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Old 2012-05-19, 08:27   Link #1
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Need Anime Suggestions!

I am new to both these Forums and Anime in general.

The Anime I have watched so far are Naruto, Death Note, Code Geass, High School of the Dead and Elfen Lied.

I am looking for Anime similar to Code Geass and Death Note, and below I am going to list the things I liked and disliked the most about these anime, so that you may understand exactly what I am looking for.

What I love about them
- The thing I loved the most about both of them were the anti-hero protagonists. The dilemmas of existence and what is right and what is wrong. Also, the fact that they are intelligent and have been gifted powers as a means to achieve their goals. Both Lelouch and Light have chilling evil laughs that I adore.

- I loved the whole Brittanian Nobility and deep family issues (once they loved each other, now they fight each other) and the wonderfull Baroque music that went with it. (See for refence)

- I loved the fact that from the first episode of the first series, you are already captivated and addicted to them.

- I love the drama and moral pressures, the supernatural things about both the series along with the mindblowing strategies and tactics.

- I loved the fact that the anime creators actually included romance in both the series and were not afraid to make characters kiss and more (unlike other series, ahem, naruto)

What I hate about them

- What I really did not enjoy was the Mecha in Code Geass. Those machines were completely unrelated to the whole storyline and the whole of R2 was based on "Who has the bigger and better mecha wins" while R1 was more about the tactics of running an army in the battle.

- I don't really like the stories being set in modern times. Code Geass is an exception because of the alternative time-line and I quite enjoyed Death Notes animation and dark-and-gloomy setting of modern cities.

- I don't like it when Anime drag on for too long, but I also hate it when they are really, unnecessarily short.


Any help and suggestions will be greatly appreciated!
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Old 2012-05-19, 10:05   Link #2
Obelisk ze Tormentor
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The problem is, there’s not much anime like Death Note & Code Geass out there. That's why they are special. Instead, there are some cheap copycat like Guilty Crown which has terrible story.

So, you hate mecha and futuristic setting but love kingdoms, smart protagonist, battle tactics, and romance? Sounds like Utawarerumono might entertain you . You might also try Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood, The Twelve Kingdoms and Moribito. I think those titles have intelligent stories, decent protags, and good dramas.
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Old 2012-05-19, 10:10   Link #3
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If you like Utawarerumono, try Tears to Tiara.
Since you like Code Geass, try Guilty Crown but it has bad writing.
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Old 2012-05-19, 11:27   Link #4
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I would recommend Fate Zero since it's also a bit of a clever chess game (between magus trying to kill each other) that examines some moral concepts. It might not be as gripping to begin with, however, but I do think it's well worth your time. If you choose to watch it however, for the first season I strongly recommend seeking out the DVD/BD version, rather than the TV versions, as they have more content.

There is also Guilty Crown and it's kinda similar to Code Geass. It's okayish but I wouldn't say it's bad.

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Old 2012-05-19, 11:43   Link #5
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You can also try Blood+. It's quite long, but the characters are well-developed IMO and the plot is engaging.

Jigoku Shoujo has a number of episodes that touches the aspect of morality, especially when the characters decide to send someone to hell. Sometimes, their reason is not justified at all.
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Old 2012-05-19, 12:09   Link #6
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hmm try blood c or blood+
Hishiko ヒツコ
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Old 2012-05-19, 12:18   Link #7
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Thanks for the suggestions everybody!

I just started watching a series called "Monster". It is absolutely nothing like Code Geass or Death Note (especially with the simple-minded, emotion-led, protagonist), yet I find it to be quite engaging and I'm quite fascinated with the mentality of this "Monster" person.

Oh, and if there are no series like Code Geass and Death Note, then one day I shall create my own storyline, get it sponsored into a Manga in Japan and hopefully make it into an Anime later on. (Wishfull thinking owns)
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Old 2012-05-19, 12:48   Link #8
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Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica
Gundam SEED
Full Metal Alchemist
Hikaru no Go

Most of them captivates you within the first episodes. Gundam SEED and Kaiji are probably closest to what you're actually looking for, but since you're new you you don't actually know what you're looking for, and I bet you would probably like the rest too .
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Old 2012-05-19, 13:04   Link #9
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Seconding Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood, Fate Zero and Baccano.

As someone already mentioned there aren't many shows like those two but if since you want something with an engaging storyline, I would recommend these,

Samurai Champloo
Akira - Its a movie
Ghost in the Shell
Ergo Proxy - Its philosophical with a lot of dialogue.
Cowboy Bebop
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Old 2012-05-19, 13:08   Link #10
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Second Madoka Magica
I would recommend Steins;Gate : the beginning is a little too comedic for your tastes but the second half goes pretty dark.
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Old 2012-05-19, 13:19   Link #11
Me at work
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Well you've already got Monster so that's good.

I'll second Fate/Zero,here's a synopsis.

The Holy Grail War is a death-match between 7 magi (Masters) and their summoned heroic spirits (Servants). In this battle royale, the prize is the legendary Holy Grail, said to be an omnipotent wish-granting device which will produce any sort of miracle in order to bend reality to accommodate the wishes it grants. The winning Master and Servant shall be granted one wish each, after which the Holy Grail will not be activated until the next War.

The 4th Holy Grail War is about to take place, and the 3 preceding Wars had ended without a victor. In pursuit of their individual goals and ambitions, the competing magi congregate at a Japanese city called Fuyuki. All the magi will do anything, rationalize away any atrocity, in pursuit of the Holy Grail.
I bolded the part I though were of interest,out of the 7 magis there isn't really a standard hero.
It's set in 1994 but with a twist since there's magic and the servants are historical figures from different time periods.Here's both openings to give you a feel for it.
Though even if there's great action scene,this is a whole lot more about the stategies and mind games that get played rather than the action itself.

Another one I'd recommend is Akagi , now I knew nothing about mahjong coming in and still enjoyed this,the show explains the basics and the mahjong is just pretext for psychological warfare you can understand even if you're not familiar with the rules.
I recommend it because the protaginist is a great anti-hero,he would be an antagonist in a lot of other show,other characters say he's a monster and they're right,winning doesn't satisfy this guy he wants to destroy his opponent in every way possible.
He doesn't have the same evil laugh,but he has his trademark quick smirk.

Another anime that had fun with playing with the bounderies of good and evil is shiki, especially this guy who divided viewers,some thought he was a real hero who did everything he could,others say he crossed the line.
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Old 2012-05-19, 13:30   Link #12
this is how its done
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try darker than black
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Old 2012-05-19, 15:59   Link #13
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Seconding Fate Zero, Moribito, The Twelve Kingdoms, and Madoka.

I'd suggest Shakugan no Shana, though for what you want you'd undoubtedly enjoy the III/Final season, but I am not sure you'll enjoy getting into the other 2, and Final makes no sense without the previous 2 seasons.
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Old 2012-05-19, 17:36   Link #14
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The Legend of Galactic Hero. Quality Show. Better then Code Geass in my opinion. It's pretty long but it's good.
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Old 2012-05-19, 17:50   Link #15
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Here are my suggestion:

Fate/Stay Night or Zero & Kara no Kyoukai: The Garden of Sinners.
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Old 2012-05-20, 18:12   Link #16
Cross Game - I need more
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I'd suggest

Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood
Madoka Magica
Neon Genesis Evangelion
(Has mecha, but don't worry, the story isn't about mecha.)

Cross Game - A Story of Love, Life, Death - and Baseball. What more could you want?
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