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Old 2012-06-16, 14:54   Link #1
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Kamidori Alchemy Meister [Yuela Route Help]

I've actually looked this up quite a few times and have done everything including leaving some acquirable party members out but I still can't get into Yuela's route.

From what I know the requirements to get into her route are to level Aht and get her Earth Elemental Armor, get Uya in as a playable character, and have Melodiana as a playable character before killing the Reaper in Chapter 3. I was also suppose to come across the measurements scene but have not gotten to it for some reason and I am in chapter four which is titled the same as Emilita's route.

I have already gone through Emilita's route on my first play through so I'm just trying to blast to Yuela's route next.

I obtained Aht and the Earth Elemental Armor before ending chapter one with no measurement scene. I heard that it may be out of order so I went on. I got Uya and Melodiana in the party before going to kill the reaper at the end of chapter three.

Trying to avoid the requirements for Servalwi's route I did not have Suina join the group until around mid-chapter three. Crayl also isn't in the part yet because I skipped him joining completely and went on to chapter four. All of this ended up being a waste because the choice to go with Servalwi on her event came up BEFORE Yuela's came in. I declined Servalwi and went with Yuela in that order.

I've done this whole thing about five times now and every time Servalwi's event choice or measurement scene comes before Yuela's or I end up in Emelita's route again... I would really appreciate some help or enlightenment on this so that I can play her route.
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Old 2012-06-16, 18:27   Link #2
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I suggest following Aroduc's guide:

Spoiler for Guide:

When I played the game I remember following that guide and I was able to lock into and complete Yuela's route (as well as the others). So from what I'm seeing, maybe you didn't level Aht high enough (to 6), or Sharty (to 12). Is Uya a full party member? Meaning not as a guest. You have Melodiana so that's good.

Any questions regarding character route/join conditions and other stuff can be found in his guide (there are some spoilers!):
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eushully, kamidori alchemt meister, route, servalwi, yuela

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