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Old 2013-06-23, 00:52   Link #201
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Well, I know the series is almost over, but I decided I might look around and post in this thread as well.

So far I think the series is okay, it's nothing really fantastic, but it does have it's moments. Gareki and especially Nai has grown on me. Ever since finding out that he's a niji, I have just found him adorably cute when before I found him ultra annoying. I guess it's all about perspective...

Anyway, as for episode 12....
Well that was the best episode in the entire series. Too bad it has to be near the end. They have suddenly piqued my interest.

Gareki has the potential to be in Circus but doesn't know it yet. We find out that there are TWO Karokus, I'm thinking the one in the bed in the real one. We find out that Nai has a new power and they might just have taken down Uro (though I doubt it, that guy's too good of a villain), though the top baddy old man and his brat granddaughter have escaped.

Uro seems to have more up his sleeve, especially involving that little box that was seen a few episodes ago.

I never knew there were that many members of Circus, they should really have spoken on that more. I like that Nai can tell each and every creature individually, even machines. Jiki annoyed me the entire episode. (Honestly, while the main members of the 2nd ship have grown on me, I loath almost every member of 1st ship. Jiki, Iva, snotty brat scythe chick: can't stand any of them. Only the redhead captain is tolerable, and that's just barely.)

Also, we learn who the traitor was among the scientists, and it looks like the shadowy guy we saw last time was actually a red herring for the real evil wacko, Azana. I really never saw that coming.

Actually, I really hate this episode. I hate it for being so good that it makes me want to know more. And yet, I know there's only one more episode to go. Urghh! It makes me so frustrated!

Maybe I'll go read the manga, even though, I really don't know if I want to play catch up.
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Old 2013-06-23, 12:56   Link #202
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Is the manga any different from the series?

I still haven't played catch up(I stopped at episode eight) and I'll probably finish this at some point, after all of the other shows I follow finish, but this seemed to be such a snoozefest.

I can't take Nai seriously without thinking that he's a Pokemon.


Somehow, I get the feeling that the manga is probably much, much MUCH darker...
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Old 2013-06-24, 01:07   Link #203
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The anime followed the manga closely.

The only took out one event, and shortened another. The rest is just re-arranging the order.

So the manga should pretty easy to follow if you continue from where the anime left off.
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Old 2013-06-24, 10:56   Link #204
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The main problem with the manga is that the translations are a bit slow but not as slow as Zetsuen no Tempest (interesting that both Makai Ouji and Karneval translations have more or less a 10 chapter difference from Japan).

The adaptation hasn't been really bad in my opinion, sure they've speed up some things so they changed some scenes or omitted another ones. But there's something about the anime, can't exactly point what is it, that makes me a bit bored and sometimes I end up skipping parts.
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Old 2013-06-28, 20:25   Link #205
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That was a pretty decent end, the anime was pretty much loyal to the manga with very minimal changes. Some parts have pacing issues but other than that it was a good adaptation. I didn't like Hiro Shimono as Nai but I've gotten used to it ^^; it was an enjoyable run! I'm hoping for a 2nd season 9/10 for me (might be quite high but I rate my anime based on enjoyment)
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Old 2013-06-28, 21:32   Link #206
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Ice-Cream Parade

A pretty decent, dialogue-driven episode that sets up the prelude for the final scenario in the show.

I'm pretty sure that if Yogi had much reasons to take Yanari's pain towards the loss of his (Yanari's) mother so personal and be immersed into it, it's because the former likely had a similar experience or loss during his childhood or teenage years; well that's my gist.

For Gareki, hmm...

What Hirato subtly implied to Gareki could be either taken as an invitation or an offer to become part of Circus. I think that Gareki should stop feeling guilty or unworthy of deserving everyone's company, and actually take the leap forward. I feel he can make a difference and do something if he joins Circus.

As for Karoku, yeah, there's no doubt there are two of them, but which one has been in touch with Nai? or has it been both of them?
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Old 2013-06-29, 08:41   Link #207
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Gareki guilt tripping himself.
Well, he does need help a lot in fights.
He should have gotten stronger earlier since Nai keeps attracting trouble.
Lots of action this time, but for a final episode that's kinda expected.
It was nice seeing how strong Yogi have gotten.
Nai - Karoku reunion was interesting.
The ending was not what I expected, but it was ok.

