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Old 2012-07-05, 21:18   Link #41
Urzu 7
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One title I didn't see mentioned that I think you might like is Wolf's Rain. I think it is a pretty good anime (a mix of modern day fantasy, supernatural, and drama) and it hardly offers anything that a feminist might object to. Anything in it that you might object to are minor and infrequent.
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Old 2012-07-06, 12:11   Link #42
Kyero Fox
Tastes Cloudy
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Spice and Wolf is a must watch for any anime fan.
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Old 2012-07-06, 18:57   Link #43
Join Date: Apr 2006
Super gals
Alice gakuen - it reminds me of Kodomo no omocha
Kodomo no omochA
Kaleido star - well done
AkaZukin chacha - don't gauge its comedy by the first ep it gets much funnier and Zanier
Jungle wa itsumo hale nochi GUu - crazy in a good way
school rumble

As for slayers I suggest checking. Out slayers next first since it is the best season. The whole series is on Hulu
They're all comedy and most of them have romance

They all have substance and probably have no ecchi. I don't recall

And yes elfen lied is a piece of crap. The animes I mentioned have good quality characters I promise. We seem to dislike and or get bored by the same anime so i hope my reccs match you. Btw dont watch Clannador any other mod blob shows from kyo ani, they are boring and not sad. Man there was this hilarious pic someone made with everyone from clannad crying which was inserted into their review but I forgot
the site.

Nm here it is

On a similar note or different note I don't recommend full metal alchemist. The characters are really nothing special. A fair rule with this anime is give 5 EPs and if u dont feel compelled to watch, stop watching it. Though if by the first or second ep u feel unimpressed and bored with it do drop it. This show is really hyped and it's a bunch of people's first anime or something ... It's extremely overrated . It's below average for me especially bc I saw the slayers franchise before it. Slayers is badass and fma is lame. That's how I would describe it

And maybe nana since its aimed at girls. There's sex scenes though

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Old 2012-07-06, 19:09   Link #44
Senior Member
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Haibane Renmei. All female cast, no sexualization/ecchi/moe whatsoever, and offers a tremendous mature and dramatic story.
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Old 2012-07-08, 00:23   Link #45
Kleo Scanti
Urd Fangirl
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Location: Europe
Ellis is exactly what the OP doesn't want--a "Pokemon" girl who acts all dumb/weird/quirky/unrealistically.
Which is a very wrong first impression. I hate "Pokemon" girls myself, but I wouldn't put Ellis into this category. And, as I said before, that series is not about the story.

But to each their own. For me Madoka Magica didn't work at all while people love it so much. *shrugs*
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Old 2012-07-11, 11:48   Link #46
Junior Member
Join Date: Jun 2012
Almost done with Nana. I loved the first season, the second doesn't have me hooked as much because of Takumi xD I like Nana's storyline still though, Hachi's is just a bit confusing and I'm not sure what the writer wants me to think about it.

The show reminds me how backwards Japan is about birth control though. Like the scene where Nana is in the doctor's office and she mentions smoking and taking the pill at the same time and he suggests she go off the pill rather than stop smoking *kicks*
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Old 2012-07-11, 15:56   Link #47
Junior Member
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Not sure if it has been suggested yet or not, but I'd definitely give Steins;Gate a shot. All of the female characters, and all of the characters in general, are given a ton of depth and personality. The female characters in S;G are some of my favorite.
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Old 2012-07-18, 09:39   Link #48
Join Date: Jun 2011
Definitely recommend against all Key stuff, like Clannad Air. It really makes me shudder. As a feminist I found K-on non-offensive, but it was dull.

Nana is amazing. Have you tried Paradise Kiss and Shoujo Beat? His or Her Circumstances, aka Kare Kano.

You need to watch Code Geass! That show has a 55% female audience despite featuring a male protagonist. The current fanfiction community must be 80% female. It's one of the most popular shows in recent years, I can't believe people didn't suggest it 0.o
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Old 2012-07-18, 10:31   Link #49
Prefectural Magical Girl
Join Date: Apr 2010
Location: Paris, France
I will recommend Library War. I haven't seen it but it looks promising according for what I've seen in one of NHK's imagine-nation episodes recently. It features a good dose of action, drama and non-perverted romance. The main heroine looks rather strong and she has a good amount of character development, which is considered feminist IMO. I wouldn't spoil more as you need to check it yourself !
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Old 2012-07-18, 10:45   Link #50
It's yuri, bitches
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Claymore has a lot of strong female characters. I just have to warn you, it's pretty violent.

