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Text Translation Help

This may not be the proper place for this (but if it is, any of you admins/moderators who see this, please move this to the proper forum).

I just got a game recently and it's mainly in Japanese, but despite that, it's relatively easy to play. Now as for a translation help; this is from the game's "Manuel".

I get the feeling that the one in the Blue Box is part of the "Settings", so I messed around with it but I don't really see how it affects what's going on in the game.

The Pink/Magenta Box, I don't know.

As for the Green Box, I think it's describing the in-game Camera. But I'm not sure though.

Can someone translate these into English?

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I can't read kanji, but this is what I can read:

Camera Switch: Free [stuff I can't read]
Camera [something]: Right Click + Mouse Drag
Camera Pan: Middle Click + Mouse Drag
Camera Zoom: Mouse Wheel

[something] Speed
[something] Speed
Zoom Speed

Color of [something]
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Well, thanks.

And after messing around with the user interface, I got a better idea of what they are.
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