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What Do You Like?

Sorry about the misleading title, but let me explain how this is a suggestion.

I've watched a ton of anime recently, some good, some bad. I'm good with any genre and I could care less when the anime was published.

Basically, list your favorite animes and why. Leave the genre too please. Thank you in advance.
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Hail the power of Fujoshi
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Seikimatsu Occult Gakuin, Mawaru Penguindrum and Noein. These shows are quite dark and some have mystery elements, which I love.

I love,love,love World Masterpiece Theatre's animes. Les MisÚrables: Shōjo Cosette is my favourite to date. 3000 Leagues in Search of Mother is another of my WMT favourite. Most WMT animes are of slice of life genre, so whenever my mind gets raped by animes such as Code Geass, I watch them for slower plot pace and some real human drama.

Gintama- It's hard to categorize this anime, because it's so random, stupid and funny. I would say this is action+comedy. It's a long anime and I don't normally watch them, but that pleases me even more because I could never get enough of Gintama and the plethora of characters.

Saikano- I watched Saikano years ago and it still haunts me till this day. The theme of romance+ apocalyptic is an impressionable one, at least to me. The conflicts faced by the characters, most especially Shuuji. I initially disliked him, but he slowly grew on me when he decides to face the situation like a man. The romance in this is not your typical romance. You will know when you watch it.

Rahxephon- I didn't watch rahxephon for its mecha, but rather, for its characters. The characters are well-developed, especially Ayato. As you go deeper into the anime, you will discover that the characters are mysteriously bonded together. Rahxephon can be quite confusing at times but the story really goes deep and not at all shallow.

Ga-Rei-Zero- This anime is has some pretty good fighting and comedy, but what I like about it is the plot. I am not a manga reader, so the turn of events truly surprised me. I am not going to spoil anything for you, just that this anime is not your typical anime.

Akachan to Boku/Baby and Me- It's slice of life. It's about a guy who has to take care of his baby brother when his mother passes away. Quite similar to Aishteruze Baby in terms of cuteness and character growth. Similar to Shuuji, I also initially dislike Takuya for not being responsible enough (and the fact that he does something utterly unimaginable to his baby brother). But he learns, and he slowly grows up to be a good man who cares for his baby brother as a mother and a brother.

Casshern Sins- I would say this is adventure+science fiction and some drama. Some of the stories are very sad, and to add to that, the animation is absolutely haunting. What I like about this anime is that it questions humanity. Can and should mankind be rescued after all the destruction?

Ghost Hunt- The title says it all. it's about a group of people teaming up occasionally to purify spirits. I learned a lot about spirits in this anime. It's quite educational, but more importantly, I love the different types of people teaming up together, cause their interaction is fun to watch. I will say it here: The third arc scares the crap out of me. It's the only anime that actually manages to scare me.

Level E- Level E is probably comedy+adventure as well as science fiction. It's a 13 episode anime series full of hilarious pranks by the Ouji. He will go to great lengths just to keep himself entertained at the expense of others. I remember at the end of episode 3, I felt like strangling him myself. Ouji is a very entertaining character. He's incredibly intelligent, but also incredibly annoying. He is so not your typical hero. Perhaps the reason why I like Level E is because of its semblance to Gintama, in terms of randomness.

Slam Dunk-It's my first sports anime. I watched that when I was 10, and I still remember the characters and the plot like it was yesterday. I often got very excited myself whenever I watched the matches between Shohoku and whatever teams. The cliffhangers....gosh, it was stressing. There's plenty of comedy in this anime, particularly Sakuragi who provides the most laughs.

Saiunkoku Monogatari- Supernatural+romance and plenty of comedy and drama. Very little ecchi stuff, and the primary protagonist is the first female government officer in ancient Saiunkoku (looks like China to me). She wants to be an officer, but meets many challenges. There are 2 seasons, each season being 39 episodes long. It has got drama, humour, romance, friendship, etc,etc, but more importantly, we could see how Shuurei grows to become a competent officer, in an era where female officers are looked down and males dominated. The background music is bewitching. I have the entire OST and I listen to it often. The plethora of characters, each with their distinct personality as a result provide some excellent interaction among them.
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Those all sound really intriguing. Added them to my list, other than Gintama since I watch it already.
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Old 2012-06-26, 08:45   Link #4
Enjoying Snack Time!
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Puella Magi Madoka Magica - It's a Magical Girl + Thriller anime with really great characters, twists, plot, added with great music. A truly amazing story that keeps you glued to your seat making want to know what will happen next. My favourite anime to date.

