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The thread for chapter 497 has been created. Please direct discussion regarding this weeks chapter into it's respective thread. Thanks.


Originally Posted by Calca View Post
Think of a whole squad probably Kyoraku level or above
Call me optimistic, but I'm thinking these guys might actually be on Aizen's level or above. Because in the novel, the 8th Kenpachi had some incredibly cheap abilities with his bankai. It was even more overpowered than Aizen's shikai. In fact, it took nothing less than Squad 0 before he was willing to give up. Because the other captains among the Gotei 13 couldn't beat him. This may sound crazy, but I think the 3 members of the Gotei 13 who are Squad 0 level are probably Yamamoto, Unohana (since her power is unknown), and Zaraki (who's feats in the novel against the 8th Kenpachi make him out to be obnoxiously OP).

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