Edit: also, if you don't mind Mahou Shoujo, Madoka Magica, obviously.
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Old 2012-07-18, 10:49   Link #51
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Originally Posted by KaoruAoiShiho View Post

You need to watch Code Geass! That show has a 55% female audience despite featuring a male protagonist. The current fanfiction community must be 80% female. It's one of the most popular shows in recent years, I can't believe people didn't suggest it 0.o
Er....You do know why there's a high female audience for Code Geass don't you? It's certainly isn't, IMO, because of its portrayal of women

And if I may ask, What are the fanfic's about - pairings I mean?
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Old 2012-07-18, 11:07   Link #52
Join Date: Jun 2011
Originally Posted by Eragon View Post
Er....You do know why there's a high female audience for Code Geass don't you? It's certainly isn't, IMO, because of its portrayal of women

And if I may ask, What are the fanfic's about - pairings I mean?
?? What does it matter? I'm just recommending female-friendly shows, and Code Geass should be very high on such lists.

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Old 2012-07-18, 11:17   Link #53
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Location: Arcadia Bay.
Age: 24
^ Woah woah woah............. no need to get all fired up for nothing. I never meant(or much rather said) that Code Geass isn't female friendly.
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Old 2012-07-19, 04:16   Link #54
Join Date: Dec 2007
how bout haruhi, she is so strong.
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Old 2012-07-23, 15:52   Link #55
Careful now.
Join Date: Aug 2010
Location: UK
Originally Posted by cabbagefox View Post
Hey guys, just thanking you again for the recs ^_^ I recently watched Shoujo Kakumei Utena and loved it (even though I dislike the Akio character type). I also watched Escaflowne (which I downloaded because it was a 'classic') and it was so good that I'm now in sort of a post-amazing-anime funk and can't find anything comparable. Yeah it's pretty Shoujo but I thought that the romance between Van and Hitomi was adorable, and they both relied on each other for help so not much inequality.

DLing Nana now and I'll probably hit up Mai-Hime next because it comes so highly recommended.
I was reading this thread thinking 'why no Escaflowne recommendations yet?' Old-school fantasy anime with good female characters so it fits the bill - glad you found it on your own and enjoyed it, it's one of my favourites.

As you like the Van and Hitomi relationship I also recommend the Full Metal Panic! series - Kaname and Sousuke are one of my favourite couples, along with Van and Hitomi. It has some similarities with the character developments, but is set in modern day Japan in an alternate world where the Cold War never ended. Similar blend of action with elements of romance, although FMP has more comedy (indeed its second season is all comedy)

Have you tried Fruits Basket? Yes it is shoujo but it is also a nice fantasy story about a family cursed to turn into animals of the zodiac. If you like manga it is a good one to read as the anime doesn't finish it, and it's a really good manga series.

Haibane Renmei - very nicely done story about girls who 'hatch' out as angels in a strange world.

Planetes - really nicely done series about people picking up space debris, a good all rounder.

X-TV - I'm not a fan of the film but I really enjoy the TV series, some great characters with an interesting story.

Birdy the Mighty Decode - I haven't seen the original OVA and I don't think you need to, but Birdy is a really great anime heroine who stands on her own two feet and is a strong fighter and a well developed character, I really enjoyed it.

Spice and Wolf - a few people have already mentioned this and I have to heartily agree, it is one of my favourite series of recent years, which seem to have had a shortage of good adult female characters but Horo is really great.

Wolf's Rain - great fantasy series, and Blue is a really good female character.

Eden of the East - really interesting look at the youth of Japan in the current economic climate, good characters, fun story.

A lot of people mentioned the Ghibli films but I think the films of Satoshi Kon also deserve a mention - Tokyo Godfathers is one of my favourite anime films, but you can't really go wrong with any of them. Perfect Blue has some nudity but it is done in an adult way. Paprika and Millennium Actress are both great too, as is his television series Paranoia Agent which is a thriller with some mystery/ fantastical elements.

I'd recommend against Air and Clannad, I find the women in them very weird - pure male moe fantasy. I don't mind K-On but if I were going to recommend a high school slice of life series I think Azumanga Daioh is much better. Also, I don't mind Haruhi but Haruhi's treatment of Mizuki can be quite uncomfortable and pretty much sexual harassment so I wouldn't recommend that.
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Old 2012-07-26, 16:18   Link #56
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There are many series worth watching IMO, that treat women in a differentiated way.

Simoun - strictly speaking the beings before they choose are sexless but look sooo like girls. Sexless or not, a worthwhile series about a special kind of spacecraft. Eyecandy.
Noir & Madlax - both worthwhile thrillers with female protagonists. No romance.
Michiko to Hachin - a must IMO Road movie, err series. So many amazing females.
Neon Genesis Evangelion - annoying boys and girls. And amazing females, and scenes. And a classic that wrote history. Worth it IMO.
Tsukikage Ran - 2 worthwhile female fighters. Just a fun show. Sake plz!
Black Lagoon - violent underground with several worthwhile females
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Old 2012-07-29, 19:43   Link #57
The Bloodlust Kid
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Kara no Kyoukai. Main character's job is to kick ass and chew bubblegum. And she probably doesn't even like bubblegum. However, certain scenes might make you feel uncomfortable because of its shock value...So I don't know if it's a series for you. Not a lot of fanservice too, the most you'll get is a bare knee.

Durarara. Again, not very fanservice heavy and the female characters are competent. Same goes for Baccano.
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