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Old 2004-04-09, 07:20   Link #1
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Join Date: Jan 2004
what should be check in the advacne tab

On my Xp Advance tab their are option lik,pop3 smtp,imp3 1mp4 spt server,pop3, remote desktop, telhet server, and the http uncheck. which one should i check. or uncheck
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Old 2004-04-09, 08:08   Link #2
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Firstly, where did you find this tab? Which program is it part of?

Secondly, assuming they are related to running services: if you have to ask such a question you probably want them all disabled. Running pop3, smtp, imap, telnet or http services when you don't know what they do is a very bad idea.

Lastly, however, unless you are installing something, deliberately changing a part of your system or something doesn't currently work; why are you trying to change the setting? That's called "fiddling" (technical term ) .. and often causes problems that can be hard to track down.
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Old 2004-04-10, 10:04   Link #3
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It sounds like you are trying to use Windows XP's firewall. Most likely you don't need change anything like NightWish suggested above. Those are just service ports which you want to keep open and I assume you don't really know about them, so I suggest you to not check any of them. If you need use mIRC DCC, DC++, BitTorrent or smiliar, you need open ports. There is plenty of tutorials about this topic on the net.
DCC + XP Firewall
If you want use ex. DC++, make DC++ use fixed port on Settings dialog and add that port like described above (DCC + XP Firewall).
And for Bittorrent, add 6881, 6882 and few more.
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