Fate/Zero + Stay/Night - An action, romance, and thriller series with amazing characters, plot twists, amazing visuals and music.

Haiyore! Nyaruko-san - A comedy and slice of life series with loveable characters, laugh till you drop moments, and a really amazing lead heroine.

Persona 4 - An adventure, mystery, and slice of life story heartwarming moments, cool and unique characters, with a really great mystery added in.

Dog Days - A romance, comedy, and action series with really cute moments, neat characters and premise. People found it to be a bit to childish, but I really enjoyed it to absolutely no end, and I can't wait for the second season in a couple of weeks.

Sora no Woto - A Slice of life and drama story about the theme of friendship, dreams, and self discovery. The music, characters, and the setting really set the mood for a really great and heartwarming story.
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Old 2012-06-26, 09:16   Link #5
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I watch pretty much romance only and huge range of romance at that, but mainly I like romantic comedies that does have serious relationshp development. Bleh, its hard to describe so I will just list a few that I like.

Hidan no Aria: A funny, action driven romance(which is rare among good romance comedies), that actually has a decent plot. Although the Anime doesn't do it any favors, the Light Novels is where it really shines. I guess you could watch the anime just to get an idea of what its like. (Anime has only 1 season, Light novel is still continuing)

Zero no Tsukaima: You can't really like this anime unless you are a Louise fan, you will understand once you watch it. Louise is the best and there are so many cute moments and that is what I watch romance animes for in general. It is likely that you will drop it very early in disgust or you blast your way through to the end.(Anime finished 4 seasons, Light novel is at 20 out of 22)

Akame ga Kiru: I couldn't decide if this was one of my all time favorites yet since I think this is still kind of early into its development. This is a gruesome manga but still maintains a side of comedy to it. Also very actiony as well, a good recent manga to get into. I don't think the romance has shown that heavily yet but I think its getting there.(20 something manga volumes issued)

All of the above have at least a hint of harem in it as many girls fight for one guy. As for animes that don't center around the romance, I can't say that I have watched too many of them

Mirai Nikki: Pretty much anime hunger games, has a bit of romance(probably why I even touched it), I'd be surprised if you haven't heard of this one.

Saki and Saki Achiga-hen: I have no idea how I got into a Mah Jong based anime. I guess I was immersed in Asian culture and just took a look at it and now I make sure I catch the weekly episodes of Achiga-hen. Pretty much just dramatized Mah Jong. If you haven't heard of it I'd recommend you to watch an episode or two to see if this is your thing. Fun Fact: I actually learned how to play this type of Mah Jong through watching it.

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Berserk - It's one the most outstanding anime I've seen. Compelling plot and characters you will never forget.

Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood - Same as above just a bit less grim.

Samurai Champloo - I don't quite know how to describe this one...... You'll just have to watch it to know it I guess

Baccano - You might have never seen so many superb characters in one show. Baccano is just too much fun.

Clannad (both seasons) - Well, I'm sure you've heard of this one, right?

Elfen Lied - Its depressing, its tragic, its bloody, and IMO its very well executed.
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I like anime that is engaging and fun at the same time, so titles like
The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya

I also like more complacent comedies such as
Azumanga Daioh
as well.

Also I like Gintama due to its random and hilarious comedy as well as its balancing of more serious moments throughout.
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Old 2012-06-26, 15:04   Link #8
The Lost Lamb
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Fairy Tail - The best fantasy ever seen, with great graphics, great plot and great characters

Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood - A complete story with unexpected twists and turns and with great characters

K-on - I like the bond of friendship in it,.......and i love Mio so that's all i need

Code Geass - The only anime in which i saw the vision of making a better world come true, the plot, characters,the ending and has great mecha action

Death Note - awesome mind games between two highly intelligent characters

Clannad & Clannad Afterstory - This anime is just too great, don't know how to describe it great romance, great slice of life,great drama and still there is much more to it

D.Gray Man - A fine gothic anime
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Trigun - A 60 billion double dollar guy dead or alive who acts like a fool? one of my favourite of all time. Action, Comedy.

Code Geass - One of my favourite mecha shows. Loved the twists and tactics as Lelouch begins his conquest. Action, Mecha.

Great Teacher Onizuka - An old time favourite, seen this about 4-5 times now. Onizuka method are great. Comedy, Action, School Life.

Baccano! - Started confusing at first but I loved it to the end. The only anime where I skipped a day of uni to marathon. Mystery, Action and has Gore.