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Old 2013-06-29, 14:05   Link #208
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I still do not know what to think of this, it was ok, but at the same time it wasn't too interesting, the character designs were ok but not really outstanding, but the animation was really good. I made it through until the end so it was somewhat interesting I guess.
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Old 2013-06-29, 19:00   Link #209
Kana Hanazawa ♥
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This show never grabbed me. I was bored throughout most of it. It wasn't outright terrible so 5/10.
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Old 2013-06-29, 19:26   Link #210
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I did enjoy this show, and if it does get the second series it is so obviously set up for, I shall watch it. After all, we definitely need to see Gareki come back better and wiser, gain his full power and be completely kick-ass awesome. Even if they make him wear a silly hat. I mean, Gareki's goggles are pretty cool, but so many people in Circus wear shocking bad hats!

I was amused that they gave him a badly made plushie version of Nai's original form.
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Old 2013-06-29, 21:13   Link #211
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Well not to bad but still dont know why they would name an organization Circus

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Old 2013-06-30, 05:20   Link #212
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So the series are over? Will there be a season 2?

Have anyone read the manga? So there is a possibility of a timelapse for the next season, so Nai won´t be a twelve year old brat anymore? It kinda puts me of when the maincharacters are children.
And Gareki was a Kafka experiment meaning he probably have some badass evil Varuga power inside of him?

Series was okai. I like the universe they have created. Waiting for more. It kinda feels like a "prequel" for something awesome.
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Old 2013-07-01, 08:41   Link #213
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This was actually a somewhat interesting show. I really don't have a lot to say about it though, seeing as it really answered none of the questions posed. I'm intrigued by this series, and I hope to see a second season produced, but based on what I've seen I'm not confident that this will happen.

Really, it was just kind of average all around for me. It did remind me a lot of Nabari no Ou, mostly in that the relationship between Gareki and Nai was very similar to the one I recall from Nabari. At any rate, hopefully I get to see more and if I do I hope it answers a lot of those questions I have.
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Old 2013-07-03, 05:27   Link #214
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Is shocked in finding out the sales of the vol.1 of the anime is approaching 9K.
I was under the impression that the fan girls is going to abandon this show so they can concentrate their investment on Utapuri. Just how wrong I was.....
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Old 2013-07-04, 01:02   Link #215
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Niji's Promise

I'm getting closer towards the conclusion.

All in all, a decent episode. The hand to hand combat was pretty stylized and also executed to go along with the pace of the climax.

I guess for Uro the best route would be wiping out the current Circus members gathered at the mansion in order to ensure that Kafkas' whereabouts and its operations remain just a faint shadow known as deja-vú that leaves no traces.

In response, Hirato's going to enter the fray to ensure a successful capture of Uro with a 100% rate; it's all or nothing to gain evidence against Kafka.

But, if I didn't see it coming, then it comes that unlikely as he was Azana turns out to be a traitor whether be an infiltrated agent or he simply lost his marbles to Kafka, and what they do for humans.

We have several of the main players' personal tribulations rising up.

1. Whether is for Garekis' best interests to leave Circus alone and by himself, since he yet has to prove to himself his worth. As a matter of fact, Gareki did not notice, but Yogi did, that the former highly excels with hacking computer systems and security.

2. Yogi's torn after eavesdropping that Gareki might leave Circus.

3. Elishka, well she's pretty much fawning upon Karoku.

4. The man himself, Karoku, is actually two of them. The question is which one is the Karoku that holds Nai in best regards and esteem? The Karoku that asked him to leave Gareki's side so as not to hurt him?
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Old 2013-07-04, 06:39   Link #216
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Originally Posted by shmaster View Post
Is shocked in finding out the sales of the vol.1 of the anime is approaching 9K.
I was under the impression that the fan girls is going to abandon this show so they can concentrate their investment on Utapuri. Just how wrong I was.....
The manga and from what I understood the drama CDs sold well.

