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Just another Idiot
Join Date: Sep 2009
Location: Delusion world
Agetreme's Delusional Draft-Board

*Suspend of belief, any sense logic and sanity required*

Just as the title mention, there will be some posting of draft here and here and some concepts which I might attempt to explain (when I feel like it).

Not a good writer, try not to have too much expectation.

My drawing suxs so don't expect much drawing here either.


May contain spoiler so.... SPOILER! (then again, probably nobody would bother to read this thread anyway so..meh)

Work in Progress:
Hidan No Aria OC fic
> Tantei x Butei / Kaito x Tantei (On Hold)

Infinite Stratos fanfic
> Generation Shift (On hold due to laziness)-->Cecilia's Nightmare (More Alien-y stuff but with Spoiler for Generation Shift)

To Aru OC fic
> Certain Urban Legend Phantasmagoria (Evolve/deteriorated into Certain Nightmare when Phantasmagoria become available)

Original Fantasy story (working on the universe)
Sacred Squire
Dragon Avatar
Dark Lord

Planning to do:
Infinite stratos (Generation Shift)
Yu-gi-oh OC fic
Fanfic without OC for once!
Ara Han

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Old 2013-02-28, 04:03   Link #2
Just another Idiot
Join Date: Sep 2009
Location: Delusion world
Hidan No Aria Fanfic

Hidan No Aria Fanfic:

Hidan No Aria: Darkness

A dark and disturbing story which I am not too sure whether to put it up or not.

Kind of hard not to be disturbing when the antagonist has Serial Killer lineage...


OCs in this twisted story:

A Butei with Phantom thief heritage fit in here because being a kleptomaniac obviously means the character is unsuitable to be a butei who has to uphold justice. The genetic kleptomaniac trait is the Butei's darkness. He is on the combat side.

A female butei who behave like a typically private eye detective of nior genre.... as a parody. Being a normal person, she doesn't do much fighting...but... like a noir detective, she is a very determined to get things done. More involved in detective stuff or just to annoy the Phantom Thief Butei (her partner) with her noir detective monologue. More competent than she appear to be. Have no darkness but has a dark past in form of her father's unsolved mystery.

A Tantei (detective) character fit in here because he highlight the difference between being a tantei and being a butei. Tantei is only interested in the truth.... He is willing to violate any Butei's charter(namely trusting your partner, completing one mission) for the sake of justice and truth. Despite of being an 'A' rank butei, He doesn't do much fighting and is more involved in detective stuff. Reason being, he simply can't keep up with the powerhouses.... Jaeger's Lust, Hysterical mode, Irokane...etc. Put him in the league of normal people, he is almost like a superhero. No darkness but has dark past of constant betrayal which leads to abandonment of butei law.

An Elite butei of certain Interpol Special "Arrest" department, Gravedigger (operate under the codename of Miia). Very quiet and never speak. Due to having Jaeger's Lust from her heritage, she is Hyper competent when it come to fighting. Wear a white hood with bunny ear...and do things that hint at her heritage rather than outright state it.
Her Darkness lies in her heritage, Jaeger's lust trait can only be gain from a lineage of hunting and killing fellow humans being which she occasionally show her sadistic side in hunting down her target.
Her dark past is the mass murdering of her entire family done by that guy below her.

A butei on pardon plea. Top ten Interpol most wanted man, has the ability and skill-set of all the four characters above....due to Serial Killer lineage. Almost as bad as Joker... The Masters put him on pardon plea for good reason and also due to his uncanny talent of accurately profiling other criminals. His darkness and dark past is his lineage and seriously screw up family (Mass murder Mother, father who has been driven insane and turned to the dark side by the said mother, a Sister who treat murder as an art form...etc).

one of Antagonists.... is a Female serial killer who happened to be the Serial Killer Butei's sister.

Darkness on Canon character' side is Kinji's Hysterical mode.

[Trial is only for the redeemable]
~ Interpol Special Arrest Department, Miia(AKA GraveDigger)

To the outside world, they are elite butei but the truth is they don't actually follow butei law. They are known as the Saibantei (Judgement Detective) which can be shorten as Saitei(the worst), they don't deal with your typical criminal, they deal with monsters. To fight monsters, they have to become monster themselves, willingness to abandon all rules in the name of justice.

Their codename Mia is actually stands for (making monsters go) "Missing" Is In Action.

Only butei who has broke the no-kill rule can be recruited into this little group. Though the bunny-ear Butei is an exception which is why they are sending her to Butei Academy to make her not an exception...(since she had already kill someone, all they need was for her to be a butei)
Ara Han

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Old 2013-05-27, 07:35   Link #3
Just another Idiot
Join Date: Sep 2009
Location: Delusion world
Original fantasy Story World Building draft:

Dragons are Awesome so starting with Dragon.
Spoiler for Dragon:

Spoiler for Levia/Wurm:
Ara Han

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concept-wanking, draftboard

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