School Rumble - The jokes and misunderstanding makes this anime shine. Comedy, School Life.

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AS Oji-kun
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I see some of my favorites in your lists, but none of you have mentioned these:

Monster - A Japanese neurosurgeon practicing in Germany saves the life of a young boy who goes on to become a mass murderer. Most of the story takes place in Eastern Europe a few years after the fall of Communism and concerns issues like psychological torture and moral responsibility.

Bakeneko - A travelling apothecary in perhaps 18th century Japan happens upon the home of a wealthy lord whose daughter is about to be sent off to her arranged marriage. What otherwise would have been a lovely event is disrupted by the arrival of a large demon. As it happens, the medicine-seller slays demons on the side. In order to slay it, he must first unearth three characteristics of the demon which together lay bare a long-hidden sordid tale. The excellent sequel, Mononoke, consists of five additional short stories from the Apothecary's travels including another version of Bakeneko set in the 1920's.

Nodame Cantabile - An arrogant young man studying piano at a Tokyo conservatory wants desperately to become an orchestra conductor. He comes home to find himself suddenly living next door to an unkempt young female pianist. Her style of performance is as messy as her apartment, which annoys our boy Chiaki, but his well-developed musical senses tell him she possesses true talent. By the end of episode one, Nodame declares that she's discovered how it feels to be in love. Chiaki is, of course, not amused. (Chiaki is the prototypical male "tsundere" character.) The show includes many performance segments with works from Mozart, Brahms, Gershwin, and Elgar, among others. (dubbed stream)

Oh! Edo Rocket - A wacky ahistorical romp through the period of the Tenpō Reforms (1843-44 in the story) which banned "luxuries" of many forms including entertainment. These rules naturally put a crimp in the professional activities of our hero, a young fireworks maker named Tamaya Seikichi. He continues to pursue his craft, shooting off the occasional insurrectionist aerial display, but he's always having to dodge the agents of the Shogunate. One day a beautiful but unusual young woman appears and asks Seikichi if he can make her a rocket that can reach the moon. Rocket was originally written for the stage and maintains its theatrical flavor; the characters "break the fourth wall" and occasionally speak about parts of the script or whether particular bits of business will be understood when the show is released overseas. Oh, and did I mention the show has aliens, space ships, Internet blogs, and authentic historical personages?

Dennou Coil - It took Iso Matsuo nearly a decade to convince a studio to produce his original work Dennou Coil. All I can say is we all owe a debt of thanks to whoever at Madhouse gave him the chance to make this science-fiction gem. Coil focuses on a group of kids in a city where they can participate in virtual world made wirelessly available with special glasses. The kids have available to them a wide variety of cyberdevices which they use for adventures and occasional virtual combat. There's also a dark side to this cyber world, where "obsolete space" breeds "illegals" that may have killed a young girl. (BT)

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Akuma Kousaka
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Time of Eve is an ONA that deals with the pseudo-scientific question of what would happen if robots were more like people. What it lacks in the originality of its idea is more than made up for by excellently written characters. Actually, I'm not even sure if characters is the proper word to describe anyone because they're realistic to the point where calling them people is more accurate. This believability helps with the robots in the series because you'll never know who is human and who isn't until they tell you. And truly, if you don't know, there's no difference. It's short, sweet, and provocative.
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I've got too many favorites, so I'll restrain myself to 10:

1) Time of Eve. Pretty much for all the reasons above. Also, I grew up on Asimov.

2) Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex. About as good as it gets in the whole cyberpunk genre in anime. If you enjoy reading early works by Neal Stephenson, William Gibson, etc, then you should enjoy GitS. The TV shows more than the movies.

3) Planetes. I'm a space nut. This is pretty much the definitive space-nut's anime of choice, that reveals a fairly realistic view of the very near future of space exploration.

4) Tetsuwan Birdy Decode 02: I'm a sucker for love stories, especially ones no one seemed to watch/like. There was a manga reboot that hinted at a whole lot going on that the anime only brushed upon, but sadly...the duo that was translating it stopped a few years ago.

5) Last Exile. Pretty much the epitome of animated steampunk. Has some pacing issues, but if you love steampunk, I don't know how you wouldn't love this.

