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Happy as you are
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Question A little something I created last 2 years ago.

A little something I made last 2 years ago.
Found it on my games folder.
I'll leave it to you guys to rename or continue the story.
It's nothing professional. You guys can figure it out.

"Just like a cricket she said."

That's what that girl told me when I was very young.
I don't remember why.

"Hahahaha! Wanna know why you're being labelled as a cricket?
Because you snore a lot at night! Just like the crickets!"

Shut up, man.

"Alright, It's almost time for PE class."

I hate PE.


I just hate it.


1..,2...,3! GO!!

*Huff huff huff*
*Can't I go any faster?!*

*Stop pushing yourself. I thought you hated PE.*

Well, yeah, I do hate it but, I don't wanna look weak infront of all these.. GIRLS!!

*You're sweating like a pig.*

Shut up, brain.

*You're passing out.*

Not yet...!

. . . .

*So, was it all worth it?*

I did finish the race, didn't I?

* You idiot, it wasn't even a race. It was just a test of physical endurance! *

It was? Oh crap. I messed up big time didn't I?

* I don't know. Why don't you ask yourself? *

But, I am... I mean, you are my brain right?

* I don't know. *

Stop making fun of me!

*I really don't know.*

Am I dead?

* Maybe.*

You're taking this too easily.
* Calm down, I'm sure you'll wake up... Sooner or later. *

You're right.

* So, what do you wanna talk about? *

I don't know... I just wanna wake up.

* I know! Why don't we remember your personal information? Who knows? You might have amnesia once you wake up!

Sure... But that's very unlikely.

*It is, but remembering is the most we can do for now. *


* So... How old are you? *

I am.. XX year old.

* Correct. Now, where do you live? *

I live in XXXX XXX XX.

* Doing great. Now who are your parents? *

My mom's name is, XXXXXXXXXX.
My dad's name is, XXXXXXXXXX.

* Now, let's try to recollect your memories from the past. *

Hey, stop being so pushy.

* What? It's the only thing we can do! *

I just wanna calm down for now.

* Well, fine.. But, don't blame me if you forgot something really important.*


* Eh, giving me the silent treatment? *

Hmm.. I can feel something.

* It looks like you're about to wake up. *

You're right.

* Should I open your eyes? *

Alright. I'm ready.

* Here we go! A.. 1.. A.. 2.. And a 123!*

*Yawn* Hmm, what's this? I'm at the clinic?

* Well, it looks like it *

& Rise and shine sleepy head, it's time for you to get up and go to your next class. &

What happened?

& You passed out. &

Hmm... Oh yeah, I did. Hahaha....

& You shouldn't push yourself too much. It's bad.&

Nah, I do it all the time.

& Eh... I bet you were trying to impress those girls that were looking at you. &

Oh.. Oh no! I wasn't I swear!

& Hahaha! It's time for your next class! Now get going! &

Alright already!

* Hmm.. Quite a teaser isn't she? *

Yeah, she figured me out.

*So, do you still remember who you are? *

Wait.... Yeah.

* Whew, for a second there, I thought you were gonna say, you don't! *

Oops, it's time!

* Open the door? *


( Oh, XXXX! Are you fine now? )

Yes ma'am.

( Thank goodness! Have a seat! )

Thank you ma'am.

( So let's begin with the lesson. )

* Hey, you should listen. *

Don't wanna. I'm still tired.

* Hmm... Who's that? *


* That girl over there. *

Oh she's...

* Ehh..? You have the hots for her don't you?! *


* Hmm... Do you even like women? *

What kind of question is that? Of course I do!

* Can you tell me who she is? *

Well, I could tell you how beautiful she is, but I won't tell you who she is.

* Ehh, very secretive. *

Shut up and be grateful.

* Alright, alright fine. *


* Spit it out already! *

She smells good, uhm... She...

* Heh, what a perv. *

Darn it! I shouldn't have told you!

* Sorry, sorry haha..*

Forget it.

* Alrighty, Mr. pervy. *

Darn, even my brain's making fun of me.

* Wow, today's lesson is pretty easy isn't it? *

What do you mean?

* You think the lesson is difficult? *


* Wow, you're the same as ever. Mr. smarty pants. *

Hehe, not without my smart ass brain.

* I'm honored. Really. *

*Cough cough* Saddist! *cough cough*

* What? *

Nothing really.

*Hmm.. Hahaha! everyone's looking at you.*

What? Wait, Oh god.

( Mr. xxxx did you delibrately cough while I was discussing? )

No ma'am!

( Hmm? You also mentioned something about a saddist while you were coughing. )

Not at all ma'am!

( Alright.. Let's continue on the discussion shall we? )

* Hehehe... Serves you right! *

Shut up.
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