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Old 2012-04-21, 05:41   Link #81
Hail the power of Fujoshi
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I bother to watch the OP and the ED only when I watch the first episode. Most of the time, I will skip, because why bother watching the same stuff every episode? It's not like I'm watching a tv program and I have to sit through it. With the convenience of a mouse click, I can simply jump straight to the story.

But I would say there is one or two animes that I actually care about the ED. Recent example would be Aquarion Evol.
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Old 2012-04-21, 10:52   Link #82
Loves the Experience
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Yes it does. Just look at the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles show and try telling me the OP of that show didn't get you pumped up.

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Old 2012-04-23, 04:51   Link #83
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Well, somewhat. However it also kinda misleading for Code Geass R2 OP sounded more like a BL/yaoi show than anything like it(mecha/"political" drama).
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Old 2012-04-26, 21:02   Link #84
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Usually, I just listen to the OP after I've seen the animation once or twice. I usually don't flat out skip it, but I go to another tab to do stuff. I think an OP/ED really does contribute to the anime. To me, it sort of serves as a representation of the anime in a way. A good one can stick all the emotions from the series into one little piece of music. After I've finished a series, and I sort of want to relive it, I listen to the OPs and EDs for the feels. Even now, I get all nostalgic and teary eyed when I hear old One Piece, Naruto, and Bleach OPs and EDs .
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Old 2012-04-26, 23:26   Link #85
Arturia Polaris
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The OP is a vital part for an anime IMO.

Look at Hanasaku Iroha's OPs, they give a lively atmosphere to prepare you for the anime that you are going to watch. Besides being pretty awesome themselves, it sets the mood for the kind of anime you'll watch.

I still find myself hearing the OPs for several animes. Mayo Chiki, Hanasaku Iroha, Kamimemo, Oreimo, Papakiki, C3, etc.

A good OP really adds a lot to an anime, as in memorable moments. You hear the OP and immediately go "OH YEAH"

But if the OP is horrible, then you'll just skip it. Having a good OP will add to a show but a bad one doesn't really take away from the anime (Look at TWGOK, Both OP's are horrible, but the 1st one grew on me after watching it several times)

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Old 2012-04-26, 23:40   Link #86
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1. Oh yea, its totally srs bsns. As much as it brings in the dough.

2. As for music, it really depends on personal tastes. As for animation, it really depends on the genre of the anime. Actions anime should have flash, fast-paced scenes, while the opposite for slice of life shows, etc.

3. Whenever I start a new series or OP/ED changes, I always watch them at least once in full. And then I usually skip it from the next episode onward. On rare occasions I will watch it multiple times, even from just one episode if I do like it alot. And if I like the music, they go straight into my pod. As a note, about 60-70% of the 500 songs in there are anime themes.
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Old 2012-04-27, 09:05   Link #87
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Not just OP and ED... sometimes there are some awesome insert song too.
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