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Halo Wars 2

Halo Wars 2 released on 21st February 2017
"Know you enemy"

Some Commercial release with some twist

The system itself was returned to the Command and Conquer franchise but retained Halo Wars capabilities.

Halo Wars 2 takes place twenty-eight years after the events of Halo Wars in 2531, after Phoenix-class colony ship UNSC Spirit of Fire had floated adrift in space for decades and declared by the rest of the United Nations Space Command as "lost with all hands". The remaining crew of Spirit of Fire are awoken from cryo-sleep above the Forerunners' Installation 00, previously the setting for Halo 3. Led by Captain James Cutter, the crew of Spirit of Fire encounter the violent mercenary faction known as The Banished, led by the cunning Jiralhanae warlord Atriox. Having previously battled the Covenant, the Banished rose to power in wake of the empire's fall in 2552 by gaining control of numerous assets from the Covenant.

Released on Xbox and PC

The features are:
*No longer needed Tech Level to upgrade Units instead the Generator will now generate power that can be produced over time while the Tech Level replaced with Tier structure.
*Using Command and Conquer Generals Capabilities, it was used to upgrade Leader Points that can be added to varieties support such as ODST Drop, Turret Drop, Archer Missile Pods.
*Player can establish minibase to increase the supplies or make additional troops
*Readjusting the armaments used for support from Spirit of Fire while some are retained such as ODST Drop.
*More challenging strategy as player have to make the composition of the base wisely to keep Supply and Generator while making strategy to defeat the enemy.
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About PC port...

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Not quite Halo Wars 2, but it's close...

Halo Wars: Definitive Edition is now up on Steam!

It definitely brings hope that they might port Halo Wars 2 as well.

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