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Old 2012-05-21, 21:22   Link #81
da big boss
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Originally Posted by Endbo View Post
I know its a little off topick, but i have in a long time haved a theory. Its about why Whitebeard and Gol D Roger got a deadly sickness.
What if when you visit the laste island where the one piece is, you go through something that if you are not the chosen one you get sick or you just get sick because you get to know the truth about the world, we now that roger has been there, and higely possibly whitebeard and they both got very sick.
What i really am tryng to say is that i think that maybe luffy also will get very sick, at the end of the serie.

also we ofter here about chosen person and peolpe coming to a limit, and so on

(sry for my bad engelish)
If I'm not mistaken, Gold Roger was ill before he became pirate king. Meaning its likely he was already dying by the time he made it to Raftel. As for WB, it was probably just old age that made him sick.
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Well Whitebeard never visited Raftel nor was he interested in knowing where it is since he wasn't interested in One Piece.

His dream was having a family so he just needed a great family of pirates.
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Just putting out a little reminder that yes, there will indeed be a chapter this week, and the spoiler should be out by early tomorrow. Hopefully, 668 will prove whether or not my theory is right.....

UPDATE: Oooorder up!

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