2012-04-21, 04:05   Link #80
temporary safeguard
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Like with all other music, it's a matter of taste. If you like it, you will listen to it a lot. Otherwise skip it.
I skip OPs more often than EDs. If you are watching a couple of episodes one after another, they can get repetetive.

Some OPs and EDs however will entertain you with small or larger changes every time. Like new characters appearing, showing recent events, character developement. Spotting these changes makes for a nice game.

I can't believe 4 pages in no one has mentioned yet the prime example of this:
Sora no Otoshimono

A new ED every episode, usually with a connection to the episodes's plot and all of them are awesome.

The legendary panty birds song:
Spoiler for Panty Birds:

Ikarus's epic underwater voyage:
Spoiler for Go Ikarus!:
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ending theme, opening theme

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