I am kind of surprised too though since they put no budget into this and rushed through it. The only good thing was the cast.

edit: Finally finished the series. They actually ended exactly where I thought they should with Gareki realizing he wants to stay in Circus and leaving to train. Of course plot wise nothing is really accomplished at this point (except finding Karoku) but at least it feels like a good conclusion for a character arc.

I always say if there is a main character in Karneval it's Gareki, not Nai because Gareki is the "normal" one in the story sorrounded by the extraordinary.

Also early on it might seem that Gareki is the tough character that protects Nai but as the story goes on we see that Gareki actually needs to be protected just as much as Nai by the Circus characters.

I always felt there were way too many characters in Karneval but in general I like everyone with Yogi and Gareki probably being my favorite. I also like that the few female characters are allowed to be good friends with the guys and fight equally along side them (as of yet there is no romance in the story).

The anime of course rushed terribly through events and it hard to feel the same connection with the characters that you do in the manga. I think the characters and the friendships they formed were probably the thing I like most about the story.

However the plot I can't blame on the anime. It has some of the same weaknesses. The Varuga and Kafka are just not very compelling villains. Both Circus and Kafka's powers are not very well thought out either.

I read a bit further in the manga but I can't say my feelings for the series improve. Karneval is enjoyable enough but it never goes beyond a guilty pleasure.

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Old 2013-07-07, 11:40   Link #217
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Finished Karneval today. The final episode yielded the culmination milestone for Gareki to become even more committed to further his personal growth, after all the experiences he lived through and witness by himself remaining with Circus.

I did sob when watching Gareki containing his tears feeling he couldn't accomplish anything on his own in the battlefield and flagelated himself for keeping everyone down. That drama was more personal than powerful, because in real-life we can relate to that same frustration and humiliation; the idea at first you knew how to adapt and survive in your enclosed world. Then, when exposed to something out of the bounds of your world, then you come face to face with the (maybe bitter, maybe ghastly, or maybe exciting) realization that the world is a bigger place than you thought, and what you learned so far is not enough to assure you're going to continue adapting, living, and running your life like how you used to in your world.

I do concede that Gareki is the main protagonist, indeed. Because all those out of the world experiences he got himself involved with that suddenly shattered the rhythm and foundations of his ordinary world. Moreover, the more he interacted with Nai and Circus the more he began to approach them cautiously, little by little, but steadily. And, the more Gareki came face to face for the first time against his own uselessness in that new and bigger world.

It all resonates throughout the rest of the final episode setting up a scene that to me felt very nice and cozy, as if it was a discussion amongstfamily siblings. Tsukumo, Yogi, and Nai all seated in one room discussing about Gareki's fate and admitting amongst themselves that all dread the thought about Gareki leaving them forever.

However, it is interesting to take notice that, first, we start with Gareki getting any response from Hirato, if there's anyway for him to enroll at a Government academy without a family register; Hirato's response was that he'll see through it, but that his participation up to that point ends there, meaning whether he excels and brings good results or not that would be Gareki's full responsibility and choices.
Then, later as Tsukumo, Yogi, and Nai discuss on Gareki, Yogi mentioned he would feel terrible if Gareki actually joins as a child to the Second ship recalling his own experience when first joined Circus. In order not to endager his whole family and not to be shackled by those feelings of worry and concern, he had to strip himself off of his previous identity: all his family register and civilian profiles were erased.

This means that the prerequisite to join Circus is that one must erase everything about his persona from his or her past to likely his or her previous name, becoming a non-existent shadow to the rest of the world. Hence, I see why the members of the Circus Ships that do the fighting and arrests are so few. To abandon everything and becoming a sort of deja-vü to the rest of the world is a life-altering choice and never an easy one.

Now, how does that has to do with Gareki? - It has a lots to do, since Gareki never had a family register, hence, to the world itself he's like another non-existent shadow.
I speculate that whatever setup by Hirato, then he sent Gareki to a Circus sanctoned, training Academy; my gist.
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