6) Full Metal Panic? Fumoffu. Let it not be said that I can't enjoy a good comedy, and Fumoffu is the best anime comedy I've ever watched. I remember reading the premise for the first season of FMP, and thinking, 'those crazy Japanese', but somehow I ended up watching it and finding myself strangely attracted to the rather sad underlying story. Fumoffu throws all the deepness and sadness out the window and acts almost like a gag comic, but it's hilarious, and the superior title among the FMP titles, imo.

7) Outlaw Star. Further cementing my assertion that things don't need to be serious for me to enjoy them, Outlaw Star is my favorite...hrm...what's the word(s) I'm looking for...I guess 'adventure' series. You know, how back in the glory days, we'd get anime that had some protagonists out having adventures over the course of 24-26 episodes in an episodic sequence with a tad bit of overarching story that we hardly ever see these days. Cowboy Bebop. Trigun. Orphen. While Bebop is probably the overwhelming fan favorite from those days, there's something about Outlaw Star, and its English Dub/Script, that always puts a grin on my face as I rewatch it for the nth time.

8) Banner of the Stars. Yea, so I can't stay away from sci-fi, and while Legend of Galactic Heroes may be generally considered the granddaddy of the space opera genre, but I personally find the Banner of the Stars (and subsequent titles, like Crest), to be my favorite representation. Plus, Spoor.

9) Wolf's Rain. I may think Outlaw Star is the best of the 'adventure' series that don't take itself too seriously, but Wolf's Rain is the best of those that do. It's beautiful in so many ways, and wasn't afraid to not bother with fairy-tail endings for its characters. It brought back great memories of when I was really young, and reading books like Watership Down and Tailchaser's Song.

10) Honey and Clover. Interchanges with Nana and the first season of Nodame Cantible. Yes, I have enjoyed my share of Josei, despite the other listings in this top ten list possibly insinuating otherwise. I really can't rank one of these three titles over each other. They're all the best of the genre, with a near-perfect mix of coming-of-age and all that comes with it, and I've yet to watch any Josei since that came close.
It feels like years since they've been updated, btw.
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Spice and Wolf-adventure,romance,comedy(Unqiue and stunning with witty/flirtatious humor)
Usagi Drop-slice of life, comedy (heartwarming series that makes u happy)
Sakamichi No Apollo-jazz,slice of life, romance (great set of characters and the development. stunning pictures and music as well)
Phantom: Requiem for the Phantom-action, drama (Absolutely thrilling after episode 3. couldnt look away)
Steins;Gate-psychological, thriller, comedy (love the serious comedy in this yet it has a thrilling feeling and loved it all the way. My current favorite)
Amagami SS-romance (a lovely romance to stay away from drama and loveable characters)
Cross Game-baseball,comedy,sports (humor is unique and quite witty and funny. Characters or great and again unique)
Daily lives of highschool boys-comedy,slice of life (just hilarious)
Bakemonogatari-supernatural,romance (unique pictures and heroine because of the marvelous supernatural theme to it)
Eureka Seven-mecha,action,romance (loved the character development between the characters)
Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood-action,comedy,drama (action is great as well as the story. the comedy is pretty funny as well)
Katanagatari-action,martial arts, comedy, romance (stunning visuals and heavy yet great on dialogue)
Kimi ni todoke-shoujo, romance,comedy(a sweet simple romance about a outcast who meets someone yet it was well done)
Major-slice of life,baseball,drama(Amazing series. 6 seasons and it was just great. From youth to adulthood shows the obstacles of baseball and friends)
Seirei No Moribito-fantasy, action(great visuals and story as well. i loved the fantasy feel to it)
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I've seen Berserk, one of my favourite animes. I've also seen FMAB. I hated Clannad, but I did finish it + Movie and OVA's. I've been putting off Monster and Nodame Cantabile for a long while now, but I think I'll start them pretty soon. Something about Bakemonogatari really bothered me, I just don't know what. I've seen Samurai Champloo and Zero No Tsukaima, and I really enjoyed both of them. Future Diary is one of my favourite anime that have been released in the last few years. Code Geass was good, but I found the first season lack lustre after watching the second season, still really good. I've tried watching Steins Gate almost five times, but dropped it by the fifth episode each time. It's just sooo boring. The rest that were suggested I've added to my list.

I would just like to thanks everyone for leaving their replies, as I've found a ton of seemingly interesting shows to watch.
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Originally Posted by Ferp View Post
I've tried watching Steins Gate almost five times, but dropped it by the fifth episode each time. It's just sooo boring. The rest that were suggested I've added to my list.
Just give a last try. I agree that the first half is boring, but it didn't get better until the second half, considering that the show itself is consisted of 24 episodes.
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Originally Posted by MisaoFan View Post
Just give a last try. I agree that the first half is boring, but it didn't get better until the second half, considering that the show itself is consisted of 24 episodes.
I'll try watching it one more time after I watch a few of the other titles suggested.
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I'll name the one that really impressed me in one way or another:
Well for one most of key works were of my taste since I like dramas and emotional series. Among those series are Air, Clannad, Kanon 2006 and Angel Beats.
Air is the saddest of the bunch.
Angel Beats has awesome soundtracks and in my opinion unique graphics. They are a bit rushed though.

Aria series, those are very calming slice of life series. If you are into action mood, you'll fall asleep but if you want to relax they'll go very well. Aria Animation is probably the weakest but still memorable. 2nd half of Aria Natural is where it starts to pick up and after watching 2 seasons and OVA, Aria Origination is a real treat.
Even though that's mostly episodic series, you still have to watch all seasons to understand why Origination stands out. Because despite being episodic it still builds up emotions.

Baccano! has a very interesting way of story telling. Whatever seems nonsense at first, does make sense later. Nice action too and some memorable characters.

Berserk were memorable series with an interesting plot.

Chihayafuru were a surprise of a season series. Despite being about what seems the most boring card game, anime managed to make it very entertaining. You learn a lot of new things about Karuta and characters are very memorable and enjoyable.

Claymore, was nice to see series with kick ass females. Animation looks interesting and I loved the characters and action scenes.

Death Note - well that's a given though I'll admit that second half was less of my liking after specific event took place.

FMA (both seasons) - in my opinion every season has something good to offer. Edward Elric is probably the only MC that I don't hate in action series.

Ga - Rei Zero - 1st episode blew me away, it had exactly what I was searching for: an unpredictable set of events. I loved main heroine Yomi and her story was a real tear jerker. Besides series have nice sword action and other kind.

Ghost Hunt - I love ghost stories and I love detective series, this is a mix of both with entertaining characters and cases. Some are better than other but still memorable in one way or another.

GTO - a unique comedy with unique lead. Not every day do you meet a pervy teacher who throws you off the bridge to help you deal with your problems. And nope, no one died in the process

K-ON - they are obviously not the best series but the lazy bunch reminds me of myself and I found a lot of funny moments there. Sawako is a memorable beast especially in season 2^^

Mahou Shoujo Madoka★Magica when I saw a poster, I expected something cute and boring... all my expectation were shattered in good way.

Mai HiME was one of my first anime shows that I had watched and my 1st favorite show which I still keep close. It has it's flows but I love the characters and the drama in second half. By now there are a lot of similar shows with probably better executions but at the time it had everything I wanted and more. Ending is weak though but I still love the series. Madoka feels like an improved version of this series.
Mai Otome was not of my taste though.

Major - have seen only 2 seasons and movie so far but I love sports and this series were a real treat. Though main character usually gets it easy when it comes to games and he almost never learns but he is very determined to achieve what he wants.

Mayo Chiki is a silly but funny comedy in my opinion.

Phantom: Requiem for the Phantom is one of my favorites about assassins and their hard lives. Series are serious for most part and are separated in 3 sections. My fave is 1st but most found it boring and liked 2nd part the most.
I had re-watched it once and went through the same emotional ride like first time despite knowing what will happen.

Rainbow: Nisha Rokubou no Shichinin another serious series about group of friends that met in prison. Series follow their hardships while in prison and when they are let out. Mario was my fave character and I would say that he is very inspiring.

Shiki - am not vampire fan but loved this series. They offered a more old fashioned look on vampires and by the end you start to wonder just who a real monster is there?
Series are build the way that you know who are the culprits and are forced to watch how others deal with this mess who know nothing. Like if you have let a serpent into rats cage, who will survive?

Steins; Gate had a weak start in my opinion that was dragged out but I loved second part. It deals with the issue on how a small act could have a major change in what happens in the future. And by second half I mean episode 12-13, till then it is weak.

Though if I have to pick the top of the top, those would be:
Mai HiME
Ga-Rei Zero
Ghost Hunt
Phnatom: Requiem for the Phantom

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Clannad - best romance anime series ever!
Gundam Wing - best Gundam/mecha anime series!
Stein's Gate - best sci-fi anime series
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To be honest i never found any part of Steins;Gates weak at all.
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^For me it really dragged at first. We have a cliffhanger that draws you in and in next episode they are doing some random stuff again =/
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